My Unhealthy Obsession With Social Media!? Likes & Dislikes

My Unhealthy Obsession With Social Media!? Likes & Dislikes
Hi everyone and happy Monday! I hope all of you are having a wonderful start to your week and are not suffering from the Monday blahs too much! If there’s one thing that’s important to me, it’s featuring guest bloggers on my page. I want lifewithlilred to be a place for everyone. Whether it be via random articles or a full on guest bloggers series, if someone feels so inclined to want to be on my page, who am I to deny them that?
The article below is written by a young lady who’s new to the blogging world, Janicia. Please be sure to check out her page and give it some love and encouragement because even the most experienced bloggers were new once, too!

My Unhealthy Obsession With Social Media!? Likes & Dislikes

There is this constant battle and argument on whether social media has enhanced our lives or totally hindered our mental state. The question is. Where do you stand? Are you that person who is constantly switched on to the latest celebrity gossip and social media trends? Or are you someone that has the capability to put their phone down without having FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)? Unfortunately, I fall under the FOMO side of things!
The unfortunate truth is that social media isn’t all glitz and glam. The divide between reality and fiction is often blurred. There is another universe within our devises which exists and it’s kind of scary! We’ve been given an illusion, a distorted vision of what is true and what is false. Why is it, that we always chose to follow people who portray a perfect life? Is it because we’re envious or is it a form of encouragement? Perhaps they are just GOALS. As soon as we come across an attractive picture or person, the first thing we do is stalk their page and one hour later we’ve traveled ten accounts too deep! Are you lost? Or do you follow my gist? It gets to a point where you’ve pretty much found your future husband, met your in-laws, his relatives, and his two best friends John and Matthew! We’ve all been, there, right? Right? (I totes have…multiple times! -Sarah)
There comes a point, after having seen so many pictures of perfection on various profiles, that we begin to analyze our own lives and current situations. “How did they acquire all this success”, we ask. “She looks amazing! I wonder how much it would cost to get that body sculpture”. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it! It is a new phenomenon in our society, especially in the entertainment industry, where women are paying for the perfect body. If you had the money, time, and energy to do so, wouldn’t you do it too?
That said, social media has narrowed the borders of our vast world significantly. You’re now able to connect with people all over the world who have similar interests as yourself, which is fantastic! All you do is click follow and you are friends…well, virtual friends! You now have access to private and intimate images and videos of people you would never have seen otherwise. If you are an entrepreneur, you have direct contact and access to your target audience by sending out tweets, Instagram pics, and Facebook posts to the world at no cost of your own. The uses of social media are endless, it is how you exploit it that will either hinder or better your agenda.
I, like most, will continue to spend 50% of my day glued to my phone, computer screen, or tablet while surfing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and my favorite: Google! The struggle continues and hopefully one day we (and I!) can find a healthy balance. A happy medium that gives us the opportunity to spend a lot more time away from our screens and more time living and enjoying our actual lives!

^^^ Thank you so much to Janicia for her insightful and humorous guest post! Who suffers from FOMO without being glued to their smart phone? How has social media impacted your life? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. I’m probably in the minority here, but I don’t actually have a ‘modern’ phone (*gasp!*) I use my laptop to surf the Net, and that’s enough for me. I’ve seen people glued to their phones like zombies, when they’re taking their kids to school, walking the dog, even at the pub when they’re with their friends. They all sit there, heads bowed, without even talking to each other! As much as I enjoy being online, I also like being in the real world, too. The phone I do have is so basic – no camera, etc – that it probably emerged from the Stone Age judging by today’s standards. It doesn’t bother me, though 🙂

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    • OMG. I legit have a drug dealer phone and everyone dogs me on it but I feel the exact same way. I refuse to be glued to a screen when I’m out in public/with friends. Nothing is that important on the internet that I need to see it right away. As soon as they stop making the basic phones designed for talking and text, everyone can call me on the land line lol

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      • My husband wants to upgrade my iPhone 5C to an iPhone 6 and I declined. My storage is full and I am constantly deleting stuff off my phone. My battery is reaching the end of its life and its becoming a bit of a pain to keep it charged. I deleted the social media apps but I am having a hard time deleting KIK. One girl I know only uses it to talk to me and I really want to end my relationship with that app. A life without my phone would be wonderful. Facebook has ruined a few friendships so I’m pretty much done with it for good!

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  2. I for one hate what social media is doing to our society. I’ve just written my first blog about this, touching on how we are constantly comparing ourselves to the “perfect” images we see online. Hopefully I can use this blogging stuff to my advantage and help others see how amazing REAL life is. Great post! xx

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    • Ugh, samesies. It’s legit out of control lol the only social media account that I have is a Facebook, mainly because I refuse to get a smartphone and I’m glad for it. There’s too much in life to do and see without being glued to your phone screen 24/7

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      • I couldn’t agree more, but we are all guilty of checking in online I suppose.
        I’m hoping to ditch the smartphone altogether in a few weeks when I move and get a house phone. Just to see exactly how reliant I really am on it.
        It’d be really great if you could have a read of my first blog and let me know what you think.

        I can’t decide if blogging is a good thing or just another way to keep me online!!

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  3. I just started doing the social media thing. There’s somethings I like about it but a lot of things I don’t. It’s a large pool of ideas and people that are constantly pouring into my small little world. Your brain has to work extra hard and long to filter and declutter out the crazy to get to the good stuff.

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