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The TMI Tag

The TMI Tag

Hi hi hi! This past weekend my friend, Claudia, over at New Life Fresh You nominated lifewithlilred for The TMI Tag. I have never been nominated for this one, and it’s basically a huge Q & A so it should be a lot of fun. I had a blast reading all of Claudia’s answers and her blog is such a gem so do be sure to check it out! Now, let’s get on to the rules for the tag.

The Rules:

  • You can participate if you want, if not, you can totally decline it.
  • Mention the person who tagged you.
  • Answer the questions from below.
  • Let the person you tagged know by commenting on their page.

Q & A:

What are you currently wearing? Black skinny jeans and a grey and teal Diamond Supply hoodie from my PacSun days.

Have you ever been in love? Yes.

Did you ever have a terrible breakup? Yes.

How old are you? 23

How tall are you? 5’1 1/4″ (The quarter counts!)

How much do you weigh? 120 pounds give or take.

Do you have any piercings? Yep. I’ve had over thirty in my life time but now I only have my bellybutton, two on my ears, my septum, and two studs on each nostril. I would love to get a facial dermal or my lip pierced again!

Do you have any tattoos? Yes, I have five and am planning on getting three more this month.

What’s your favorite drink? Moscato and Diet Coke.

What’s your favorite song? Beautiful Day by U2 – lyrics from that song was the first tattoo that I got the day that I turned eighteen.

What’s your zodiac sign? Gemini.

How long does it take you to shower? Fifteen to twenty minutes – I like long showers.

What’s your favorite show? Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, My 600 Lb. Life, and Jeopardy.

What’s your favorite band? I love U2, anything with Jack White, Marilyn Manson, Glass Animals, Arcade Fire, and Wolf Parade.

Something you really miss? College! I loved school.

Where do you go when you are sad? My bedroom to snuggle up with my Kindle and watch Netflix.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Including my shower, I would say a solid hour.

Have you ever been in a physical fight? Nope.

What turns you on? Physically, I am all about really tall guys. Tattoos and piercings are a plus. And kindness and intelligence is a must.

What turns you off? I’m keeping Claudia’s answer of ignorance and disrespect, for sure.

Quality you look for in a partner? Smart, funny, goal oriented, kind, charismatic.

What’s your favorite color? Black.

Loud music or soft? Loud.

Favorite quote? Eh, I don’t really have one.

Favorite actor? I have been on a huge Hugo Weaving kick lately.

Do you have any fears? What are they? No comment.

What’s the last thing that made you cry? Definitely shed a tear over the movie The Shape Of Water. It was fabulous.

Meaning behind your blog name? Lil Red has been my nickname for five or so years thanks to my signature red hair and lipstick and lifewithlilred just flows really nicely.

Last time you said you loved someone? Before going to bed last night to my parents. 🙂

Last book you read? Honestly, I forget. I used to read every night before bed, but then I started teaching myself American Sign Language and that’s usually what I practice every night before falling asleep.

The book you’re currently reading? ASL For Dummies, lololol.

Last show you watched? Jeopardy.

Last place you were My bedroom.

Last sport you played? Figure skating.

Who’s the last person you talked to? My mom.

The last song you sang? Lunchbox by Marilyn Manson.

Favorite chat up line? What is that? lol.

Do you have a crush? Marilyn Manson, all day every day. I love him SO SO SO much.

The relationship between you and the person you last texted? My sister.

Favorite food? Anything vegetarian. I love to eat. But I especially love Indian food and Taco Bell.

Place you want to visit? France.

Last time you were insulted? I don’t really know. I don’t get genuinely insulted too easily, but I do get annoyed pretty frequently, haha.

Favorite flavor of candy? Sour!

What instrument do you play? None! I wish I could play the guitar, though.

Favorite piece of jewelry? Long, dangly earrings.

Last time you hung out with someone? I had a wine night with my friends over the weekend.

My Nominees (I’m only doing three):

Thank you so much to Claudia for nominating lifewithlilred for the TMI Tag! It was a ton of fun making this post. How would you answer some of the questions in the tag? What are things that you consider to be TMI? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


The Christmas Tag

The Christmas Tag

Hi everyone! I recently got nominated for The Christmas Tag by my darling friend, Vera, over at Love Live Laugh. Being an avid lover of the holiday season, I just had to participate! The rules state to nominate other bloggers, but I say feel free to join in the tag if you choose to spread the fun! Take a look at the rules and let’s discuss:

The Rules:

  • Copy this post
  • Answer the questions
  • Nominate 5 bloggers or more

Q & A:

What’s your best Christmas memory? I love watching my loved ones open their presents. It seriously never gets old!

Your favorite sweet treat? Peppermint Mocha drinks from Starbucks and a well made White Russian.

White Christmas or on the beach? Christmas at my house with no snow!!

Family or out for a wild party? Family. A million times family!

Are you cooking or not? Oh yes, I love to cook – especially during the holidays.

Thank you so much again to Vera for nominating me for The Christmas Tag! If you would like to participate, no nomination is needed. Have fun and happy holidays! Much love. -Sarah

Monday Update: The Fall Tag Edition

Monday Update: The Fall Tag Edition

Hi everyone and happy Monday! Last week, my darling friend from Absolutely Blush nominated lifewithlilred for its first Fall Tag. Out of all of the fantastic awards that my page has so graciously been nominated for, this one is probably my favorite because I love and live for all things fall. Please make sure to check out the fabulous fun that is Absolutely Blush and let’s get to the tag rules:

The Rules:

  •  Put the badge and rules in your post.
  • Answer the tag questions.
  • Tag at least 5 other bloggers to join in the fun!

Q & A:

What’s your favorite fall outfit? Mmmm, let’s see. I can’t say that I have a favorite outfit in particular but I would have to say that my favorite piece of fall clothing would definitely have to be peacoats. I’m obsessed with my newest peacoat purchase from Target – it’s perfect!

What is fall weather like where you live? I am located in Akron, Ohio which is about forty minutes from Cleveland. Right now, it feels way too warm here to be fall. Usually in the good ol’ AK-Rowdy we enjoy brisk temperatures in the 50’s and low 60’s, which is perfect for putting on a big, chunky sweater and hiking in one of our gorgeous Metro Parks.

What’s your favorite drink to have during the fall? Every once in a while I like to treat myself to the yummy Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks. However, I definitely enjoy hot coffee more during the cooler weather so I usually will just make myself a pot while I’m working and sip away.

What’s your favorite fall scented candle? I’m not a huge candle girl but I do love vanilla scented candles year round, even though that’s not really a fall scent!

What are your favorite fall activities? I love going to haunted houses, watching scary movies, and going for hikes. Apple picking and corn mazes are a plus, too!

What is one of your favorite fall memories? My family and our two pups went apple picking in Asheville, North Carolina last year and it was so much fun! The orchard was huge, the scenery was breathtaking, and the apples were delicious.

What are some fall movies that you enjoy? All of the Saw movies, the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Ils, Sinister one and two, and The Conjuring. If it’s a scary movie, then chances are I love it!

What is your favorite fall treat? A great big caramel apple with peanuts! Yum!

If you celebrate Halloween, what is your favorite costume that you have worn? I can’t say that I really have a favorite, because I normally don’t dress up. When I was little, I was a generic, bought at the drug store princess for five years in a row – so clearly my younger self loved that!

My Nominees (I’m only doing three):

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: The Fall Tag Edition! Many thanks again to Absolutely Blush for my nomination! How would you answer any of these tag questions? What is your favorite season? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah