Harry Potter Great Hall LEGO Set

Harry Potter Great Hall LEGO Set

Hello! While in quarantine, Johnny and I have been enjoying putting together LEGO sets including ones from Harry Potter and Star Wars. Johnny bought me the Hogwarts Clock Tower set for my birthday and we had such fun assembling it that I went ahead and bought the Great Hall set a few weeks later. Although the bigger sets are a bit pricey, they are worth every penny in the hours of entertainment that Johnny and I get out of them.

We stretched the Great Hall set out over the course of a weekend while Harry Potter movies, Impractical Jokers, or The Office played on TV. After at least five solid hours of building our Great Hall was finally complete. The best part? Attaching it to the Clock Tower, of course! Check it out:


While the Clock Tower set is specifically from the Yule Ball scene in The Goblet Of Fire, our Great Hall set combines imagery from both the first and second films. Don’t believe me? We have Professor Quirrell and the basilisk to prove it! Our sets are, technically, not the most cohesive right now but our two sets combined look AWESOME… From the outside, at least.

In comparison to the Clock Tower set, the Great Hall had a lot more pieces which made it a much more intricate and time consuming build. All the while, it was insanely hot in our apartment so spreading it out over a few days was definitely the move. As always, Johnny and I have a great system when it comes to our LEGO construction. He takes care of all of the detail work, which is impossible for me to do with my nails. I, on the other hand, handle a lot of the big pieces and everyone wins!

Johnny and I like to buy a new LEGO set every few months and I am already looking forward to my next Harry Potter purchases. What’s on deck? For starters, the Whomping Willow set! Then, I would love to add the Astronomy Tower, Hagrid’s Hut, and the Quidditch Pitch. Hey, it’s Harry Potter so I have to dream big! 🙂

What has been keeping you entertained in quarantine? Who else enjoys building with LEGO? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


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  1. Wow, lil Red, this is amazing! You and Johnny did a great job. You will have to enter that building show on tv! Well done!


  2. Omg, I love love love Harry Potter and anything magical. Your Lego buildings look AWESOME. Now, you’re going to get a bit of what my kid’s mother suggested as they were growing up. For example, I had taken my daughter Ariel to Bonanza Steak House. If you have ever been there you would know that their french fries are very thick and long. She was I think around eleven. She sat there and built a tower out of her fries interlocking all those french fries. An elderly couple were sitting across from us looking disapprovingly at what she was doing so being who I am I looked at them telling them my daughter was going to be an architect someday. They stopped staring haha

    My idea for you and yours is to write to the Lego company sending photos. Maybe enter a contest or affiliate with them. Send a link of your Lego blogging. Maybe they would send a free set? Who knows! I’m also known for saying, “I have a million ideas, just pick the one you want”. Let me know


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