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Moving On Up: Target Haul Edition

Moving On Up: Target Haul Edition

Hello! During my shopping for my move, Target has been especially kind to me. I have gotten the most useful things from there, including pots and pans, Tupperware, a trash can for my kitchen and a bunch of other odds and ends to help fill up my apartment. And, I got all of the goods below for prices that I was comfortable paying, which made me happy. Moving has proven to be expensive (Surprise, surprise lol) so balling on a budget has been a necessity. So, thank you to Target for helping me get the following:


It’s hard to pick what I am most excited about from my Target haul, but I’d probably have to go with the box set of The Hunger Games, haha. I love those damn movies and books so much so when I found the set for TEN DOLLARS, I couldn’t pass it up! Plus, until I decide what entertainment subscription I want to get, I just plan on watching a movie when I have some time to sit and relax. So, this purchase will definitely help fill a random few hours or maybe even a whole day on the weekend for a marathon…and wine.

My other bigger buys include a folding shelving unit for my office, potentially, and a floor lamp, which will look really nice beside my TV set. As I mentioned in other haul posts, the lighting in my apartment sucks so finding floor and table lamps has been a major priority. I hate dull lighting so brightening things up is an absolute must.

And, finally, I love the armed pillow I got for when I’m reading and I also grabbed some bathroom supplies including three sets of a bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth as well as a new scruffy and some Jergens. A more odds and ends purchase but they definitely needed to happen!

Which entertainment package are you subscribed to? How do you create good lighting in your home? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Triple Falls Hike

Triple Falls Hike

Hello! During my family vacation to Hendersonville, North Carolina we enjoyed several of the amazing hiking trails in the vicinity. In fact, one of the trails that we went to was so amazing that some of The Hunger Games was filmed there! Walking the trail to get to the Triple Falls was intense, as there were a lot of hills to go up and down. But, seeing the majestic waterfalls once we reached our final destination made the infinite inclines well worth it (And, my gloots are thanking me!). Take a look at some of the pics that I snapped and let’s discuss:

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I’m not gonna lie, I was definitely pretending to be Katniss during the entire hike and it was exhilarating to unleash my inner badass. We only hiked the Triple Falls trail, but throughout the walk, there were places where you could break away that would take you to other waterfalls. In my opinion, nothing could compare to the three spectacular falls flowing into each other. Hearing the rushing water, being enveloped by the mist, and feeling the gentle spray of the water was such a delight to all of the senses. And, although we were all sore by the time we got back to the car, I think that we would all do the hike again in a heartbeat!

What is your favorite adventure movie? What is your favorite trail to hike in the fall? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Mascara Battle: Who Won? Who’s Next? You Decide!

Mascara Battle: Who Won? Who’s Next? You Decide!

Hello everyone and welcome to the very first post to kick start my vacation guest bloggers series! While I am away, my blogging friends will come out to play by helping me maintain lifewithlilred until I return. Today’s post is from the gorgeous Gintare from Saturday On Wednesday.

Gintare knew the way to my heart by referencing The Hunger Games in her initial email and from then on it was a beautiful collaboration. My guest blogger today told me about her idea of doing a Mascara Battle for her post and I told her to do the damn thing! The article that Gintare created is freaking awesome and her blog is even better so please be sure to check it out! Without further ado, here is the guest post that Gintare created special for my readers here on lifewithlilred:

Mascara Battle: Who Won? Who’s Next? You Decide!

We start with five mascaras, but only one will be the winner! Aka I bought these so you wouldn’t have to. These scores are just a reflection on how I felt about them. But if a mascara is performing well on my close-to-nothing lashes, chances are they will do well for you, too.

I am pleased to present the following mascaras for you to judge:

Better Than Sex by Too Faced – £17


♦ Length 7/10 ♦ Volume 7/10 ♦ Curl 8/10 ♦ Ease of use 9/10 ♦ Lower lash 8/10 ♦ Blackness 6/10 ♦ Best at separating the lashes. ♦ For everyday use. Very lightweight, non- committing lashes that would suit most day looks. However some lashes looked misshapen. :/

Tarteist Lash Paint by Tarte – £18


♦ Length 8/10 ♦ Volume 7/10 ♦ Curl 8/10 ♦ Ease of use 7/10 ♦ Lower lash 7/10 ♦ Blackness 8/10 ♦ Best at length. ♦ Natural to casual wear. Good for length, not so much for volume. I don’t have either so I do need both. 😦

 O!Mega Lash Volumizing Mascara by Mark Jacobs – £20


♦ Length 9/10 ♦ Volume 8/10 ♦ Curl 8/10 ♦ Ease of use 8/10 ♦ Lower lash 10/10 ♦ Blackness 9/10 ♦ Best at a little bit of everything. ♦ Very natural yet pronounced. Actually buildable to a more night appropriate look. Easy to take off but stays all day.

Ubame by Milk Makeup – £17


♦ Length 8.5/10 ♦ Volume 6/10 ♦ Curl 9/10 ♦ Ease of use 7/10 ♦ Lower lash 8/10 ♦ Blackness 7/10 ♦ Best at curling. ♦ This a very subtle mascara, perfect for the ‘no makeup’ makeup look, not so perfect for anything else. Pretty brush though, so there’s that.

Triple Shot Mascara by Ciate – £19.50


♦ Length 8/10 ♦ Volume 7/10 ♦ Curl 8/10 ♦ Ease of use 5/10 ♦ Lower lash 5/10 ♦ Blackness 10/10 ♦ Best at color pay off. ♦ This is hands down the messiest mascara I have ever tried. Don’t even attempt the lower lashes because you’ll just end up smearing this everywhere. The color is really opaque and it might be really nice for people who like clumpy mascaras. More dramatic than the rest of them but the messiness put me off.

For me, the winner was definitely Mark Jacobs. It had the most satisfying effect on my lashes with a very stress free application. I was expecting Better Than Sex to steal the show, as I’ve heard so much about how life revolutionizing it is. What can I say, it wasn’t better than sex after all. 😦

Who won for you? What do you want to see battling next?

Pssst: Sneak peak to the next one! Recognize some?

Thanks for reading,

❤ Gx


^^^ Okay. That was amazing. Gintare, you are a beauty goddess and I absolutely adore you for this post! If you loved this guest blog as much as I did, then PLEASE check out Saturday On Wednesday for more! What mascara do you think won the battle? What do you want to see Gintare try out next? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Versatile Blogger Award #2

Versatile Blogger Award #2

Hellooo everyone and happy weekend! Last week I was nominated by my friend, Teressina, over at teressinascrive for my second Versatile Blogger Award. I’m finally getting around to posting it and I’m just pleased as punch. I am so appreciative to everyone for the awards that I’ve been nominated for as of late so muchos gracias to all of you. Also, please be sure to check out Teressina’s page, it’s a real gem! Thank you so much, darling! With all of the blogging awards comes a set of rules to follow so take a look and then let’s get to it:

The Rules:

  • Show the award on my blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated me.
  • Share 7 things about myself.
  • Nominate 10 blogs.

All About Me:

  1. The most recent exciting thing in my life is that I got a summer internship at my school! Tri-C offered me three different internships and unfortunately I only could pick one but I went with working in the Learning Commons. I can’t wait to spend my summer semester working on campus and am looking forward to all of the experience that comes with it!
  2. I turn 22 on June 7th and I really want to get a bunny for my birthday! A female, jet black, dwarf rabbit to be specific. 😉
  3. My guilty pleasure television shows are My 600 Lb. Life and Botched.
  4. I seriously despised high school but college is literally my favorite thing in the world.
  5. My go to drink at the bar is a Vodka Sour or a Mojito if I’m feeling saucy. But I would much prefer just staying at home and drinking a cheap bottle of wine. My boyfriend and I call my favorite super sweet wine “Princess Juice”.
  6. I love to read and have finally jumped on the bandwagon that is The Hunger Games. I’m halfway through Catching Fire and I’m freaking obsessed.
  7. Shopping is my sport of choice and my favorite stores are easily H&M, Forever 21, TJMaxx, and Target.

My Nominees (I’m only doing three):

So there you have it, lifewithlilred’s second Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks again to Teressina at teressinascrive for the nomination! What are some fun facts about yourself? Does anyone have any big weekend plans? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving Fun

Helloooo everyone and happy Saturday! I hope all of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and Black Friday if you participated in the madness! I had a great holiday in my neck of the woods. I got to spend it with my crazy family and handsome boyfriend and it was a blast!

I woke up bright and early to help my mom cook our Thanksgiving meal. I hate to brag but I made a pretty mean stuffing and green bean casserole! The morning went by quick and then by the time I knew it my sister, Kristen, was ready to get picked up to join in on the festivities. As you can see by this picture, I was having a ton of fun:


Kristen and I spent the afternoon finishing some cooking, snuggling, having girl talk, and watching season four of American Horror Story. I had the best time being able to spend the afternoon with her back at the home front because she moved into her own apartment recently and I miss her like crazy! Thankfully, we took enough sister pictures with each other to last a life time so I’ll have a lot of pics to look through and smile/laugh at.

My boyfriend, Kyle, spent the afternoon with his family and joined us for dinner at five. By four thirty the countdown began and we were all checking out the window and staring at the food we were about to devour for a solid half hour or so. Finally, my sweet Kyle came rolling in but rolling was more like hobbling because he sprained his ankle really badly last week and is on crutches. So once Kyle was safely inside my house and seated it. was. ON!

Our Thanksgiving feast at casa de la Mushenheim was delicious! There was stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, and green beans for days. There was also turkey for the non-vegetarians in the household, AKA Kyle, my dad, and my brother. I annihilated two extremely large plate fulls of side dishes and was about ready to burst at my seams afterwards…So worth it.

After dinner, we lazed around the house and enjoyed some coffee and pie for those who could handle eating another bite. We then decided on going to see Mockingjay Pt. 2 in theaters which was a lot of fun. Or as much fun as it can possibly be, considering I’ve never read the books or seen any of the movies. But Kyle, my mom, and Kristen are big fans of The Hunger Games series so it was nice to see all of them have a cute little holiday outing even if that meant just sitting along for the ride. The movie theater was pretty empty too so we got awesome seats and were able to put our feet up and comment on the film without annoying the other moviegoers too much!

Once we returned home from our movie excursion, Kyle and I headed back to his place and went right to bed. I ended up sleeping in until noon yesterday which seriously never happens anymore – it was great! I had such a nice time on Thanksgiving and I was so happy that my boyfriend was able to be there to join us. ❤

So there you have it, all of my Thanksgiving Fun from this past Thursday! How was everyone’s holiday? Who scored some amazing Black Friday deals? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah