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Hump Day Jams

Hump Day Jams

Helloooo everyone and happy Hump Day! We’re halfway through the week and so close to the glorious weekend so it only seems appropriate to provide some jams to get us stoked for dumb old Thursday and Friday! As you guys know, I’ve been trying to update my iTunes after quite a few years of neglect and I am having such a blast rocking out to some new and old favorites. Here’s what I’ve been listening to as of late and bear in mind that I have no rights to these songs or videos!

Lol, obvs it’s a pretty random compilation that I’ve been playing but when isn’t it?! I’ve been in love with finding songs that I can literally play on repeat and enjoy myself as much the tenth time listening to it as I do the first. All of these songs do that for me, particularly Left Alone by Flume & Chet Faker, which I have no problem playing on repeat while I’m getting ready for the day in the morning EVERY MORNING. If you listen to one of these suggested songs by yours truly, make sure it’s that one!

So there you have it, my Hump Day Jams! What are your current music favorites? What are some of your play on repeat for the rest of eternity jams? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


AFI Concert!!

AFI Concert!!

Hiii everyone and happy Thursday!! So Tuesday night was my 23rd birthday outing with my sister and it was a blast. Kristen treated me to tickets to see my favorite band, AFI, in concert at my favorite venue, the House Of Blues, in Cleveland. For the past three months since I knew that AFI was coming to my neck of the woods, I have had many an emo girl fantasy about this concert. Seriously – you guys have no idea how much I love them, so Kristen hit the nail on the head with this birthday gift!


Sissy! ❤

Despite a horrific drive to Cleveland, the night was a great big blasty blast. And by horrific drive I mean that literally every single traffic light in downtown Cleveland wasn’t working so it was an all out free for all on the road. It was straight up anarchy and it was absolutely terrifying. SO after locating a parking garage, a lot of deep breathing, and not thinking about the movie montage of your life that flashes before your eyes when you’re scared, we made our way to some actual fun.

The most wonderful thing about the House Of Blues is the opportunity that comes with seeing shows there. The venue is so open (yet intimate), that it’s really easy to plant yourself in prime position right in front of the stage. Kristen and I found ourselves with the best view at the end of the front row and it was magical, to say the least. Every show that I’ve been to at the HOB has provided me with a spectacular view of the stage and Tuesday night was no exception (Thank gawd!).

Now, I’m going to keep it real with you guys: I genuinely have no clue who opened the show. Lol, I was having myself a drink and a really good time so I wasn’t even paying attention. For once, the people standing by us were insanely cool so Kristen and I were chatting it up with them and it was so unexpectedly fun. Do I regret not listening to or even noticing the opening bands? Not really, lol. And from what I did hear I wasn’t impressed anyways so I can’t say that I was missing out on too much! 😉

Fast forward to when AFI came on stage and I got to see the man that I’ve been crushing on since I was nine years old in the flesh right in front of me. Guys. When I laid eyes on Davey Havok, I lost my shit – to put it mildly. 1) He’s drop dead gorgeous. 2) He’s drop dead talented. What a voice. What a performer. WHAT A MAN.

^^^ Unfortunately, the pics that I managed to snap aren’t the best and I can’t upload videos on to my posts so you’ll just have to take my word for how amazing AFI is live.

So there was a positive and negative to seeing my favorite band perform. The positive? AFI put on a hell of a show. They performed with so much energy that you could literally feel it radiating off of them and they sounded sublime. They sounded like angels that were singing sweet nothings into my ear and, in this instance, that was an actual thing. I got to hear Davey Havok sing, scream, and belt it out in that fluctuating low to high voice that is so uniquely his own. Talk about dying and going to heaven.

The show was fast paced, super emo, and so incredibly cool. So the negative? Idk, it felt a bit impersonal? Like, the songs kept coming one after the other and as much as I love me some Davey, I feel like he didn’t really care to build a rapport with the crowd. We were all showing the band the love and the whole show just seemed rushed. Not only that, but it felt like they weren’t on stage for all that long. Granted, this might just be me being greedy and wanting them to play all night, BUT STILL. I hate to say this, but after the encore was over and the show was officially done, the first words that Kristen and I shared with each other was “is that it?”. Whomp whomp.

BUT THE POSITIVE, THOUGH?! I got to hear my favorite band perform my favorite song at my favorite venue with my favorite person. I got to hear AFI play Silver And Cold. I got to hear the song that my nine year old self specifically bought the album Sing The Sorrow for. The first album I ever bought with my own money, as a matter of fact. That song has always been one of my all time favorites, not just by AFI, but in general. And I got to hear it live. What even. (Insert the part where I talk about how my inner emo kid felt an abundance of pure and complete joy. That happened.)

Forget about any negativity in this post because even with all things considered, Tuesday June 20th was one of the best nights of my life. There’s something so special about being able to see your favorite band perform right in front of your eyes and I got to experience that. Thank you so much to my amazing big sister for making that possible. I LOVE YOU, KRISTEN!! ❤

So there you have it, the AFI Concert! What shows are you going to this summer? What is your favorite concert that you’ve been to? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Super, Crazy, Exciting Week!!

Super, Crazy, Exciting Week!!

Hi everyone and happy Sunday! Omg. I am literally SO excited for tomorrow and Tuesday that I really just can’t even. Tomorrow, my darling boyfriend is moving back to Ohio from North Carolina to be with yours truly. We are so in love and so unbelievably thrilled for the next steps in our relationship. This week we’ll be looking for apartments for him and I have a few in mind so it’s going to be really fun to explore all of them together! I’m picking him up from the airport tomorrow morning and I’m so insanely happy that I don’t even care about waking up at the (butt)crack of dawn to do it. Eeeeeee!!!!

So, my boyfriend moving back home is super exciting BUT that’s not all!! My sister, Kristen, is literally my favorite person on the planet. Perhaps even more so now considering that she’s taking me to see my favorite band on the planet, AFI, on Tuesday for my birthday. My emo fantasy band is performing at my favorite venue on the planet, the House Of Blues, in Cleveland on Tuesday and I get really verklempt just thinking about it.

I have been BEGGING Kristen for months to get me tickets for my birthday ever since I saw that my boys were coming to our neck of the woods and, like an amazing sister/best friend, she pulled through. I am more than prepared to headbang and cry the entire time and it’s going to be a beautiful, wonderful, fantastic night! And, in our sister tradition, we are totes getting Taco Bell after the show, which is what we always do after going to the House Of Blues. I LOVE US! ❤

I am so beyond ready for my Super, Crazy, Exciting Week and I can’t wait to tell you all more about it as the days go by! Who else has exciting plans for the week? What summer concerts are you planning on attending? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Work Out Jams

Work Out Jams

Hellooo everyone! So as you guys know, I’m making an attempt to get my walk/run/rawk on throughout the week and it’s going pretty good so far. If you’ve read my recent Monday Update, then you will have seen that I’ve recently started to bring my iPod with me during my excursions even though I have to carry it because no arm band. I’ve been getting my emo on more often than I care to admit during these jaunts but I feel like I enjoy myself so much more with my music playing. For that reason, I compiled some of my favorite tunes together for your listening pleasure the next time that you get your work out on. Take a looksee (and, as always, I have no rights to these songs or videos!):

Lol, so as you guys can see, I definitely go for either old school emo or fairly recent rap when I’m running and I think that this list is the most funny, random compilation ever. But hey, it really does get the job done when I’m hitting the pavement because the emo-ness gets me angsty and the rap gets me hyped and the result is a much needed extra energy boost!

Normally when I’m working out, I will just have one album playing the whole way through. For example, last night I was listening to Yelawolf’s “Trunk Muzik 0-60”. But, when I’m feeling saucy or bored as I’m running, I’ll switch up my music every so often to my inner emo kid jams or anything Kendrick Lamar because he’s my best friend in my head.

Despite my sweaty palms from having to hold my iPod while I run, it’s so worth it because my Work Out Jams definitely make for a much more enjoyable experience! What music do you listen to when you work out? What is a song that you play to get you hyped? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Monday Update: Take A Walk (Pt. 2!) Edition

Monday Update: Take A Walk (Pt. 2!) Edition

Hiii everyone and happy Monday!! I hope that all of you had a fabulous and fun weekend. So, if you remember from last week’s Monday Update, I started *gasp* running/walking AKA rawking and it’s going okay! I’m actually feeling pretty happy because I was able to add another lap to my time at the track since last week, meaning that I am now rawking for a mile and a half.

I have still been going to the track with my mom (in fact, we just went last night), but when she can’t go, I have taken to running around my neighborhood. This is actually kind of fun because it gives me a change of scenery, especially when I venture into the neighborhood below mine. I have also decided that even though I don’t have one of those snazzy arm bands to hold my iPod in place, that I am okay with carrying my device as I run so I can have some music to keep me company.

As you guys know, I am an emo kid at heart, so my running soundtrack has consisted of a lot of AFI and My Chemical Romance. But, I also have been enjoying listening to Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, and Kanye West when I’m feeling saucy. Having my music playing while rawking definitely seems to make the time go by faster and even though my hands sweat profusely while carrying my iPod, it’s been worth it!

I’m feeling really proud that I was able to add an additional lap to my little evening jaunts and my next goal is to rawk two miles within this month. Getting my pre ex-boyfriend body back is a big fat pain in the ass, but I kind of like it – so here’s to getting to the two mile mark soon!

^^^ And, as always, I have no rights to this video!

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: Take A Walk (Pt. 2!) Edition! How are you getting your beach body in check? What music do you listen to while working out? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Man Crush Monday: Davey Havok Edition

Man Crush Monday: Davey Havok Edition

Howdy everyone and welcome to the newest edition of Man Crush Monday – Davey Havok style! My #MCM this week is one that I’m quite shocked I haven’t wrote about sooner because I’ve had a crush on him since I was nine years old! Davey Havok will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my first love interests so it only seems appropriate to finally feature him! Take a listen to my all time favorite AFI song, “Silver And Cold”, and then let’s discuss:

Dear Davey Havok,

Oh, Davey. Davey, Davey, Davey. My older brother introduced me to the song I chose to honor you with when I was nine years old. After that fateful introduction, I became a hardcore AFI fan. In fact, AFI’s album, “Sing The Sorrow”, was the first CD I ever purchased. I still have it to this day, twelve years later, and I still love it just the same. Your music has gotten me through some of the darkest times of my life and for that I thank you. Your music has also helped me see the joy that can come out of dark situations and for that I also thank you. To put it lightly Davey, I am insanely infatuated with you. Your voice, your perfect face, your gorgeous hair! Hubba hubba, sir. But seriously, you have the most incredible voice no matter what you do with it – somber crooning, screaming, or that slightly high pitched singing that you do so well…It’s all nothing short of amazing. And can we please talk about your hair?! Please?! Black, blue, long, short, or angular which was stunning with your striking features – I love it all equally. You can do no wrong and once again I thank you so much for sharing your soul with the world. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


^^^ Perfection. Pure and utter perfection. ❤

So there you have it, this week’s Man Crush Monday: Davey Havok Edition! Who is everyone’s #MCM this week? What is your all time favorite AFI song or Davey Havok hair style? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Emo Kid Anthems

Emo Kid Anthems

Lol. Hey guys. So this weekend has been less than ideal, so naturally in true emo kid fashion I’ve been a whiny little bitch. But you know what helped up my angst and make me even more annoying to myself and others? The tried and true emo kid anthems that the world has come to either love or make fun of over the years. I listened to a lot of these tracks over the weekend and found myself rolling my eyes at what a stereotypical emo I was being. AFI? Hawthorne Heights? The Used? Le sigh, it was all there in one big melodramatic bitch fit. So here they are, the “old faithfuls” of Lil Red’s emo world:

Taking Back Sunday – “Liar (It Takes One To Know One)”: Oh yes. This is a good one. I hopped on the Taking Back Sunday train a few years ago, and have NO RAGRETS! (If you’ve seen “We’re The Millers” you’ll appreciate that reference!) But anyways, this song is a fuckin classic. An emo kid staple if you will. This track was popular for me this weekend because it literally calls out the one thing that was causing some of my distress: liars. Who doesn’t love wailing the chorus to this song while pretending you’re screaming it to everyone who’s ever uttered a falsity to you that ended up hurting you in the long run? I love it.

AFI – “Silver and Cold”: The emotional impact that this song has had on me throughout the years is unmatched by probably 99% percent of my music collection. This song came out when I was fourteen and I vividly remember being moved to tears when I first heard it. The true beauty of this song? That it still makes me cry and tugs at my heart strings as if I’m hearing it for the first time. I’ll be a faithful AFI fan until the day I die, and this song is a beautiful testament to who they are as a band. Davey Havok boasts some of the most gorgeous vocals ever and the pure poetry of the lyrics is mesmerizing. I have every AFI album in my collection and this is the first song I always end up playing every time I feel like hearing them. #dedication

Hawthorne Heights – “Ohio Is For Lovers”: Alright, honestly I was going to pick another song from the album “The Silence In Black And White” because I felt that this list was getting too stereotypical. But then I remembered that we’re talking about emo kid anthems here and this song was and still is an anthem for so many people – including myself. I had the pleasure of meeting the guys from Hawthorne Heights when I saw them playing in Akron and they’re so fantastic. So chill and down to earth. J.T. actually gave me his guitar pick which I still treasure to this day. This track has the ability to take me either to a very dark or completely amazing place whenever I hear it. It all depends on my mood – BUT no matter what that mood is, I still absolutely love hearing this song. #ohiorepresent #akrowdy

The Used – “Bulimic”: So emo. So perfect. Everything about this song speaks to me. From the lyrics, the vocals, the instruments, to the title itself this song sums up some very real feelings for me. “I’m about to do all of the things I’ve dreamed of and I don’t even miss you at all.” I absolutely LOVE that. There’s something so empowering about that lyric to me. It’s not in the slightest way profound or well worded but that’s okay. Sometimes the simplest lyrics that everyone is thinking are the best. I love when I have that feeling, that “I’m going to succeed and you can go fuck yourself” feeling. This song makes me sad but it also makes me feel like I can do anything without anyone and that’s why it’s a fantastic emo kid anthem.

Brokencyde – “Schizophrenia”: I only have four words to say for my explanation of this song, and it goes as follows….JUDGE ME FOR IT.

The Front Bottoms – “The Beers”: I know, I know – this is a song that typically wouldn’t fall into the “emo” category BUT this track bums me out, so it’s emo enough for me. “Cause the cops are coming in, a type of sobering up, as the girl who never learned that I could not give a fuck.” That lyric makes me feel some type of way, that’s for sure. Everything about this song just works SO WELL. It’s so melancholy, the guys voice is hypnotizing, and the lyrics are quirky and weirdly profound. “I look in your windows and I am trying not to stare and hold onto hope I’m sure was never even there.” YES. So much yes. That basically sums up my life…minus the staring into windows part. #emokid

Hollywood Undead – “Undead”: Lol I LOVE THIS SONG. I feel like such a badass when I play it. An angsty, mopey, badass….it’s absolutely fantastic. I remember playing this song in the car with my sister and we would just sit around and soak up each others emoness. I admit that the song completely sucks, but that’s okay, because fast forward three years later from cranking this song in the car and I still like it – AND STILL CRANK IT IN THE CAR!!!! SUE ME FOR IT.

Dance Club Massacre – “Murders Come With Smiles”: I have to be in just the right emo mood to wanna listen to Dance Club Massacre, because they’re pretty hardcore. Usually this mood has anger thrown into it, which is the only time I actually want to listen to straight up metal. This track makes me want to scream into a pillow and throw stuff….that’s how you know a song is powerful, right? Metal isn’t one of my favorite genres in the world, but there really is no denying this bands talent. The things that the vocalist can do with his voice are fucking astounding. I WISH that I could do that. Being a metal screamer would be the coolest talent ever to have up the back of your sleeve. Say you’re at a party for example, and someone asks what you like to do for fun. Then you can say something along the lines of “this” and proceed to scream “Murders Come With Smiles” for five and a half minutes.

Cage – “Suicidal Failure”: I fuckin adore Cage. This is actually a rap song for those of you who aren’t familiar with him, but Cage dabbles in horror core a lot, particularly in this track. The lyrics in this song are so raw and disgusting and I love every minute of it. “Cut my wrist and walked past some crips bleedin red
in hopes that I get shot in the fuckin head.” #damn I like playing this song when I’m driving because I’m still emo BUT I feel kind of gangster…it’s a fantastic combination. You should try it sometime.

AFI – “Miss Murder”: If I wanted to, I could make a whole blog post about AFI emo anthems, but I figured putting them twice on this list is good enough. I feel like this song is so loved by emos and non-emos alike, which is great because this song is amazing and deserves to be loved. I had this ex-boyfriend who used to make fun of me for liking AFI because he said they were whiny. But years after we broke up, I posted this video on my Facebook and HE LIKED IT. So even the people who say they hate AFI secretly love them, and I have the proof from that fateful like! This song is terrific. Point blank. Period. Everyone from the super tight pants wearing emos to a sixty year old woman (AKA my mom – she likes AFI!) can get down to this song…and for that…I salute you, AFI.

So there you have it, my top ten Emo Kid Anthems! What songs would you include in an emo kid playlist? What’s your all time favorite emo track? I’m always up for music suggestions and I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! -Sarah