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X Fest Birthday Bash

X Fest Birthday Bash

Hello everyone and happy weekend! Exactly one week ago, my sister, Kristen, and I were in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania for X Fest – a music festival featuring Lovelytheband, Sir Sly, AWOLNATION, Cold War Kids, and Jack White. My parents were kind enough to treat me to FRONT PIT tickets to the show for my birthday, which resulted in my sister and I being mere feet in front of the stage for the entire seven hour duration of the festival. It. Was. Amazing. If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself:

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^^^ Lol at Aaron Bruno’s pelvic thrust pictures and Sir Sly straight GETTIN’ IT with his hands in the air! 😀

What was cool about X Fest, is that it featured such a fantastic lineup. Obviously, I would have gone just to see Jack White, since he’s one of my all time favorites. But, the fact that another one of my favorites, AWOLNATION, and two other bands that I thoroughly enjoy, Sir Sly and Cold War Kids, was there made it so much sweeter. And, then, you add being literally right in front of the stage into the mix, and it turns into being one of the best days of my life.

The nice thing about the set lists for all of the bands that performed, was that they didn’t just strictly play songs from their most recently released albums. It was more of a fan favorite lineup, where crowd pleasers were played, as well as a wide array from a variety of albums. It was so much fun to be able to hear throwback favorites like Sir Sly’s “Gold” during his set or Cold War Kids’ “Miracle Mile” and “Hang Me Up To Dry” live, because it was such a firm reminder of why I enjoy these bands in the first place.

Sir Sly and Cold War Kids were awesome. They were. But, my loyalty will always lie with AWOLNATION and Jack White for what would be considered the highlights of my day. X Fest was actually my second time seeing AWOLNATION live, and they were just as fantastic as I remember them being.

AWOLNATION’s set was filled, as per usual, with Aaron Bruno interpretive dancing, running around the stage like a mad man, and singing his beautiful heart out. Their set was eight songs long, and I sure wish that it could have been longer! Four of the songs were off of AWOLNATION’s latest album, “Here Come The Runts” while the remaining half was from “Run” and “Megalithic Symphony”.

Almost all of the songs were fast paced, hype you up songs, until things slowed down for “Handyman”. During this song, Aaron Bruno acquired a fistful of pink roses and threw the very first and last of the five or six to ME!! I seriously could have cried – I honestly can’t believe that I didn’t. I got TWO ROSES from Aaron Bruno, one of my major man crushes. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The five bands that played before Jack White all probably performed for a half hour to forty-five minutes, respectively. Jack, however, played for an entire hour and a half and it was pure magic from start to finish. Despite his latest album, “Boarding House Reach” being released recently, Jack White played songs from all three of his solo albums and bands, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, and The White Stripes.

Although Jack White’s entire performance was a major highlight, some of my most favorite songs that he played included “My Doorbell”, “Steady As She Goes”, “Lazaretto”, “I Cut Like A Buffalo”, and his opener of “Over And Over And Over”. And, it wouldn’t be a Jack White concert if he didn’t close with “Seven Nation Army”!

It was so insane to be standing directly in front of the man that you’ve had a crush on since grace school. It seriously didn’t even feel real that Jack White was playing within six feet of me. The same goes for every band that performed. I was literally right there. I got to spend the day with my sister enjoying amazing music and seeing some of my favorite bands. I can’t believe how lucky I am, and I wish that I could go back in time and relive the day a million more times.

Who else has attended X Fest before? What concerts are you going to this summer? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

May Funky Time Jams

May Funky Time Jams

Hiii everyone and TGIF! With May finally here (And hopefully warmer weather, too!), it is time to share what I’ve been playing in the Little Red Love Machine as I make my way throughout my day. And, yes, a little Jesus Christ Superstar is definitely thrown in there for good measure. Take a look:

In June, I am lucky enough to be able to see Jack White, AWOLNATION, and Cold War Kids at X Fest in Pennsylvania and I am so excited that I can’t even begin to describe it. So, of course I had to give them a little shout out on this month’s Funky Time Jams. Oh yeah, and Jesus Christ Superstar, lol. Ever since the wonderful live performance of the musical on Easter, I have been OBSESSED. JCSS has always been one of my favorite musicals and my love for it was completely rekindled after that stellar Easter show. So, yes, having one of my favorite songs on here from that musical was a must for this month, too!

What have you been rocking out to recently? What is your favorite musical? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Omg Omg Omg.

Omg Omg Omg.

HELLOOOO!! As you all know, I love Jack White. I have loved him since I was probably eight years old and my feelings have only deepened as time went on. I have all of his albums from all of his bands, I have his lyrics tattooed on me – but, sadly, I have never seen him in concert. BUT THAT IS ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE THIS JUNE!!

With Jack’s new album, Boarding House Reach, coming out on March 23rd, a tour to celebrate only seems appropriate. So, when I got word that Mr. White would be gracing Cleveland with his presence, getting tickets became an absolute necessity. And, using the old “Can I get the tickets for a birthday present” trick worked very nicely with my parents!!

After confirming that this would be my birthday gift, even though I totally would have paid for the tickets myself had it not worked, I began scouring the various ticket venue websites. I landed on LiveNation and was about to purchase two tickets for the pit in the front of the stage (Eeeek!), until I saw their exorbitant processing fees, which totaled to an extra hundred dollars. An extra hundred dollars my ass!!

I instantly poo pooed LiveNation, and decided to see if Jack White had any other performances that were farther away in the calendar that might be cheaper. Of course, I realize that this logic was skewed, but desperate times, man. Desperate times. It was then, that I discovered that Jack White was headlining X Fest, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania along with AWOLNATION, Cold War Kids, Sir Sly, and other performers to be announced. I could definitely work with that!

I ended up purchasing front of the stage pit tickets on Vivid Seats and wound up saving about sixty dollars in processing fees. Suck it, LiveNation. And, now, not only will I finally see Jack White in concert, but I will get to see AWOLNATION for the second time, and Cold War Kids and Sir Sly for the first time. And, I just so happen to deeply enjoy them, too! It doesn’t get much better than that!


Five days before my June 7th birthday, I will get to attend the concert of a lifetime and I’m so excited I could cry. Now, can it hurry up and get here, or?!

Which artist would you love to see in concert? Who else is a huge Jack White fan? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

iTunes Shuffle Challenge: Epic Failure

iTunes Shuffle Challenge: Epic Failure

Heyyy everyone and TGIF! About a month or so ago, I wrote an article about my desire to play all of the over 8,000 songs on my iPod the entire way through on shuffle. (See: “iTunes Shuffle Challenge”) Unfortunately, I only made it to song 1,000. I seriously couldn’t handle not being able to hear my go to jams whenever I wanted, so thanks to a few of my favorite songs, the score is as follows:

  • Sarah: 0
  • iTunes Shuffle Challenge: 7496833058

Now it’s time to share with you the funky time jams that made the iTunes Shuffle Challenge triumph over Lil Red:

Wild For The Night – A$AP Rocky (ft. Skrillix, Birdy Nam Nam): Yes, the lyrics in this song are vulgar to the point that it’s almost shameful. No, I don’t care. This song is my fucking jam. Whenever I’m in the mood to blast rap music at the highest volume possible in the Little Red Love Machine (which is very often), this is my first choice. It’s so damn catchy and I have the biggest, weirdest crush on A$AP Rocky. Ain’t no shame in my game. 😉 #ihatemyself

One Time – K-Os: Oh yes, I looooove me some K-Os and “One Time” is one of my all time favorites by him. This track is so sexy it’s unreal and it’s another one of Lil Red’s go to driving jams. If you haven’t noticed already, a common theme in this post is that these songs are all ones that I like to drive to. Sue me for it. By the time I got about a month into the iTunes Shuffle Challenge, I was so over not being able to hear my favorite driving songs. Everyone has those certain tracks that put them in the best mood while driving and it was very difficult to live without them. But I digress. K-Os came out with a new album recently and I’m very excited to give it a listen…Also, give “One Time” a try. It’s the tits.

Wake Up – AWOLNATION: Obviously AWOLNATION is going to be on this list considering how much I freaking love them. (See: “AWOLNATION Concert” and “Man Crush Monday: Aaron Bruno Edition) AWOL is one of my favorite bands to drive to because their music is so fast paced and upbeat. Around song 500 on my Shuffle Challenge “Like People, Like Plastic” played and I freaked out with happiness and then spiraled into a depression because I couldn’t rock out to any more of their music. It seriously killed me. #neardeathexperiences

That Black Bat Licorice – Jack White: Once again, obviously my main man, Jack White, is going to be on this list. (See: “Man Crush Monday: Jack White Edition) I love playing anything and everything with Mr. White in it, so consider this part of the list an all inclusive blurb for all of Jack White’s past and present bands. Such a beautiful, talented, hunka hunk of burning love. I also really like the music video for this song!

Avocado, Baby – Los Campesinos!: I like this song a lot. Like a lot a lot. I’ve been a Los Campesinos! fan for years and this track is no exception. It’s cool, it’s catchy, and I play it in the Little Red Love Machine at least ten times per week. #MVP

Don’t Save Me – HAIM: Whenever I’m feeling sassy, which is very often, I loves me some HAIM. I’m a big fan of their entire album Days Are Gone and “Don’t Save Me” is probably one of my favorite tracks. I like to play HAIM when I’m in need of a heaping helping of girl power and best believe I’m singing poorly the entire time. Oh, what I wouldn’t do to be a member of that sisterhood (of the traveling pants).

Burnin’ Up – Jonas Brothers: Hahaha…haha…ha. JUDGE ME FOR IT!!! Whenever I’m driving with my sister, this is one of the songs that we like to belt at the top of our lungs. For that reason, “Burnin’ Up” was an accomplice to my iTunes Shuffle Challenge failure. You guys have no idea how hard it was to tell my big sis that she couldn’t play our JoBros anthem because I couldn’t stray away from my shuffle streak. I made a lot of musical sacrifices for the Shuffle Challenge, and not playing “Burnin’ Up” was one of the most difficult ones I had to make. #truestory

So there you have it, the tunes that turned my iTunes Shuffle Challenge into an Epic Failure. What are some of your go to driving songs? How many songs do you have on your iPod and do you think you could succeed at a Shuffle Challenge of your own? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Man Crush Monday: Aaron Bruno Edition

Man Crush Monday: Aaron Bruno Edition

Hellooooo everyone and welcome to the newest edition of Man Crush Monday – Aaron Bruno style! I had the absolute pleasure of seeing AWOLNATION’s beyond talented front man interpretive dance in all of his tall, lanky glory last Tuesday at their show, so it only seems appropriate that I make Aaron my #MCM!

Dear Aaron Bruno,

Where do I begin? Well, my brother and I always thought you seemed kind of douchey after watching all of your music videos – but I like to think that’s something we can all have a nice, hearty laugh about now considering my opinion on you did a complete one-eighty after seeing you perform live. I was lucky enough to see AWOLNATION in concert when you came to the House Of Blues in Cleveland on June thirtieth and it was one of the best nights of my life. Saying that I had a blast is the biggest understatement of the century. And guess what? You’re not a douche! I’ve heard from countless reviews and friends that you’re an amazing performer live, and I couldn’t agree more. I loved watching you dance around on stage, scream randomly, and interact with the audience. You’re ability to make everyone feel welcome was just incredible. My sister went with me to your show even though she knew none of your songs and by the end of the night she was dancing and jumping around with the rest of us – and that’s what makes a great performer. Not only is your musical talent astounding BUT you’re also a total babe! Hubba hubba. Thank you for gracing Cleveland with AWOLNATION’s presence. I LOVE YOU!!!


^^^ Damn!

So there you have it, my Man Crush Monday: Aaron Bruno Edition. I hope that all of you are having a great day so far! Who is your #MCM? How was your Fourth Of July? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

AWOLNATION Concert!!!!

AWOLNATION Concert!!!!

Heyyy everyone and happy Hump Day! So last night was the AWOLNATION concert at the House Of Blues in Cleveland and it was seriously the best night of my life. I was accompanied by my beloved big sis, Kristen, thanks to the two tickets that my oldest brother bought me for my birthday!! From beginning to end my night was perfect…Allow me to explain. 😉

So the doors for the show opened at seven and Kristen and I arrived at the venue around twenty after six. The line was already pretty long when we got there, but we were still fairly close to the door. I’m just happy that we got there when we did because literally five minutes after we showed up the line started to stretch all the way down the street – talk about lucky! The doors finally opened and after we had our bags checked and tickets scanned, I rushed into the venue to get the best standing spot humanly possible…and I did! I was about three feet away from the stage and had an INCREDIBLE view of the entire show! As I mentioned yesterday in my post, Family Of The Year was one of the openers for the show, but I had no clue who the other opener was – and I still don’t!

The first opener started promptly at eight which was nice because by the time we got situated we only had to wait about a half hour or so for the show to start. I didn’t care for the first opener at all, whomever they were. Their lyrics were so completely stupid and I’m pretty confident that they were playing on pre-recorded tracks because there was sure a lot of music heard when none of the band mates were playing their instruments. Either way, I didn’t like them and thankfully they were only on for like a half hour. But for that entire time, I definitely had Resting Bitch Face Syndrome.

Family Of The Year came on at nine and I was very excited to hear them play because I enjoy their music. It’s not like I know all of the lyrics to their songs or anything, but I’m glad I got to see them perform. I heard many people complain about how Family Of The Year’s beachy vibe didn’t really fit in with AWOLNATION’s style and I actually have to agree. They put on a lovely, chill performance however it really did nothing to amp people up for the headlining act. If I had to choose an opening act for the Run tour, I think I would have gone with someone like Everything Everything or Miike Snow because of their vaguely techno sound as well as the fact that they’re much more upbeat. Does this critique take away from Family Of The Year giving a great performance last night? No, I still really liked it. Would I have preferred to hear a different band before seeing AWOLNATION perform? Yes.


Family Of The Year crooned until about nine forty-five and AWOLNATION’s set started right at ten. Needless to say, I was freaking the fuck out. They began their hour and fifteen minute long performance with “Run” and before I get hella into detail about the show, check out the lighting that kicked off the night:


^^^ So rad!!!

So yes, AWOLNATION blasted off their dance party production with “Run” and the rest of the night was all a mesmerizing blur of terrific music, lighting, and a whole lot of dancing and jumping around from there. I’ve heard from friends who have seen AWOLNATION live and from different reviews that the front man, Aaron Bruno, is an amazing performer – and I one hundred times agree. His showmanship was an honor to witness. I’ve heard many times that Aaron is a fan of random screaming and dancing maniacally on stage and he provided us with nothing less last night. He had this insanely brilliant ability to make everyone in the audience feel welcome – even my sister who had never heard one of their songs before. By the end of the night she was in the crowd dancing and screaming along with the rest of us. And that, boys and girls, is what makes an incredible lead singer.

The set list contained basically everything that I hoped would be performed, which included: Run, Not Your Fault, Windows, KOOKSEVERYWHERE!!!, Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf), Sail, Jump On My Shoulders, Kill Your Heroes, I Am, Burn It Down, All I Need, Dreamers, Like People, Like Plastic, and a special full length performance of Knights of Shame. The songs listed was what my night consisted of in it’s entirety but not in that order. How lucky am I? Very. What I liked the most about this set was that it contained only upbeat songs. I mean none of AWOLNATION’s music by any means is low key, even their slower songs, but because those weren’t included in the set the night was filled with constant energy and a whole lot of fun. I couldn’t have picked a better line up of songs if I tried, however, I am slightly disappointed that “Wake Up”, “Jailbreak”, and “Soul Wars” wasn’t included. Honestly, I just wish they would have performed both of their albums back to back! I think one of my favorite songs of the night was hearing “Knights Of Shame” in its entirety – I especially loved hearing Aaron performing the rapped part of the song!

Another major highlight of the night was when AWOLNATION did “Not Your Fault”. Aside from “Sail”, that was the first song my brother introduced me to by them and it still remains one of my all time favorites to this day. Everyone in the band performed incredibly well and they were all so fun to watch. Kristen and I were discussing after the show about the athlete quality stamina that the AWOLNATION guys must have – I mean I know I was exhausted after dancing for an hour and fifteen minutes straight, but I couldn’t imagine how they feel after a show! I seriously don’t think I stopped moving at one point during the concert…This bitch was dancing, jumping, head banging, singing, and screaming up a storm. I just couldn’t help it though! There’s something so magical about being able to sing along with one of your favorite bands and I was just overjoyed. This childlike euphoria kept myself going for the duration of the show, but by the time it was over I was literally drenched in sweat and the only thing that kept me going on the three block walk back to the parking garage was the promise of Taco Bell and water shortly after!

Seeing AWOLNATION live was absolutely everything that I hoped it would be. They sounded simply incredible live, I daresay even better than on their albums. It was also so fun to hear Aaron pepper all of the songs with his random screaming. I’ve been imagining last night for a very long time and it exceeded my expectations by a long shot. For the one hour and fifteen minute concert I felt unashamed to scream out my frustrations during “Windows” and dance like a crazy person during “Burn It Down”. It was like I was in this safe haven where no judgement was being passed because everyone was cutting loose and allowing the amazing music and positive messages to take control. It was one of the best nights of my life. Seriously. I got to spend an evening listening to my favorite band with my favorite person AND I got to eat my favorite food after the concert! What more could a girl ask for? (And BTW, the TBell was magnificent!)


^^^ As you can see from the pics, the lighting during the show was awesome! And Aaron Bruno and the rest of the guys are all a bunch of babes. Hubba hubba.

After an amazing night at the show, eating in the Taco Bell parking lot, and a forty-five minute drive home Kristen and I ended our festivities with some sweet, sweet cuddling. Best. Night. Ever! I hope all of you had as much fun reading this as I did writing it and if you have the opportunity to see AWOLNATION live, then I would jump on that immediately! What was the last concert you went to? Are you going to any shows or festivals this summer? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

AWOLNATION Concert Excitement!!!!

AWOLNATION Concert Excitement!!!!

Heyyy everyone and happy Tuesday! I hope you’re all having a great day so far! So after an entire month of waiting, tonight is finally the night of the AWOLNATION concert at the House Of Blues in Cleveland!!! I’m seriously SO excited I could cry! After notifying my older brother that one of my favorite bands was going to be in Cleveland, he bought me two tickets for my birthday…What a guy. Family Of The Year and some other band is opening and I’m actually really looking forward to that too because I like Family Of The Year a lot. I’m definitely curious about who the other opener is going to be! My sister is such a champ because she’s coming with me to the show even though she doesn’t know one song by AWOLNATION. I’m so happy that she’s coming with me because she’s the only one who I feel comfortable going super hard with – and I plan on it! Hella screaming, hella jumping around, and hella dancing my ass off. If I were to bring a friend with me, I would probably end up feeling pretty self conscious about my fan girling and end up just standing there looking like a goon. -_-

This will be my third night out at the House Of Blues in a month and a half since I recently saw The Used and Glass Animals performing there. I’m a big fan of HOB because it’s such an intimate venue so I’m really hoping that if my sister and I show up early enough that we’ll be able to get pretty close to the stage. The doors open at seven and I plan on leaving around five fifteen or so to make the forty-five minute drive up there. I have no problem waiting in line for an hour if that means that I’ll get a good standing area…Now I just have to convince sissy to be down with that plan! #SAIL

I can’t wait for tonight. I’m already counting down the hours! I’ll be looking forward to telling you guys all about it tomorrow! Until then, have you been to any concerts recently? Who did you see? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Monday Update: Alright, Alright, Alright Edition

Monday Update: Alright, Alright, Alright Edition

Whatupppppp everyone and happy Monday! It’s currently one thirty in the AM and I’m not very tired and I promised my sister that I would stop watching the new season of Orange Is The New Black without her, so I figured I would get the Monday Update out of the way now. I hope all of you had a great weekend! I know I did, thanks for asking! As you guys know, I spent my Friday night at the Horseshoe Casino (See article “Casino Adventures”) which was tons of fun – and the good times continued throughout Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a day of sleeping in, shopping, and date night. Sunday was a day of wonderful company, hair dye, family, and #OITNB. Best. Weekend. Ever!

On Saturday afternoon my mom and I were shopping around in the Fairlawn area and we happened to stumble into Bath & Body Works in the midst of their semi-annual sale. I’ve never been a huge B&BW fan, but holy moley their sale prices were incredible! I got six FULL SIZE (8 oz.) perfumes for the price of one original priced bottle – talk about a deal! As I’ve mentioned before, the only perfume that I wear is Victoria’s Secret’s “Enchanted Apple”, but unfortunately they don’t carry the fragrance year round. The only times they break that scent out is during their semi-annual sales, which is when I stock up on my perfume for the year. About a month ago, I finished my last of five bottles that I purchased during the last VS sale, so I’ve been using the random odds and ends fragrances that my sister and I have…Believe me, I’m not thrilled about it! I feel incomplete without my signature scent. BUT fear not, because I found a very similar apple-y fragrance from B&BW that I’m super obsessed with. B&BW’s “Country Apple” has the exact same sweet/tart fragrance that I love so much in “Enchanted Apple”, so best believe I bought five bottles to keep me going as well as one of their aquatic fragrances “Cool Amazon Rain”. I also stocked up on some dirt cheap lotions which make perfect add ons to birthday and holiday gifts. #BALLIN After shopping with my mama, it was time for date night with my darling, handsome prince Kyle. We went hard on appetizers and yummy drinks at Applebee’s and spent beautiful quality time with each other which was much much needed! Love him! ❤

Yesterday was a pretty chill day which was so nice after being out and about most nights last week. I met up with one of my dear friends, Scott, for some terrific conversation and coffee – which was an absolute joy. He’s definitely on my list of “Lil Red’s Favorite People in The World”! Once I got home in the mid afternoon, my sister and I binge watched #OITNB for a bit and then I got to work on dying my hair. I dye my locks once a month to keep my red fresh and vibrant and let me tell you, it’s a trip washing the dye out of my hair and watching all of the color come out. It straight up looks like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre happened in my shower every time. The rest of my evening was spent plucking my eyebrows to perfection (ayy!), annihilating at Scrabble, watching #OITNB once again, and here I am now getting my blog on!

So now that you guys know what my weekend was looking like, let me tell you all about how freaking excited I am for tonight! I’m going to see Glass Animals at the House Of Blues in Cleveland with one of my comrades and I’m seriously so pumped I could cry!!! I really lucked out when I found out that Glass Animals was playing in Cleveland last Thursday because if it wasn’t for Facebook I would have had no idea. While scrolling through my news feed on FB I happened to see a status from HOB advertising for the chance to win tickets to the show on Monday night. It was weird that it showed up on my news feed because I have yet to “like” HOB or Glass Animals on there, so there was no reason for it to show up – but I’m so beyond glad that it did! As soon as I saw that they were playing I bought tickets ASAP because there’s no way in hell that I would pass up seeing these guys live. I’ve been in love with Glass Animals since last September and I’ve told literally everyone who I’ve introduced their music to how much I would love to see them live. I can’t believe that in less than twenty-four hours I’ll be hanging out at the House Of Blues watching one of my favorite bands perform! AHHHH! June will definitely be a good month for concerts, because I’ll be back at HOB on the 30th to see one of my other favorites, AWOLNATION, compliments of my brother for my birthday. What a guy! I’m also pretty hyped because Family Of The Year is opening for them and I happen to really like them too! Exciting stuff!!

^^^ SO GOOD! Also, if you’re interested in shopping the semi-annual sale at Bath & Body Works, their offers are available online as well at: http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/home/index.jsp! Happy shopping!

So there you have it, my Monday Update: Alright, Alright, Alright Edition! #MCCONAUGHEY!!!! Make sure you check back in with me at some point during the week to hear all about my Glass Animals concert experience! Is anyone going to any concerts coming up? What about any of the festivals like Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, or the Hangout Fest? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Have a lovely day! -Sarah

May Music Obsessions

May Music Obsessions

Whatsup guys! I haven’t done a music post in a while, so I figured now would be the perfect time to let all of you know what I’ve been jamming out to this past month! Get comfy, kick up your feet, and turn your speakers up while I discuss some new tried and true favorites:

RAC ft. Matthew Koma: Cheap Sunglasses – Ohhhh yes indeed, I love this song. This was on our playlist when I worked at PacSun, and to be honest I kind of forgot about it until I heard it playing at Express a few months ago. After I got reunited with RAC this fun little indie pop ditty has become one of my favorites. Ever since I rediscovered this song, it became the track that I would start my drives to Cleveland for school with. It’s so catchy it hurts, and I’ve had played it on repeat more times than I can count – which I’m so okay with!

The Used: Take It Away – I’ve always been a really big fan of this song, but after seeing The Used perform this in concert a few weeks ago (which you can read all about in my article “The Used Concert!!!”), my love for it rekindled tenfold. This song is so fucking powerful, and I really wish that I could upload the video I have of The Used performing it, but unfortunately it won’t upload on here! You guys should know by now that I’m an emo kid through and through, and I really can’t think of a better emo kid anthem than this song.

A$AP Rocky: Fashion Killa – I have a HUGE crush on A$AP Rocky, and this track in my fucking jam. This is my fly girl theme song, and I love bumpin it in the Little Red Love Machine every chance I get. The beat is amazing, and I like to pretend that this song was written for me…judge me for it. I fall in and out of phases of liking rap, but no matter what I always have a soft spot for A$AP – he’s cute as a button and his flow is insane. MARRY ME!

AWOLNATION: Jailbreak – I’ve mentioned countless times before how much I love AWOLNATION’s sophomore album Run, and I think that this song might be my favorite one on the album. I love the really dark vibe that “Jailbreak” has, which is very similar to everyone’s favorite “Sail” off of Megalithic Symphony. I’ve grown very fond of playing Run in its entirety while driving, and best believe I’m singing along the whole time – but I go especially hard to this song! I’m really hoping that I can see AWOLNATION in concert sooner or later, I feel like they would be SO fun to see live!

Generationals: Ten-Twenty-Ten – I absolutely adore Generationals, and I really like this short and sweet track. It’s a PacSun playlist oldie but goodie that I didn’t even realize I had in my collection until I had my iTunes playing on shuffle a few days ago. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I made this discovery! I’m usually not a fan of watching music videos, but the video for this song is pretty fun – so make sure you check it out! I like this dudes voice a lot too, it’s quirky and smooth, and I really like how it’s a bit higher pitched than most male singers. Big fan!

Grouplove: Chloe – I rediscovered my love for Grouplove a week or so ago, and “Chloe” is probably one of my all time favorites by them. It’s so sweet and catchy, and I always get this image in my head of a bonfire party where everyone’s just sitting around a campfire and singing their little hearts out whenever I hear this song. You know how there’s some songs where you don’t have an obvious reason for liking the song other than the phrase “I just like it”? That’s exactly how I feel about this fun little track.

The Smiths: Bigmouth Strikes Again – I feel like I mention my undying adoration for The Smiths a lot, but that’s okay because they deserve it! All of their songs are a favorite song of mine, but “Bigmouth Strikes Again” is a track that’s closer to the top of my list. The lyrics to this song are SO dark, which is something that I’m always drawn to.

Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking
When I said by rights you should be
Bludgeoned in your bed

^^^ Like what? Haha, at least he was only joking! This song is also why “sweetness” is one of my favorite pet names to call people – which I realized I started doing a lot more after I began playing “Bigmouth” periodically throughout the day!

The New Pornographers: Falling Through Your Clothes – Hands down my favorite New Pornographers song, no questions asked. I could hear this track on repeat all day and I would still love it. Everything about this song just works SO amazingly well, it’s unreal – I love how soft the verses are and then BAM the game changes with the orchestral chorus. I never really made it a priority before to listen to The New Pornographers a lot, but I recently added all of their albums to my collection and it was the most worthwhile thing I’ve done in a long time. They’re slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite bands.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood – THERE IS NOTHING LEFT TO FEAR, NOW THAT BIGFOOT IS CAPTURED!!!! Best. Opening. Lyric. EVER. I’ve been on a very big Clap Your Hands Say Yeah kick as of late, and I’m so not mad about it. My older brother saw them in concert a year ago and I’m forever jealous of him for it. The lead singers voice is simply intoxicating and their lyrics are astounding. Enough said.

Metric: Speed The Collapse – I’m a very big fan of Metric, and they’ve really pulled through as a month of May all star for Lil Red. As you guys know, I usually hate female vocalists, but Emily Haines is the exception. I don’t know what it is about her voice, but I can’t get enough of it – AND she’s drop dead gorgeous. Hubba hubba. Shout out to PacSun for exposing me to Metric and all of their glory, because “Speed The Collapse” is a PacTrack if I’ve ever heard one!

So there you have it! My funky time jams for the month of May! Who have you guys been rocking out to lately? What song have you been playing on repeat today? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah