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Keeping Safe At Home During A Heatwave

Keeping Safe At Home During A Heatwave

When a heatwave strikes, everything becomes more dangerous. Spending too much time outdoors can lead to an array of serious issues, and many activities become off limits as a result of high temperatures or water limitations. It can be hard to figure out how to stay safe during a heatwave, especially if you haven’t had much experience with extreme weather in the past. Thankfully, there are a few key tips and tricks that you can make the most of to protect yourself despite the unrelenting sunshine. Read on to uncover some of the most effective steps that you can follow to keep cool and calm this summer:

Protect Your Property:

Your home should act as a safe sanctuary during a heatwave and there are many different ways that you can create a cool, refreshing environment in which you and your family can stay refreshed and healthy. The color of your home’s exterior can contribute massively towards its overall temperature as dark colors are more likely to absorb the heat whereas light colors like white can reflect it.

It’s a good idea to invest in a set of shutters that you can install outside of your windows because once closed this will act as a barrier between your home and the intense sun outside. You will be able to keep your windows open to benefit from a breeze without filling the room with sunshine, so it’s the perfect solution for a hot day. Installing an air conditioning unit may be something that you want to consider, but it’s important to note that the unit itself will emit a lot of heat which can intensify under the harsh summer sun. Stick with a simple fan if you want a cooler breeze, which is also far more environmentally conscious.

Adapt Your Garden:

It’s absolutely vital that you make an effort to adapt your garden to better suit the heatwave and its risks, as there are certain features that can pose a serious danger in the event of severe sunshine. For example, leaving piles of old branches, leaves, and grass cuttings out to dry may have been an acceptable activity during the winter, but this can easily lead to a fire if you make such a mistake during a heatwave. You don’t need to read a property damage restoration FAQ page to know that a fire in your garden could spread to your house in less than a couple of seconds, so you must be vigilant and adapt your outside space to suit the extreme weather that’s headed your way.

Heatwaves can come with a few benefits, as it’s a great time to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables that thrive on the intense sunlight. Extra spicy chilies, sweet melons, and juicy tomatoes will be great in your garden, so you may as well make the most of the opportunity to get some home grown vitamins to power you through the heatwave!

Stay cool this summer by adapting your property to the extreme heat!

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Making Your Outdoor Space The Perfect Hang Out

Making Your Outdoor Space The Perfect Hang Out

Despite the weather being cold and gloomy, it is never too early to think about how to improve your outdoor space this spring and summer. Once the warm weather hits, it will be a lot easier to safely socialize outside which might make you even more motivated to turn your outdoor property into the best on the block. Try out some of these ideas and you will be back to seeing your friends in the warm summer’s breeze before you know it:

Lush greenery:

The first step to turning your yard into the place to be is to get your landscaping just right. Soft green grass, lovely foliage, and bright flowers are a must. It will make your space so inviting and will surely impress your guests when they come to visit. Some people, like my dad, are born with green thumbs. But, if gardening is not your strong suit, then enlist the help of landscaping Toronto for a front and back yard you can be proud of.

Comfortable outdoor furniture:

You will not want your friends to have to sit on the lawn when they stop by, so it’s important to get some nice outdoor furniture to rest on. Wicker chairs with plush cushions, lawn chairs, and benches are a great place to start. As long as you take care of the furniture, that is! Heavy rain and stifling heat can turn that once super comfortable cushion into a moldy disaster.

A fire pit:

There is nothing better than sitting around a bonfire with your friends so maybe this will be the year you invest in a fire pit. It will feel so good to do something “normal” again while being a lot safer outdoors. Can’t you just smell the bonfire and hear the crickets chirping now?

Outdoor activities:

Don’t forget the games! A nice, lush lawn is just begging for some bocce ball, croquet, and cornhole – all of which can be played social distance style. Invite a few friends and have yourselves a garden party. Don’t forget the tiny sandwiches and lemonade!

Made in the shade:

On especially sunny days, it will be crucial to have a spot to cool down in – whether that be a table with a great big umbrella, a Sun Setter, or a kiddie pool to soak your feet in. After all of this time spent indoors, I’m sure many of us will be in our gardens all day come summer time. If you find yourself retreating back inside when it gets too hot, a cool down space to continue to enjoy the great outdoors in will be a must when preparing your space.

In my opinion, winter has been flying by. And, in just a few short months, we will all be able to have the opportunity to socialize a bit more outside so make your outdoor space this summer the best ever!

Different Types Of Sunscreen: What’s The Best One For You?

Different Types Of Sunscreen: What’s The Best One For You?

If you go out every day, you’re probably aware that you need to apply sunscreen whenever your skin is exposed to the sun. Using any kind of sunscreen is definitely better than not using any sunscreen at all. But if you can find the best sunscreen for you, make sure that it has broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and an SPF or sun protection factor of at least 30.

There is a high number of sunscreen options available in the market today. And it can be challenging to figure out which one will be compatible with your skin type and preferences. That being said, below are the different kinds of sunscreen you might come across to help you find the most suitable formula for your particular skin type.

Chemical Sunscreen vs Physical Sunscreen:

Sunscreens generally come in two main types, chemical and physical formulations. These contain different ingredients, so they behave and provide sun protection in different ways. Physical sunscreens primarily safeguard you from damaging ultraviolet rays by serving as a physical shield over the skin.

On the other hand, chemical sunscreens react with UV rays and sunlight. They then deteriorate over time so you will need to reapply them every two to three hours. This depends on how much sun exposure you’re getting. But physical sunscreens require reapplications as well.

If you can’t choose between physical and chemical sunscreens, consider hybrid sunscreens. This kind of sunscreen contains both chemical and physical ingredients and offers the same benefits. Try the Aloe Soothing Sun Cream from COSRX, one of the best-selling sunscreens in the Philippines. It’s enriched with Aloe Vera extract and has SPF 50 as well as UVA and UVB protection. It’s also lightweight and doesn’t leave a white cast and greasy residue.


Sunscreen Recommendations for Different Skin Types:

If your skin is susceptible to rosacea, acne, and dermatitis, avoid sunscreens that contain fragrances, preservatives, and those that have the ingredients oxybenzone or PABA. Opt for physical sunscreens, which have titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These are ingredients that individuals with sensitive and reactive skin can tolerate better. If rosacea or dermatitis is your primary concerns, avoid alcohol-based sunscreens as well. If your primary concern is acne, you can consider trying gel formulations. These can help regulate oil on your face and are less likely to irritate your skin.

You should also avoid heavy cream preparations since these can aggravate breakouts. On the other hand, if you’re using prescription acne topicals, these are notorious for drying out the skin. You can opt for lightweight creams or lotions instead of gels that might be too drying.

A Note on Natural Sunscreens:

“Natural” sunscreens usually have mineral bases. If you want to try one, look for a product with a coconut oil or olive oil base. These already contain natural SPF protection and can offer the most optimal protection.

Using sunscreen regularly is a vital way to counteract the adverse effects of sun exposure. For best results, choose the best formula that won’t irritate your skin so you can wear it whenever you need it.

It’s Getting Hot In Here: Daydreaming Of Summer


Who else is tired of the colder weather and the dark days? The January blues can hit us hard, so there is no surprise that some people will be counting down the days until the Summer officially arrives. The warmth that tingles your skin, the feeling of a frozen treat being enjoyed while lounging in a hammock and watching the world go by. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? But we can often forget the downside of the heat, and it can be just as difficult to endure as the coldest days of the year. So while we are daydreaming, perhaps we can work out some of the ways that we can prepare ourselves in advance for the summer months ahead. After all, it’s far better to enjoy the sun than to be wishing for those winter days to return.

Stock Up On The Summer Essentials: Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy, so it’s worth making those investments now to ensure that you are comfortable and can have as much fun as possible. With plenty of discounts available across all kinds of stores, January would be the ideal time to get those big summer purchases sorted. Perhaps consider an outdoor grill so that you can have garden parties and cook up a storm. Maybe invest in some cotton bed sheets to ensure you get a comfortable night’s sleep during the hottest days of the year. Or why not even treat yourself to an inflatable swimming pool for your outside space? They are certainly not just for children!


Pixabay Image

Get Your Home Prepared: As much as we want to be outside constantly, we often will still need to be in our homes for a good chunk of our time. You may work from home or even just retire here at the hottest points of the day. This is why now might be the time to consider adding a ducted air conditioning system to your house or property. They can actually be quite cost efficient when you get the right system installed.

Try Out New Recipes For Frozen Treats: Summer wouldn’t be complete without those frozen treats stocked up in the freezer. So why not kick those January blues and start planning and trying out new recipes? Maybe you want to consider a new flavor combination or check out websites like eBay for ice molds you can use. They can be a refreshing treat but also very healthy if you consider the type of ingredients you are using.



Plan Ahead: Finally, daydreaming is the perfect opportunity to plan ahead for those summer months. Do you want to go on vacation? Do you plan to spend more time at home or with loved ones? Perhaps there is a beach you want to visit or an activity that you want to do more of? Now is the time to start thinking ahead and booking up your diary. After all, sometimes the only way to get through a tough month is to have plenty of things to look forward to!

5 Reasons Why It Pays To Live Somewhere Sunny


Did you know that being in a warm, sunny place can improve your mood? Put a smile on your face, get some Vitamin D in your life, and contemplate on more reasons why a sunny location can really pay off:

5 Reasons Why It Pays To Live Somewhere Sunny:

We all know it’s true that many people enjoy living in colder parts of the world. The idea of spending a lot of time in the snow and enjoying skiing is a happy one for lots of us! The thing is, those of us that live in sunnier climates often lead healthier and better lives! Here are the reasons why:

  1. You’ll be at your happiest: The idea of building snowmen outdoors or sitting by warm fire inside might sound fun to some of us. But, when temperatures drop well below freezing for months at a time, that fun soon wears off. Sunshine is a proven way to help our body temperatures get more well regulated. Plus, the sun provides us with much-needed Vitamin D to stay healthy. And it’s obvious you will feel happiest when you’re not shivering all the time!
  1. You’ll enjoy your job more: Because happiness levels get boosted by the sun, you’ll have a better quality of life. That also rings true for where you work. Why? You’re less likely to end up working in an unhappy environment!
  1. You can drive a convertible: Fed up of driving a car that hasn’t even got a sunroof? Imagine if you could drive around with the wind flowing through your hair? Well, if you lived somewhere sunny, you could enjoy the benefits of convertible ownership year round!
  1. You won’t need to use a dryer at home: If you’ve got a large family in tow, that usually means spending a lot of time washing and drying clothes! The advantage of living somewhere sunny is that you can dry your clothes for free outdoors. Now there’s no need to buy a dryer and you can keep your electricity costs down too, as a result!
  1. You can power your house for free: Last, but not least, when you live in a sunny area you can convert the sun’s energy into electricity! Take a look at America’s top ten solar cities to see the places that benefit the most from solar power below:

Infographic By: Semper Solaris San Diego