New Emerald Green & Silver Glitter Nails

New Emerald Green & Silver Glitter Nails

Hello! This past Wednesday was a really busy work day for me and I was so happy that I got to squeeze in an appointment for a fill at Elysian Nails in between shifts. The expert pampering by my favorite nail tech rejuvenated me for the rest of the evening and I still can’t stop looking at my nails to save my own life! I decided to go glitter this time around and these blingy talons are nothing short of spectacular. Check it out:


Christmas is fast approaching and, as you all know, I am really not one for holiday themed nails. I go about three and a half weeks between fills so I would rather have something that works for that entire length of time rather than just one day. While I was mentally choosing my colors before my appointment, I thought that an emerald green would be pretty and I could pair it with a champagne pink or navy blue to avoid a combination that was too Christmasy. However, that just didn’t end up happening lol.

As I scoured the polish wall at Elysian, I instantly fell in love with the glitter green and began to search for another color to compliment it. While there were some shades that I originally had in mind that looked good together, they just weren’t hitting the way I wanted it to. Sometimes, the best thing to pair with glitter is more glitter and I decided to go all out with the sparkly silver. I figured that this combo wouldn’t look that festive but I was dead wrong once my acrylics were painted!

Once my nail polish was on, I looked down and all I could see was a Christmas tree! In fact, my brother told me that they looked exactly like a Christmas tree with tinsel and that only further confirmed my fears lol. Then, I kept looking at them again and again and found myself slowly growing obsessed because these nails are gorgeous! They are definitely not what I would normally go for but that makes it fun. The dazzling glitter makes it look like my nails are drenched in diamonds and how can I complain about that? They are a girl’s best friend, after all. πŸ˜€

A fairly recent trip to the hair salon and a fresh fill have me perfectly OOTD ready for holiday celebrations and I can’t wait. Thanks to my beloved Elysian Nails for another year of fabulous pampering! ❀

What color of nail polish do you have on? How do you feel about holiday themed nails? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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