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Blush, Baby – Maybelline Dream Bouncy In Fresh Pink Edition

Blush, Baby – Maybelline Dream Bouncy In Fresh Pink Edition

Howdy! After trying many a different brands of blushes over the years, my all time favorite would have to be Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy blushes. It is a cream blush and the best word to describe its texture really is bouncy. It’s soft, cushiony, and feels barely there lightweight on the skin. I have quite a few Dream Bouncy blushes in various shades, but my go to color from the start has always been Fresh Pink:


Besides for its seven dollar price tag (give or take) and its pillow soft texture, what I like best about the Fresh Pink color is that it’s great for layering and mixing. As I mentioned yesterday, I like to apply my lavender blush over this color for a flower field effect. I also enjoy layering a peach blush over top of it for a sweet mimosa shade. The Dream Bouncy blushes blend effortlessly and the color doesn’t budge all day, which is a wonderful bonus.

The nice thing about this blush is that, despite its brightness before applying, it goes on quite light – which is great. Too bright of blush looks clown-like on me and that is never a good look! The cream texture and soft pink coloring leaves my skin looking dewy and fresh. I always keep Fresh Pink well stocked in my makeup hoard and I use it every day that I wear makeup. Maybe she’s born with it? Maybe it’s Maybelline! 😉

What is your favorite drugstore brand of makeup? Do you prefer cream or powder blush? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


Estee Lauder “Candy” Lipstick Swatch

Estee Lauder “Candy” Lipstick Swatch

Howdy! Over Thanksgiving, my sister brought me a lipstick that she didn’t want by Estee Lauder. My sister, Kristen, is far more adventurous than I am with makeup, so it’s always fun when she brings me some of her rejects to try, because I would never buy it for myself. I’m not sure if I would ever use this sparkly, purple-pink shade, but it sure is pretty! Take a look:


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not huge on pink lipstick. However, I liked that this shade seemed to have a more purple base to it, which made the pink not so overpowering. And, what girl doesn’t love a bit of sparkle when it comes to makeup? I loved the red L’Oreal lipstick that I got a while back ago with glitter in it, so I figured that it was worth it to give this Candy color a shot, even if it is a bit out of my comfort zone.

This shade is one that I can’t picture myself wearing around on a daily basis. I feel like I need just the right outfit to pull this color off and I can see myself wearing it with something navy blue or even an oversized flannel to glam up a tomboy look. I think that I’m going to test drive it with one of my favorite navy blue peacoats from ModCloth and we’ll see what happens! Fingers crossed!

What is a lipstick color that would push you out of your comfort zone? How would you incorporate this Estee Lauder shade into your makeup routine? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Elf Palette Faves #2

Elf Palette Faves #2

Hi everyone and happy weekend! The next color that we’re going to talk about in my top three faves from my Elf Nude Rose Gold Palette is a pretty shell pink that’s perfect for using on the corner of your lids for bright, sparkling eyes. Unfortunately, the names of these colors in my palette are not listed so we’ll just go with the generic Pretty In Pink for this color, lol, check it out:


Pretty In Pink is the shade in the middle of the palette and can be seen dry in the first heart and wet in the second. As you can see, there’s not that big of a difference, but I prefer to wear it dry. I’m all about wetting my brush when I’m using eyeshadow as a liner but for the colors on my lids, not so much. This color is great because it goes with virtually anything and is a flattering shade for all skin types. As I mentioned earlier, it looks great in the corners or slightly underneath the eyes. But, for a fresh princess glow, a generous sweep on the lids is all you need for a delicate and feminine look.

I like Pretty In Pink a lot for its versatility and, of course, the sparkles in it don’t hurt, either! I think all of the colors in my Elf palette are really nice, but be sure to tune in tomorrow to catch my third and final Palette Fave! What shade in the Nude Rose Gold Palette is your favorite? What kind of makeup look would you create with this product? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

NYX Matte Lipstick – The Best Ever!!

NYX Matte Lipstick – The Best Ever!!

Heyyyy everyone and happy Hump Day! I hope this week has been treating you well so far! Thanks to a recent trip to the grocery store with my mama and the NYX cosmetics being thirty percent off, I’ve officially found my new favorite lipstick brand. The NYX matte lipsticks are simply to die for! As you guys know, I only wear my lipstick in matte form – I hate shiny and glossy too much for words. I’ve been using the Revlon matte balms for a while, but they just haven’t been doing it for me lately, so the hunt for the perfect matte lipstick began. Unfortunately, everything I tried just wasn’t cutting it! From Covergirl to Loreal, from Maybelline to Rimmel NOTHING was good enough! All of them just felt too sticky, still looked too shiny, and the color was nowhere near as rich as I would want it to be. Luckily, on the fateful trip to the grocery store last week, I found the most perfect lipstick I could imagine. The NYX matte lipsticks are truly amazing. The color is SO rich and pure and goes on perfectly matte. The lipstick is long lasting and the consistency is creamy enough that it doesn’t dry your lips out, like some recent matte lipsticks have done to me. I initially bought three lipsticks for around four dollars each (they were originally around seven dollars each), but once I got home and tried them out I just had to get more…that’s how happy I was with them. So the following day I returned to the store and bought two more colors that I couldn’t stop thinking about. Here’s a picture and description of each new color that I added to my collection:


Perfect Red: Aside from my flaming red hair, another reason why I earned the nickname “Lil Red” was from constantly wearing red lipstick. I’ve been painting my lips red for years now, and I can’t get enough. From fire engine, to ruby, to the deepest blood red, there is something so sexy to me about a red lip. I always opt for the brighter reds, but I really like this vampy, darker shade! I’m really excited to wear this color during the fall (even though that’s forever away!), it’s the perfect autumn shade! Until then, I plan on pairing this blood red with an all black everything outfit, and strutting about like the vampire I was in a past life. (Which I’m totally convinced is true, but that’s a story for another time!)


Street Cred: I rarely wear non-red lipstick, but I thought this medium pinky shade was so pretty!! It’s going to be such a sweet color for wearing out and about during the spring and summer time. Even in my early days of experimenting with different lipstick colors, I always shied away from the hot pinks…they just never looked quite right on me – so I was very happy to find this lovely shade of blush that I actually really like. Of course I’ll never wear this as often as my signature ruby reds, but it will be fun to change it up on occasion!


Indie Flick: Not gonna lie, I was pretty ambivalent about this red orange shade, but it’s safe to say after a few days of giving it a trail run that I’m obsessed. I love how this color pops against my pasty pale skin and my hazel eyes. My favorite thing is when my eyes change to this awesome Edward Cullen-esque gold while I’m wearing this shade…the result is striking. I tried out a Maybelline lipstick one time that claimed to fall under the red orange color range, but it was so obviously orange and I was so disappointed. I’m so happy that NYX’s Indie Flick still has the red tones in it that keep this color in my comfort zone.


Shocking Pink: Fuchsia lipstick either looks really good or really bad on me. I’m not quite sure how much I like this shade yet, but we’ll see! Everything about my look for the day has to be working perfectly for me to be totally in love with a fuchsia lip. Luckily, my sister Kristen looks amazing in fuchsia lipstick (jealous!) so this color will probably be added to her makeup collection. What I do like about this shade is that it’s not quite pink. If you see it in real life and on the lips, it has a really gorgeous lavender undertone, which makes for a cool and unique color. Like I said, we’ll see – but don’t expect me to start rocking fuchsia lips on the daily any time soon!


Pure Red: Ahhhhh! This one is my absolute favorite!! So sassy, so bright, so fun. NYX’s Pure Red is the perfect shade if you’re looking for a super bold “look at me” lip. I could rant and rave about this color for hours, but just trust me when I say that it’s gorgeous, perfect, striking, stunning, and literally everything that you could want if you’re looking to rock a red lip. So in love, so obsessed and absolutely NEVER going back to my original Covergirl red lipstick. Yeah…it’s that good.

To all of my lipstick lovers out there – I urge you to give NYX’s lipstick a try! Their matte colors are incredible, and even though I personally don’t like shiny lipstick, I’m sure those options are terrific as well!

What’s your favorite lipstick color to wear? What’s the most embarrassing lipstick mishap you’ve ever had? Red lipstick all over your teeth during a date? Smeared lipstick on your chin after lunch that no one told you was there? (Bastards!) I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Happy Wednesday! -Sarah