Hellooooo everyone and TGIF! If you’re familiar with my blog, lifewithlilred, then you’ll know that I have a deep love for the hashtag. No, I don’t have a Twitter, where the hashtag is most commonly found…But that doesn’t stop me from finding it hysterical to post witty words and phrases next to the number sign! Take a look at this funny Jimmy Fallon video on hashtags and then let’s discuss:

Throughout my blog, I primarily use four hashtag phrases to get my point across. They are: #shameful, #blessed, #ihatemyself, and #FML. I thought it would be fun to elaborate further on these by listing some situations where the use of my favorite hashtags are appropriate. Let the hashtagging commence!


  • I ate five items off of the Taco Bell menu and I’m still hungry. #shameful (and sad but true)
  • I wet the bed one time when I was seventeen. #shameful (also sad but true)
  • I find joy in eating spoonfuls of mayonnaise when I’m feeling blue. #shameful
  • Shania Twain karaoke in the shower is how I start my day every day. #shameful


  • Four green lights in a row. #blessed (compliments of Parks & Rec)
  • After an extremely stressful day, I’m so thankful that my BFF, Pizza Hut, was there for me. #blessed (true story, too)
  • My thunder thighs prevented my phone from dropping in the toilet. #blessed
  • I called my home nine times in a row and no one picked up the phone. #blessed (also true)


  • I still make Santa Claus beards out of bubbles when I take a bath. #ihatemyself
  • Nothing is better than pouring nacho cheese all over yourself on a hot day. #ihatemyself
  • I read porno mags as my bedtime stories. #ihatemyself
  • When I get lonely I stroke my hairy legs and pretend that they’re a dog. #ihatemyself


  • Walked an entire mile on hot coals. #FML
  • Got caught digging deep in my butt to pick a wedgie while grocery shopping. #FML
  • Got too turnt. Slept in a sewer. #FML
  • Winked at my crush. He thought I was twitching. #FML


^^^ Favorite Parks & Rec episode EVER!!!

So there you have it, some of my favorite #Hashtags and situations where they are not only appropriate but necessary. What are your favorite hashtags to use? What situations can you come up with where #shameful, #blessed, #ihatemyself, or #FML is tweet-worthy? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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