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Finding Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot

Hello! One of the souvenirs that Johnny and I brought home from the Poconos was a Grow Your Own Bigfoot. It was a goofy buy but Johnny apparently couldn’t pass it up lol. When we returned home, we began the process of growing our Bigfoot friend in a measuring cup full of water. It definitely took longer than the instructions said for Bigfoot to expand to its full size but it was worth the wait! Check it out:

For six days, Johnny and I checked in on our progress constantly to see how our Bigfoot was doing. And, trust and believe, we used the word “crowning” more than I would care to admit. We both wanted to see the end result ASAP so it was quite a painstaking process. So, I made the executive decision to remove Bigfoot from his stump once it was cracked completely because we couldn’t wait any longer.

After Bigfoot was freed from the stump, we left it in the water for another day or so. Now, I am pleased to say that we have a happy, healthy Bigfoot in our apartment! Although this was a silly purchase, it was a lot of fun and brought us back to our youth because we both used to enjoy the “Grow Your Own” products. Our Bigfoot will also make a fine addition to our Spooky Shelf! 😀

When in the Poconos, it is an obvious must to buy a Grow Your Own Bigfoot in Jim Thorpe. I guess it’s time to call in a documentary crew since the real deal is currently chilling in our apartment! 😉

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Where do you think he is located? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


Sweet Surprises: Silly Stuff Edition

Sweet Surprises: Silly Stuff Edition

Hello! One of the most fun parts about dating Johnny is that I feel like we are constantly surprising each other with gifts that are either totally sweet or really silly. From cute coffee mugs and LEGO sets to random Honey Nut Cheerios found throughout my kitchen, where ever I turn in my apartment there seems to be a reminder of our relationship.

This past week, I arrived home with the DVD seen below and the following morning I woke up to a goofy surprise on my laptop:


Throughout our days of being in lock down from COVID, Johnny and I talk about literally anything and everything. From world affairs to desert island favorites and the merits of Danny Trejo showing up in the most random movies, it’s never all that boring!

In fact, we’ve talked about Danny Trejo a lot so when I saw the TREJO TRIO DVD at the Dollar Tree I wasn’t not going to buy it. Lol, I was so excited to show Johnny my “can’t believe it’s only a dollar” find and we were completely cracking up after the grand reveal.

Obviously, Johnny and I both love to laugh so it was still surprising but no surprise that the following morning, I woke up to a Waffully Good Joke on my laptop. It was such a little, silly thing but it put me in the best mood when I woke up because I knew Johnny was thinking about me while he made his breakfast in the morning.

I love our relationship and our surprises to each other from the romantic and sentimental to the downright hysterical makes me so happy. A dollar DVD and a joke from the LEGGO waffles packaging kept me smiling all day and, sometimes, the simplest things can cause the biggest impact! ❤

What are some silly things that you and your friends or SO talk about? How do you surprise your loved ones? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Mad Lib Hilarity

Mad Lib Hilarity

Hiii everyone! A few days ago at work, I was filling mad libs out with my client, her sister, and her seven year old niece and it was honestly the funniest thing of my life. And, because one of the pages that we filled out was blog related, I had to share it with all of you. Enjoy!


Lololol, I really just can’t. Us girls were laughing our little behinds off but the one that we especially lost it on was “Aunt B shaped earrings”. That is what my client’s nieces affectionately call her so when the kiddo suggested that as the noun we were dying! On another note, mad libs are a great way to teach children new words, grammar, and parts of sentences so if you’re looking for a fun way for your kids to learn something new, then give it a try.

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah.com fans! 😉

What is something funny that happened to you today? How do you make teaching something new more fun? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Adorable Cuteness Overload Pt. 2

Adorable Cuteness Overload Pt. 2

Hiii everyone! So you guys saw my dad’s surprise get well shrine for my mom yesterday – cute, right? Lol, well he added a new member to the sunshine crew and it was so funny that I just had to share it with you all:


In case you were wondering, yes, that is a cut out head of a monkey sending his well wishes. Wait, what? Haha, I guess we got some magazines from one of the wildlife programs that we donate to, and we got two copies of the monkey edition. Since we had two of a kind, my dad decided that it was okay to cut up the cover to place with the gnome, dog, and flowers.

Naturally, my mom did not want this decapitated monkey picture hanging out on our kitchen table, so my dad retired him to his new location after only one short hour with the sunshine crew:


I just really can’t even, and it was so funny in the “what the hell” type of way that it only felt necessary to share with each and every one of you. 😀

Does anyone else have weird mascots hanging out in their home? What is the weirdest thing that you or a friend owns? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Single On Valentine’s Day? Same.

Single On Valentine’s Day? Same.

Hellooo everyone and happy almost Valentine’s Day! For some, Valentine’s Day is the best thing ever. A whole day to celebrate what a cute relationship you’re in with presents, dinner, and drinks? Woof. Sign me up! But for us Single Sarahs (and Sallys!), V-Day can kind of suck, am I right? A whole day dedicated to reminding you that you’re forever alone and the only touch you’ll be experiencing is your hand on a glass of wine? Woof. Can we just not and say we did?

But hey, instead of focusing on the fact that we’re single, sad, and suppressing emotions, let’s make Valentine’s Day tolerable, at the very least. V-Day is the day for us singletons to unite in our misery and encourage each other to drink heavily, finish that gallon of ice cream, and watch A Walk To Remember for the seventieth time. There ain’t no shame in our game, so let’s get to it:

First Things First: Get the vino. Head to your local gas station or grocery in your jammies and snag a bottle (or two!) of your favorite booze. You deserve it! After the wine is safely in your shopping basket, gather any other V-Day survival supplies that you might need. We’re talking ice cream, chocolates, and industrial size boxes of tissues – the works!

Next Off: Get yourself home and let the festivities begin. Crack a bottle and pop in your favorite chick flick. One of my personal favorites is Legally Blonde, but any girl power or romance movie will do! Bottoms up!


After The Movie: Once your movie is over, you might be feeling even worse than before considering every classic chick flick ends with the girl wrapped around her handsome hunk of a man. That’s okay. Embrace your emotions of solitude, phone a friend, cry a little, hold your head in your hands and scream, and move on to the next activity.


Cheer Up: Once you get all of the tears, snot, and screams out of your system, take a swig of wine or your favorite soft drink and repeat the process. Maybe this time you could even branch out of your movie comfort zone and watch an action packed adventure flick to get your mind off of cute movie couples that you aren’t a part of.


Still Upset?


Just Remember…

That you’re single every other day of the year, that your prince or princess charming is probably creeping on your social media pages as we speak, and that I still love you! ❤

And Also Remember…

That this post was made in good humor, always drink in moderation (!!!), and to stay off of Facebook for the day if seeing pictures of happy couples will upset you! 😉

If you’re Single On Valentine’s Day, it’s okay because I am too and will be available on social media, my comments section, and email for those who need a Lil Red pep talk! How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Are you celebrating with your significant other or riding solo? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

iPod Picture Purge

iPod Picture Purge

Hello everyone and TGIF! I have recently been informed thanks to a pop up on my beloved iPod that I am totally out of memory. Thanks to this memo, I can no longer take pictures with the built in camera. This is a problem because all of the low quality shots that I snap and upload onto the ol’ blog are compliments of my iPod. Unfortunately, this problem was a tough one to solve because I am a total funny picture hoarder.

I have pictures from years ago on there that crack me up that I just can’t bear to part with. However, through the process of elimination, I was able to find a few memes that I decided to throw on to my blog so it won’t be like completely deleting them! Take a look at some of the pics that never fail to make me laugh and that (sadly) won’t be part of my iPod memory bank any longer:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

^^^ Omg. I love this slide show setting! How handy!

Okay… So maybe they’re not that funny but they still get me every time! I hope that some of these were able to make you laugh and that you’re all having a great start to your Friday! What is everyone up to this weekend? Any big plans? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah



Hellooooo everyone and TGIF! If you’re familiar with my blog, lifewithlilred, then you’ll know that I have a deep love for the hashtag. No, I don’t have a Twitter, where the hashtag is most commonly found…But that doesn’t stop me from finding it hysterical to post witty words and phrases next to the number sign! Take a look at this funny Jimmy Fallon video on hashtags and then let’s discuss:

Throughout my blog, I primarily use four hashtag phrases to get my point across. They are: #shameful, #blessed, #ihatemyself, and #FML. I thought it would be fun to elaborate further on these by listing some situations where the use of my favorite hashtags are appropriate. Let the hashtagging commence!


  • I ate five items off of the Taco Bell menu and I’m still hungry. #shameful (and sad but true)
  • I wet the bed one time when I was seventeen. #shameful (also sad but true)
  • I find joy in eating spoonfuls of mayonnaise when I’m feeling blue. #shameful
  • Shania Twain karaoke in the shower is how I start my day every day. #shameful


  • Four green lights in a row. #blessed (compliments of Parks & Rec)
  • After an extremely stressful day, I’m so thankful that my BFF, Pizza Hut, was there for me. #blessed (true story, too)
  • My thunder thighs prevented my phone from dropping in the toilet. #blessed
  • I called my home nine times in a row and no one picked up the phone. #blessed (also true)


  • I still make Santa Claus beards out of bubbles when I take a bath. #ihatemyself
  • Nothing is better than pouring nacho cheese all over yourself on a hot day. #ihatemyself
  • I read porno mags as my bedtime stories. #ihatemyself
  • When I get lonely I stroke my hairy legs and pretend that they’re a dog. #ihatemyself


  • Walked an entire mile on hot coals. #FML
  • Got caught digging deep in my butt to pick a wedgie while grocery shopping. #FML
  • Got too turnt. Slept in a sewer. #FML
  • Winked at my crush. He thought I was twitching. #FML


^^^ Favorite Parks & Rec episode EVER!!!

So there you have it, some of my favorite #Hashtags and situations where they are not only appropriate but necessary. What are your favorite hashtags to use? What situations can you come up with where #shameful, #blessed, #ihatemyself, or #FML is tweet-worthy? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Weirdest/Best Dream EVER!

Weirdest/Best Dream EVER!

Omggg guys. I had the most insane, weird, ridiculously amazing dream last night!! It was one of those dreams that instantly gave me the thoughts “wtf?” and “I wish that it was real” as soon as I woke up. I need to talk about it before I forget it!! I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I’ve read the books and seen the movies multiple times and I like to think that I can answer almost every HP trivia question thrown at me. With that in mind, you’ll understand how devastating it was for me to wake up from a dream that revolved around the adorable red headed Weasley twins, Fred and George. In my dream I think I was at some type of family get together – at least that’s the vibe I was getting considering I remember seeing my cousins and aunt and uncles in the dream world. Family get togethers usually invoke the image of sunshine, picnics, or a lovely welcoming home…But in my dream we were in some dark, musty, super janky building – and oh yeah, the Weasley twins just happened to be there. I remember doing a double take when I first spotted the twins in the dilapidated location and doing the classic “is that who I think it is?” to whomever was standing by me. And the thing was, it wasn’t even like it was the actors who play Fred and George….it was the ACTUAL Fred and George fresh out of Harry Potter. Be still my heart!!! So after I got confirmation that it was indeed the twin dynamos, my dream self worked up the courage to go talk to them. When I approached the boys, they were huddled over a piece of paper and writing feverishly. I asked them what they were doing and they both flashed me their classic cheeky grin and held out the paper. On the paper was a list of every single person who was at the get together with comments written beside all of the attendees. It was seriously like the ghetto version of the “Burn Book” from Mean Girls. I can recall my eyes scanning the page and trying to decipher the shitty hand writing. I could make out comments like “fat”, “tall glass of water”, and “lose some weight”. #RUDE!!! And then finally I found my name on the seemingly endless list of guests. The handwriting for my name and the comments was clear and perfect – and I swear the lighting in the dank and dimly lit room got better. By my name was the comment “most beautiful girl in the entire world” and I seriously freaked out. My heart was swooning, I was blushing like a thirteen year old, and I was totally smitten….and naturally I WOKE UP! 😦 As soon as my alarm went off I was SO pissed, because I was so aware of the amazing dream I had just had and I woke up right when things were getting interesting! I sincerely hope that my Fred and George dream comes back to me again tonight, because I’m very curious to see how it ends!!


Have you guys had any crazy dreams lately? What do you think will happen next in my Fred and George dream? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Happy Saturday. -Sarah

Sorry, Sis ;)

Sorry, Sis ;)

During my weekend trip to Wisconsin, I may or may not have played a stupidly funny prank on my beloved sister, Kristen. And for that, I am publicly apologizing. Kristen drove the first two or so hours home from Wisconsin on Sunday, and during that time I was manning her phone to reply to the texts that she received. She’s been talking to a new guy recently, and it was my responsibility to type everything out to him that she dictated to me….Bad idea on her part. When he asked what Kristen was up to, my sister told me to text him “driving home! yay!” and unfortunately I heard “driving home! gay!” When I heard “gay” I thought to myself “hmm, that’s an odd way to describe driving home” so I asked her to repeat it three times and every single time, I heard “gay” so into the text it went. To spruce the message up even more I also added “and I really have to go to the bathroom :((((” to the message and hit Send. I straight up told Kristen that I added her bathroom issue to the text (which was more like my bathroom issue, because I really had to go!), and she didn’t believe me! Smh. When we stopped for food and she looked through her phone, she saw the text I sent that she thought I was kidding about, and got a bit upset at Lil Red. Once we got back on the road again, my mom took over driving so Kristen got back into the backseat with me. She was still pissed at me, even though I told her what I texted him, so after snacking on hella Flamin Hot Cheeto’s, I decided to write her a story on my iPod to make her laugh and to pass the time. I emailed myself the story, and I am now going to share it with you guys:

A short story of a very naughty thing:

Once upon a time there were two sisters, named Kristen and Sarah, respectively. During their journey home from a weekend adventure in America’s cheese land, the younger of the girls, Sarah did a very naughty thing. While the elder, Kristen drove the whip through the Chicago traffic, she received a text message from a potential love interest. For the fear of our personal safety, I manned her phone so I could text the messages to the young man as dictated by Kristen. When mister man asked what Kristen was up to, the reply I texted was not necessarily the same as what was said to me. Instead of texting “driving home, yay!” I accidentally typed “driving home. Gay. And I have to go to the bathroom :(((” in my defense, when she said “yay” it sounded a lot like “gay” and I for one, really had to go potty. I told Kristen what I had texted and she thought I was kidding. But guess what…I wasn’t. When Kristen saw what I texted she was most upset, and I feared for my life. After her round of driving, Kristen returned to the back seat of the car with me, and I tried my best to win her friendship back and humbly apologize for my wrong doings. We bonded over flaming hot Cheeto residue and she delivered one swift punch to my arm. And now I think we are friends again. The end.

^^^ Needless to say, Kristen was dying of laughter as she read my short story and we are now most definitely friends again! Sorry for being an asshole, sis! (Even though it was still kinda funny) I love you! 😉


^^^ SHE’S SO CUTE!!!!

Hahahahaha. Kristen and I both found the situation insanely funny after she punched me, so I thought it would be fun to share this goofy story with all of you! What was the silliest thing you did to pass the time during a long trip? Do you have a story of a text message gone wrong that trumps mine? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

PS: Who’s excited and slightly depressed about the series finale of The Following tonight?! I know I am!