Makeup Free Days

Makeup Free Days

Howdy! Back in the day, I used to complete my makeup routine almost daily – even if I was staying home for the day. As the years progressed, I realized just how silly this was and began slowly easing into Makeup Free Days. This originally started out as a Sunday occasion, but now, I spend at least half of my week with no makeup on. It’s crazy!

I wouldn’t say that I have this sky high confidence that makes me feel okay with no makeup on. It’s honestly more of a lazy girl thing. I apply my makeup and do my hair when I’m working in the community. But, if I am working from home or just running random errands during the day, I really don’t see the point of painting my face. Once I realized that going out in public with no makeup on wasn’t the end of the world, it became easier and easier to leave the house bare faced.

Of course, makeup free days save me time, but my skin and wallet are also definitely thanking me. I’ve noticed that my skin has looked increasingly healthier as I make my way through the year, because the products that I use after washing my face really gets a chance to sink in and work as opposed to being suffocated by the makeup on top. And, days without makeup equals using less of it, which equals buying less products, which equals more money in my pocket!

It’s a little surprising to me how within a handful of years, I went from caring so much about what complete strangers might think if I left the home in anything but full makeup perfection to running about town fresh faced for three or four days of the week. I guess that’s part of growing up. Getting older sucks. But, feeling okay makeup free is something that I’m definitely okay with!

Has anyone else had a makeup free epiphany similar to mine? How often do you apply makeup during the week? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. I went a week straight with no make up not to long ago!! It was lovely lol!! I think your right though , it’s the initial time you step out without it is the hardest! After that it seems fine. I think I get more compliments when I don’t wear makeup . Its kind of odd but hey! haha


  2. I have learned to embrace natural and seek more on inner beauty! I try to get “all done up” once or twice a week” since I work from home, but I am comfortable in my natural skin with no makeup these days. Great post!


  3. I rarely wear makeup now and enjoy what I use a lot more when I do! If I’m just going into uni to spend the day sat at a computer, I don’t really see the point in wearing any!
    I used to care a lot more as about 3 years ago I had an eczema flare up really badly around my eyes so couldn’t wear anything on my skin and someone on my course stopped me and said “you look like absolute shit” so it’s taken a lot for me to get confident enough to go without again xx


  4. I’ve found myself going the other way, makeup every time I leave the house. Even if it is just foundation, concealer and a bit of bronzer. Although I do love a makeup free day too. My skin always thanks me. I really enjoyed this blog.


  5. I always wear makeup to work only because I work in the general public and a nice appearance is a huge part of my job. On my days off I just put on moisturizer and MAYBE some mascara if it’s not sunny enough for my sunglasses. I love wearing makeup as much as I enjoy my makeup free days. ❤ Great post!


  6. I always laugh, because in yoga class (especially hot yoga) Girls will wear full face make-up. I get it, especially if you are having break-outs you don’t want anyone to see, but wearing make-up also makes it worse, especially if you re sweating. I have tried (sometimes it is hard) to own my break-outs and not wear make-up and they actually heal faster! ❤

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  7. I love hearing about how women feel about makeup. I’m a transgender woman who has little experience with makeup (obviously) and doesn’t even really know where to begin. So generally I don’t wear makeup. I throw on a basic foundation just to smooth things out, and maybe darken up the eyelashes. As for makeup free days, for me, a truly makeup free day would be a day without shaving. Horribly self conscious on those days, but really, sometimes a lady’s just too tired to go out as anything but her actual unadorned self.


  8. I’m shamefully one of those people that wears make up almost every day! I sometimes venture out without it on, but I feel inadequate and very self-conscious when I do. I’d love for my confidence to not be so dependent on whether I wear it or not! X


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