Is It Worth It? Let Me Work Out

Is It Worth It? Let Me Work Out

Hello!! Despite not ever really “working out”, I am a fairly athletic person. In my youth, I figure skated for about ten years and had just gotten back into it a year and a half before the pandemic began. I also enjoy running and going for hikes. Throughout my life, I was never worried about the muscular lower half of my body from years on the ice. However, my upper body strength is a totally different story because I don’t have any lol.

This past month, I have been working at home quite a bit and had extra free time in between jobs. I don’t really know what inspired me to start a little at home work out routine but, I gave it a shot on one of my more low key days and have been completing my exercises every day since. In my apartment, I have been doing arm circles, walking my stairs, and doing twenty-five push ups – which I actually didn’t know I could do! Next, I plan on adding sit ups and increasing the amount to thirty.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of my body and that, in itself, is a huge step for me because I had an eating disorder in the past. But, I’d like to tone up the upper half of my body for the first time in my life and I know that I am not going to achieve the results I want just sitting on the couch. Even though my work outs are small and basic, I feel really good after I do them and it’s a nice feeling to have because I haven’t been able to skate for the past year.

I’m not trying to get a six pack or super jacked arms but a bit more toning and definition and I feel confident that I will get there even with a slow and steady approach. In the past, I never bothered working out because I got all of the exercise that I need on the skating rink but there is no better time than the present to try something new. I feel proud of myself and it was awesome to hear Johnny say that he was too and I am looking forward to lots of hikes together this spring and summer. ๐Ÿ™‚

How do you work out from home? How would you go about toning your upper half? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. Props to you for starting to work out. Working out at home can sometime be challenging, however, unless one lives in a literal matchbox it can be done. I myself found it difficult for a long time because I found it difficult to motivate myself to work out at home. It always had to be gym or going outside or nothing at all. Then I moved to Beijing and suddenly working out at home was actually a healthy thing to do since the alternative meant going outside into horrifyingly polluted environment where wearing a mask to protect yourself from toxic air was a must. Anyways, I found high intensity interval training (HIIT) to be the most beneficial for multiple reasons: A. It didn’t require any weights (body weight and a little bit of space is all you need), B. You control the intensity/intervals to fit your capability, and C. If you don’t have a lot of time – HIIT training doesn’t require hours from you (in fact 20 minutes a day is enough to start seeing results). I highly recommend you check it out. There are numerous HIIT workouts that can be found on internet that will focus on upper body. And keep on rocking!


  2. I have an at-home gym in my basement with lots of things to do so I am quite lucky. It even has a tv with youtube and netflix. My hubby is becoming a personal trainer so I have lots of help. I run, weightlift, do yoga and even just dance to move around! I would totally use youtube and pinterest to get ideas of how to train your upper body. That is what I did when I was coming up with my own workout ideas. The key is to find find things you like doing. Maybe walk with weights? ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you mind if I post ideas for you in a blog post on my blog? I have been in a horrible writers block.


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