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Sweetest Thing Ever!

Sweetest Thing Ever!

Hello! The day of Johnny’s show this past weekend, we were just hanging around our apartment when he looked closely at my new nails. Then, he told me that they were the same color I had on during our first date – strawberry lemonade! Needless to say, my heart exploded into a million tiny pieces and I had to pinch myself that I actually have this guy as my husband.


I can remember our first date very well but obviously not as well as Johnny. For example, I was so nervous that when I got to the Cashmere Cricket, I literally walked right by him without even noticing that he was there lol. Over drinks, we talked about anything and everything and had the best time and have been together almost every day since. Johnny, on the other hand, could tell you verbatim conversations that we had on our first date and it never fails to give me the warm fuzzies.

When Johnny told me his revelation about my fresh fill, my first thought was instantly that “I am the luckiest girl in the world”. And, secondly, I thought that no one should settle for anything less than this. And, believe you me, before I met Johnny I did a lot of settling when it came to relationships and I always wondered why I didn’t have the best results.

Every person deserves to be treated like royalty by their significant others and, despite always thinking this, I never let that rule apply to me. I, honestly, didn’t even know my own worth until I started seeing myself through Johnny’s eyes. We often get from our friends and complete strangers that we are “#relationshipgoals” and that is so sweet. However, we are just two people who are basically exactly alike who found each other at just the right time.

Prior to our first date we had both been unlucky in love and I had sworn off of dating until he Facebook messaged me asking if they made a pair of my Union Jack platforms in men’s. Now, there was a guy that I could talk to! We went out to the Cashmere Cricket that night and the rest is history. Every day I am reminded of how lucky I am to be married to such a stand up guy and his comment about my nails is a shining example. ❤

How did you and your SO meet? What makes you feel lucky? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Feel Confident and Look Fantastic For a First Date

Feel Confident and Look Fantastic For a First Date

A first date is exciting and daunting in equal measures. Knowing what to wear can be a bit of a difficult one, as you want to make a good impression but without looking like you’re trying too hard! If you have a first date coming up, here’s how you can make sure you look and feel as confident as possible.

Have a Pamper Night: Before your big date, spend some time relaxing and using your favorite products. A facial, hair mask, and some exfoliating and moisturizing products will all get your skin and hair into tip-top condition. A hair removal wax such as sugaring hair removal will get your skin looking completely smooth. This is particularly important if you’re wearing an outfit that shows off your legs! Paint your nails and generally unwind with some music and scented candles. You’ll feel rejuvenated and will be looking your best when you get ready for the date.

Wear Something Comfortable Yet Flattering: You want to look like yourself on your date, just the best version of yourself. So if you don’t usually wear dresses or high heels, now isn’t the time to start. Instead, choose items that you’re comfortable in, but look good on you. A good tip is to pick one area to show off and keep everything else covered, this allows you to show a little skin while still keeping it classy.

You could opt for a top that shows your decolletage, collarbones, and cleavage while wearing tights or trousers and long sleeves. You could choose to show off your legs with a shorter dress and go for sleeves and a higher neckline on top. Or, you could show off your arms or back in a top while wearing trousers. Any of these combinations work well for a first date, so decide which areas that you’re happiest with and wear what will give you confidence.


 Mascara is a must!

Go For Pretty, Neutral Makeup: When you want to look beautiful, it can be easy to go overboard on the makeup. But if you’re just going to the movies or for causal drinks – strong highlight and contour, dramatic lips, smokey eyes, and killer false eyelashes are just going to look a bit much. Again wear what you like and makes you feel comfortable, but your best bet is to accentuate your natural beauty. A dewy foundation with a flattering shade of blush, light neutral eyeshadow, and plenty of black mascara, for example, will give you a radiant, fresh-faced appearance.

Wear Perfume: While this isn’t something that will impact how you look, a spritz of perfume shouldn’t be missed from your first date outfit. Research by Cosmo showed that fragrance has the ability to seduce and excite. Over a third of men polled said that gorgeous perfume will captivate their interest on a first date. It will probably give you a bit of added confidence too, which is never a bad thing

What is your perfect first date outfit? What are some of your tricks to avoid first date jitters? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Featured Image By: Pexels