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Weirdest/Best Dream EVER!

Weirdest/Best Dream EVER!

Omggg guys. I had the most insane, weird, ridiculously amazing dream last night!! It was one of those dreams that instantly gave me the thoughts “wtf?” and “I wish that it was real” as soon as I woke up. I need to talk about it before I forget it!! I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I’ve read the books and seen the movies multiple times and I like to think that I can answer almost every HP trivia question thrown at me. With that in mind, you’ll understand how devastating it was for me to wake up from a dream that revolved around the adorable red headed Weasley twins, Fred and George. In my dream I think I was at some type of family get together – at least that’s the vibe I was getting considering I remember seeing my cousins and aunt and uncles in the dream world. Family get togethers usually invoke the image of sunshine, picnics, or a lovely welcoming home…But in my dream we were in some dark, musty, super janky building – and oh yeah, the Weasley twins just happened to be there. I remember doing a double take when I first spotted the twins in the dilapidated location and doing the classic “is that who I think it is?” to whomever was standing by me. And the thing was, it wasn’t even like it was the actors who play Fred and George….it was the ACTUAL Fred and George fresh out of Harry Potter. Be still my heart!!! So after I got confirmation that it was indeed the twin dynamos, my dream self worked up the courage to go talk to them. When I approached the boys, they were huddled over a piece of paper and writing feverishly. I asked them what they were doing and they both flashed me their classic cheeky grin and held out the paper. On the paper was a list of every single person who was at the get together with comments written beside all of the attendees. It was seriously like the ghetto version of the “Burn Book” from Mean Girls. I can recall my eyes scanning the page and trying to decipher the shitty hand writing. I could make out comments like “fat”, “tall glass of water”, and “lose some weight”. #RUDE!!! And then finally I found my name on the seemingly endless list of guests. The handwriting for my name and the comments was clear and perfect – and I swear the lighting in the dank and dimly lit room got better. By my name was the comment “most beautiful girl in the entire world” and I seriously freaked out. My heart was swooning, I was blushing like a thirteen year old, and I was totally smitten….and naturally I WOKE UP! 😦 As soon as my alarm went off I was SO pissed, because I was so aware of the amazing dream I had just had and I woke up right when things were getting interesting! I sincerely hope that my Fred and George dream comes back to me again tonight, because I’m very curious to see how it ends!!


Have you guys had any crazy dreams lately? What do you think will happen next in my Fred and George dream? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Happy Saturday. -Sarah