Blogging Tips (Since You Asked!)

Blogging Tips (Since You Asked!)

Hey! Okay, ever since my post about my 2017 stats, I have been receiving a lot of cries for help in the blogging world for tips and tricks. So, today, I thought that I would share the wealth and give some advice for those who want to see more action on their page. The tricks that are seen below have worked wonders for lifewithlilred and I have already seen an increase in my numbers in this month alone. Let’s get to it!

Write, Write, Write:

You can’t have a blog without content and it is SO important that you keep cranking posts out. In 2017, I posted every single day and that gave me the best stats yet in my almost four years of blogging. Can’t commit to daily posts? Then try and create a schedule and stick to it so that your readers will know which days to come back to see something new.

Branch Out:

I always thought that my page would be strictly a beauty and fashion blog, but one will find that they lose inspiration for content very quickly if they limit themselves to just one or two categories of writing. Try giving other styles of writing and different subjects a go and see the spikes in your stats from your spicy new content.

Interact With The Blogging World:

Bloggers won’t bite, I promise. The blogging community is so fantastic, talented, and welcoming. Explore different blogs, make new friends, and gain insight into literally any topic that you can imagine. I have made countless amazing friends through lifewithlilred and that’s what is most important to me, always. The extra exposure that you can get from interacting with others is just another sweet added bonus of the blogosphere.

Social Media Is Your Friend:

If you have a ton of Facebook friends or followers on Twitter and Instagram, then why not share your blog on your social media? My URL for lifewithlilred is the first thing that people see when they find my personal Facebook page. I never am spammy about my posts or anything like that, but my URL is there for those that want to explore my blog further.

If you have a specific likeable page for your blog on social media, that’s great. I have one, myself, but I pick my battles and I chose to spend more time on my actual WordPress blog rather than trying to get more people to like my lifewithlilred Facebook page. Be picky about what you put your time and energy into and make sure that what you choose is what would benefit your blog the most.

In Conclusion:

Admit it, when you started blogging you thought that it would be a piece of cake. You also might have been a bit shocked to find out that it’s not in the slightest. Blogging is hard work that you really have to dedicate yourself to if you want to see results. Not only that, but it’s a little bit of luck, as well. But, with the tips above, you can make the odds of seeing the fruits of your labor flourish turn more in your favor. Good luck!

What are your blogging tips and tricks? What are your goals for your blog? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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  1. These are some amazing tips! I really like the way you’ve categorised each and every post on your blog which in turn inspired me to follow suit.
    It adds a good structure which is important for a blog.

    Thanks again. 🙏

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  2. Congratulations on all of your blogging success! These tips are very helpful. It’s awesome that you have found better results by covering different topics! I experience so much pressure to specialize my knowledge — with blogging, with school, with work — but what I really want is to spend my time learning about and speaking on a lot of different things. And thank you for sharing your advice about the blog versus social media. When I would see successful people, especially when I lived in New York, the impression I got was that they were perfect at everything. But “be great at everything all the time” or “always be on point” isn’t a helpful, actionable strategy. Choosing whether to focus on one’s blog or one’s Instagram account is a critical choice that a lot of bloggers, especially bloggers who cover fashion and beauty, have to make.

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  3. Despite what many may think, I never started my blog with the idea that I would gain 1,000 followers or become the next big influencer. I started my blog because I love beauty and skincare and wanted to share tips and reviews with anyone who’s interested. I am surprised by how many followers I’ve gained in 6 months, but that’s not my main goal. If I can help anyone, I’m happy. I agree with you on posting every day. Mainly, I blog because I love it! I also love reading others’ posts as well and gaining new friends. This blogging community is amazing! Beauty and skincare is my niche, so I doubt I’ll be writing about anything else. I’m more comfortable that way. But, for those who really want to grow their blog, your tips are amazing! Thank you for sharing.


  4. I didn’t think blogging would be easy – I was scared that I’d make a fool of myself. I’m getting braver and sharing my content more and interacting with other bloggers (hi). I can’t blog every day and I’ve only just realised I shouldn’t restrict what I write about and that’s made my life so much easier. Thanks for you tips 🙂

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  6. Thank you for the tips. Since I am a new blogger,I appreciate extra. How do you make people follow your blog? I see many of my friends liking my Facebook page, some visits my blog but none of them follows me. 😁


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