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If The Shoe Fits – Elle Edition

If The Shoe Fits – Elle Edition

Hellooooo everyone and welcome to another edition of If The Shoe Fits – Elle style! These are my go to Barbie shoes and a wonderful addition to my wardrobe boutique, so take a look at some more pics and then let’s discuss!


As you guys have gathered by now, I’m a big fan of shopping at Kohl’s. Many shoes in my collection have been purchased from there, including my floral print Elle heels. The first thought that came to mind when I saw these pretty babies was “Barbie” and my second thought was “I want them”. Frankly, I was shocked by my desire for the Elle’s…usually I prefer a much chunkier heel, but these were just so darn cute! I tried them on and they fit incredibly well, plus I felt like a real life fashion doll as I ambled about the shoe department, so I had to buy them, right? RIGHT!

My pair of floral heels was the first shoe that I can vividly remember thinking “I need to post these on my Facebook”. I just felt this insatiable need to show them off, so as soon as I got them home I took a picture and posted them to my page with the caption “Barbie heels <3”. One might say that my Elle’s were what ignited a love for discussing all things fashion on social media. From then on, I reveled in posting pics of my latest footwear finds and I became a subject of envy for many a gal with a passion for shoes!

Not only are these heels a source of inspiration, but they also have brought some humor into my life as well. The day after I bought my Elle’s, I decided to wear them to the mall to break them in…BIG mistake. The back of the shoes were rubbing in a way that was most uncomfortable and within twenty minutes my poor feet were bright red. With a cut forming on the back of my ankle, I knew that something needed to be done. With nothing but relieving my aching feetsies on my mind, I found the nearest bench and sat my sorry ass down. I began to dig through my purse for something, ANYTHING, that I could put in my shoe to ease the friction between the heel itself and my heel. Chapstick? No. Wallet? Negatory. Five receipts from Taco Bell? DONE. Pleased with my TBell tidings, I proceeded to stuff my shoes with the receipts and continued my shopping trip with heels full of paper proof of my love for burritos and happy feet. ❤

Now I’m not usually one to go full on girly girl with my style, but I feel like you just have to with these heels! I love wearing my Elle’s with sweet skirts and dresses paired with soft cardigans and jewelry. If you’re going to girl out, what better way to do it than with a pair of floral print Barbie heels?  (Seriously, if you have a better way to do it, then I wanna know, damnit.)

So there you have it, this week’s newest issue of If The Shoe Fits – Elle Edition! Now I need your help! What shoe should I write about next? Your choices are between INC knee high riding boots or Guess army green heeled combat boots. I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Lil Red’s Spring Time Obsessions

Lil Red’s Spring Time Obsessions

Helloooooo everyone and happy Hump Day! I’m just hanging out at Starbucks at the moment. I literally just finished writing a ten page research paper, so I figured why not write some more on the ol’ blog?! I’ve upped my spring wardrobe game and refreshed a few oldie but goodie pieces in my closet, and I must say….I’m obsessed. There’s a few pieces that I’ve been using a lot lately that I just can’t get enough of! Take a look and then we’ll discuss!


^^^ I’m so aware that I’ve posted some of these pics before, but they’re so fab I just can’t help it! Let’s begin with talking about my featured image pic!

Daisy boob crop top (PacSun, Workshop): Much to my parents displeasure, I absolutely love this shirt. I’ve had it for close to a year now, and I’m still just as in love with it as I was the day I got it. This crop is so cheeky and fun, it really is one of my favorite spring and summer staples. The daisy frame aviators are also from PacSun, and they’ve gotten a lot of use since I purchased them as well. I wear this shirt with anything – maxi skirts, body con skirts (for when I’m feeling super sassy), jeans (only black skinnies, of course), shorts, underneath a flannel or cardigan – I love it all!

Skull tote bag (Target): My mom gifted me with this little baby years ago, and honestly I’m just now starting to use it a lot. This has been my go to spring time bag for school and in general. It’s perfect for lugging around textbooks and edging up a sun dress. As you guys well know, I love Target so very much, and this purse was a total home run. Way to go, mom! 😉

Turquoise purse (TJMaxx, Urban Expressions): I think that this all vegan leather purse is such a fab spring staple. It was only thirty five dolla holla too, hello bargain! The color is so phenomenal and I plan on changing out my skull bag to use this one very soon! My brother got the turquoise necklace seen in the picture in New Mexico, and now I’m sure you guys can guess what one of my favorite spring time colors is!

Floral print heels (Kohl’s, Elle): Ahhhh! My Barbie heels! ❤ I love these pretty babies so so SO much! Floral for spring is so cliche, I know – but these are so cute that I just can’t help it. I pair these heels with everything from my girliest girly outfits to my grungy rocker looks. I like how the colors used are muted and water color-esque, which I think is a more unique take on the usual loud and in your face florals. IE: My daisy boob crop top!

Army green heels (TJMaxx, Guess): I know for a fact that I’ve posted about these bad boys before, but they’re so nice I’ll write about them twice! These have been my go to heels this past month, and I’m so okay with it! The shape is so unique and the color is still neutral enough that it goes with everything. Usually I’m not a fan of a thick wedge heel when the shoe isn’t a full on wedge, but these are the exception. #love

Crochet Vest (PacSun, LA Hearts): This little number is an oldie but goodie and I’m still a fan. I’ve grown very fond of the concept of a vest lately, as you can see by my kimono and flannel vest that are also pictured above. I like how easy these are to just slip on and BOOM your outfit is instantly spruced up. I usually pair my crochet vest over a crop top with a maxi skirt for a cool boho look. It’s also a sweet piece to add on with a pair of shorts!

I know I’ve mentioned the last three pictures recently, but they’re seriously some of my favorite new spring purchases so I felt the need to display them again! I’m actually wearing the flannel vest right now and I feel like the queen of grunge and sassiness. Holla atcha girl. And in case you were wondering, here’s the brands and where I purchased the final three pieces:

  • Kimono vest: Target
  • Flannel vest: TJMaxx, Vanilla Star
  • Maxi shirt: TJMaxx, Gaze USA

So there you have it! Some of my favorite Spring Time obsessions! What are all of you rocking this spring? What’s your favorite new purchase? What’s your favorite oldie but goodie item in your closet? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah