NYX Pure Red Matte Lippie Swatch

NYX Pure Red Matte Lippie Swatch

HELLOOOO everyone and happy Monday! I constantly get asked what shade of lipstick I wear for my signature red pout and I’m actually really surprised that I never posted about it until now. I guess I wanted to keep it my little secret, but today I’m going to share the wealth by talking about NYX’s Pure Red matte lipstick. Take a look and let’s discuss:


^^^ OH LOOK – A bunch of pictures of me sporting Pure Red!

I started wearing this NYX matte wonder shade about three years ago, and I have never looked back a day in my life. Throughout the years, I have tried other red colors, but truly nothing beats Pure Red. And what an accurate name it is. Talk about a “Pure” firetruck, stop sign, Crayola crayon red pout. It’s exactly what I wanted…and more. :*)

While searching for a signature shade of red, a few things were a must for me:

  1. It had to be matte. Homegirl doesn’t mess with anything glossy.
  2. It couldn’t be too red. I don’t want to look like a vampire/goth girl – Even though, let’s be honest, I totally am.
  3. It couldn’t be not red enough. Other shades are too orangey and that equals me looking like a clown. Not cute.

With all of these essential guidelines to Lil Red’s Perfect Red Lip, you could only imagine my difficulty in finding the perfect shade…and that’s when NYX came along. I had actually never heard of the brand until the grocery store that I go to started carrying it and, let me tell you, I initially went crazy. They had a sale to introduce the brand, and I bought FIVE lipsticks, Pure Red being one of them.

One by one, each lipstick that I chose sucked in one way or another but it was Pure Red that stuck. It had everything that I wanted in the above list and the matte was just fantastic. This lippie Does. Not. Budge!! This is important, because 1) I really like to eat. And 2) I friggen hate reapplying lipstick. Every single thing about this lipstick was right on the money, and it became my staple shade instantly.

Along with my red hair, NYX’s Pure Red lipstick gave me my namesake of Lil Red. It will always be my favorite shade and I will always opt to wear it over any other brand. And at about seven bucks a tube, you really can’t beat that! From date nights and special occasions to a shopping trip to the mall, this shade covers it all, and you will rarely see me on a night out without it. Thank you, NYX. ❤

Do you have a signature lipstick shade? How do you rock a red pout? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


^^^ Guess what lippie shade I have on! 😉


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  1. My signature lipstick shade is classic hot flame liquid lipstick. My go to for red is MAC feel so grand liquid lipstick. Now am gonna try this nyx you spoke about cos it looks beautiful on you.


  2. Omg! I got the NYX Lillie advent calendar and this was the first lipstick! I can totally agree that it’s the best red lipstick everrrr! Such a great formula and vibrant colour ☺️👏🏽


  3. I like a slightly darker red the most, a garnet red (Kate Moss Rimmel in the shade 01) and of course I love burgundy (W7 in chestnut is beautiful). I have a few options for those but my all time perfect firetruck red is Sephora’s lip stain in shade 01 always red


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