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If The Shoe Fits: Guess Edition

If The Shoe Fits: Guess Edition

Hi everyone and happy weekend! So in Lil Red’s world, summer time is all about the heels. Platforms, wedges, pumps, heeled sneakers and sandals, the works. But when it comes to fall, I say bring on the boots! Thigh high, knee high, ankle booties, riding boots, combat boots, ALL BOOTS EVERYTHING. With fall fast approaching, a recent trip to TJMaxx helped me kick start my excitement for my favorite season with these gorgeous Guess combat boots. Take a look:


Literally as soon as I saw these boots, I knew that they were coming home with me. When it comes to my boots, especially combat ones, the more punk rock the better. These forty dollar glorious Guess boots have everything that I love in footwear: The color black, badass buckles, and stud detailing. The more that I stared longingly at my boots, the more I fell in deep, passionate love with them. They are perfect.

Besides for being obsessed with everything about my new darlings, I definitely was loving the price, too. To get a pair of really nice combat boots from such a reputable brand like Guess for forty dollars was such a steal, to me. Honestly, a higher price would have made me stop and really think about purchasing them, so the forty dollar price point was perfect for me. Anything higher would have more than likely been a no go but I still felt like I was getting an amazing deal for them. There was no original price tag on my boots but the TJs “Compare at” price was sixty-four dollars, which I have a hard time believing because they look way more expensive than that, in my humble opinion!

But the best part about these shoes is all of the styling possibilities that come with it. I plan on taking my boots to a whole new level of Anarchy Cool with one of my favorite shirts from Zara, seen here, the blackest, skinniest jeans that I can find, a deep red lip, tousled hair, and chunky chain jewelry for a look fresh out of England’s old school punk scene. I CAN’T WAIT.

Like I said, fall is all about the boots, and I can’t wait to ring in the season with my newest pair in this issue of If The Shoe Fits: Guess Edition! What is your favorite style of boots? How do you style combat boots into your fall wardrobe? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


OMG Shoes!

OMG Shoes!

Shoes. Make. Me. Happy. Seriously, nothing makes me feel better than adding a new pair of kicks to my ever growing collection. In the immortal words of Madonna “we are living in a material world and I am a material girl,” damnit! But lucky for my wallet, this material girl knows how to ball on a budget, because I got a gorgeous new pair of Madden Girl combat boots for twenty dolla holla today! Special shout out to Journey’s and their amazing winter sale for providing me with a guilt free splurge on an originally sixty dollar boot! Here’s a pic of my pretty new babies:


Ahhhh I love them so much it hurts! Tonight I hit up the mall with my sisters boyfriend Ramon to visit her at work at The Body Shop. It made my retail goddess heart swell with pride to see Kristen in my previous employment stomping grounds! After we hung out with my sis for a bit, Ramon and I did some shopping of our own. I contained myself on making any purchases at any of the clothing stores, which was super hard because everything was so damn cute! I thought that myself and my bank account were home free as Ramon and I started walking towards our exit, when of course, I got sidetracked at Journey’s. A few heels caught my eye and some of the sandals were cute, but when I saw my boots I had heart palpitations. I love Madden Girl shoes so much and when I saw the $19.99 sale price I knew that it was meant to be. When I slipped these bad boys on it was true love. The love was so pure and beautiful and stronger than I feel about most people. (Ha!) In my mind I was thinking “Sarah, you have like five pairs of combat boots at home.” BUT in my defense, my beloved favorite pair in the whole wide world is no longer wearable because the bottom of the shoe is tearing off completely. (I can’t bear to part with them though.) AND all of my other pairs are worn to the ground as well, and Lil Red refuses to wear them. They’re grungy in the gross way at this point, not in the cute 90’s grunge way. Anyways, once I mentally defended purchasing the shoes, I happily treated myself with my new addition to my collection. Best twenty dollars spent EVER! #treatyoself


I have the most delightful apple scented candle burning as I write this post and happy thoughts of all of the outfits my new boots can take part in….it’s glorious! Tonight was absolutely lovely, it was a perfect start to my spring break!! To officially kick off my week long freedom from school, white girl wastedness will probably take place tomorrow! AYYY!

I hope all of you have sweet dreams and make sure to sleep as much as you can since we’re losing an hour this weekend. -___- #UGH Do you guys have any wild and crazy plans coming up? What was your favorite ballin on a budget purchase? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! I leave you with a thought from one of the worst rappers alive, Riff Raff: “I was born to ball (on a budget!), whether it be hoopin or two door Bentley coopin.” The parenthesis were added by me, of course! Goodnight and much love! -Sarah