Is Your Desk Job Damaging Your Health?

Is Your Desk Job Damaging Your Health?

Desk work hardly seems like the most dangerous occupation in the world, but it can pose many long-term health dangers. The combination of sitting down for long periods, being indoors, and doing repetitive actions can lead to a number of illnesses and injuries. Here are a few problems to look out for and how to relieve/prevent them:

Circulatory problems:

Sitting down for extended periods of time increases your risk of developing circulatory problems. Your blood may not flow as freely around certain parts of the body such as the hands and feet, causing it to pool up. This can lead to blood clots, varicose veins, a stroke, or even a heart attack.

If you regularly experience numbness, tingling, or cramps in the hands and feet, it could be a sign that you’re experiencing circulatory problems. Red dark blotches are also a key sign. Compression socks and clot-dissolving drugs may be able to ease discomfort and return circulation to normal, but the best solution and prevention method is to be more physically active. You could opt for a standing desk or you could simply make it a routine to get up every hour for five minutes. Deskercises may also help.

Weight gain:

Lack of physical activity can also lead to weight gain – if you’re not being active, you’re not burning calories. Being overweight can increase your risk of everything from diabetes to heart disease.

The obvious solution to this, as with circulatory problems, is to be more active during the day. You could also plan exercise for before or after work, as well as trying to be more active at the weekend. Changing your diet could also be necessary (you may be able to keep up a sedentary lifestyle and not gain weight simply by eating healthily).

Back pain:

A lot of people working desk jobs experience lower back pain. This is usually from craning over a desk for long periods, which causes stress on the spine. When it comes to relieving discomfort, there are many new lower back relief products and herbal remedies that you can try. Procedures like massages and acupuncture may also help. Improving your sitting posture could meanwhile stop your back pain from getting worse. Try to ensure that your back is straight – lowering your chair or raising your monitor could prevent you from leaning forward.

Another way to provide relief for pain that is far less invasive than an acupuncture procedure is doing a small dose of CBD gummies. These are especially good for the constantly aching back or tender wrists after typing all day. There are plenty of “best of” lists online, which will help you narrow down the best kind for you. Observer, for example, has a list that also links to products and additional information to browse through.

Sick building syndrome:

Being indoors all day isn’t good for us. As well as the lack of sunlight, being surrounded by dusty air and other people’s bacteria can result in nausea and respiratory issues. This is sometimes known as sick building syndrome.

Good ventilation and regular cleaning could make for a healthier indoor environment. Meanwhile, going outside on your lunch break could get you some fresh air during the day, which could help to clear out your lungs.

Repetitive strain injury:

Typing on a keyboard for long periods of time can sometimes lead to an RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury). The wrists and knuckles may start to cramp up and in severe cases this could lead to permanent pain.

Having your keyboard in the right position may prevent an RSI from occurring. Ideally, the keyboard should be directly in front of you and your elbows should be at the same height so that your forearms are horizontal when typing.

Use the tips above if your desk job is giving you grief and, as always, visit your doctor about your concerns, too!

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  1. I know quite a few people who work at desk jobs and quite a few of them suffer from these . It is pretty hard on the body and health. But I suppose all jobs can have hazards , its just goood to mindful of them . I’m a dog groomer and I have to make sure my back is okay and my hands get exercise so I don’t get carple tunnal.


  2. As someone who sits at a desk at least 6 hours out of the day… it definitely can take a toll on your health. I have so much back pain, related much to bad posture while sitting. It’s so easy to sit relaxed and slumped over. No matter how hard I try … it’s hard for me to sit with my back and shoulders glued flat to the back of the chair.

    Weight gain is so easy also to do when you are sitting all day. Sitting leads to snacking and you get the picture… I really try to make it habit to get up and walk every hour on the hour. My fitbit has really been a great little helper and giving me those needed reminders to stand up and walk around, even on some of my busiest in office days.

    Thank you for this information post.


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