5 Reasons Why It Pays To Live Somewhere Sunny


Did you know that being in a warm, sunny place can improve your mood? Put a smile on your face, get some Vitamin D in your life, and contemplate on more reasons why a sunny location can really pay off:

5 Reasons Why It Pays To Live Somewhere Sunny:

We all know it’s true that many people enjoy living in colder parts of the world. The idea of spending a lot of time in the snow and enjoying skiing is a happy one for lots of us! The thing is, those of us that live in sunnier climates often lead healthier and better lives! Here are the reasons why:

  1. You’ll be at your happiest: The idea of building snowmen outdoors or sitting by warm fire inside might sound fun to some of us. But, when temperatures drop well below freezing for months at a time, that fun soon wears off. Sunshine is a proven way to help our body temperatures get more well regulated. Plus, the sun provides us with much-needed Vitamin D to stay healthy. And it’s obvious you will feel happiest when you’re not shivering all the time!
  1. You’ll enjoy your job more: Because happiness levels get boosted by the sun, you’ll have a better quality of life. That also rings true for where you work. Why? You’re less likely to end up working in an unhappy environment!
  1. You can drive a convertible: Fed up of driving a car that hasn’t even got a sunroof? Imagine if you could drive around with the wind flowing through your hair? Well, if you lived somewhere sunny, you could enjoy the benefits of convertible ownership year round!
  1. You won’t need to use a dryer at home: If you’ve got a large family in tow, that usually means spending a lot of time washing and drying clothes! The advantage of living somewhere sunny is that you can dry your clothes for free outdoors. Now there’s no need to buy a dryer and you can keep your electricity costs down too, as a result!
  1. You can power your house for free: Last, but not least, when you live in a sunny area you can convert the sun’s energy into electricity! Take a look at America’s top ten solar cities to see the places that benefit the most from solar power below:

Infographic By: Semper Solaris San Diego

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