Building Up Your Health From The Inside Out

Building Up Your Health From The Inside Out

We all know that being the right weight, eating well, and exercising is good for our bodies. But did you know that your body might still be suffering on the inside, even though you’ve managed to get the outside of your body looking at it’s best? Unfortunately, a part of life includes suffering with ailments. This all depends on your family history, what you’ve done in the past (like smoking), and also what you’re exposed to during current life that could affect your health. Here’s how you can build up your inner health to get yourself back at peak condition from the inside out:


Our stomach puts up with a lot of unfortunate issues, regardless of what you have put in it. We’ve all had stomach bugs where it has caused us to have major yuck sessions, so over time there is bound to be some damage done to our tummy that might even make us suffer as we get older. It’s also likely that you’ve enjoyed some alcohol in the past, alongside rich and spicy foods – all of which will damage your insides.

Making sure that you’re eating food that’s not going to do your stomach any harm a majority of the time will help you out in the long run. Many people experience ailments like heartburn or acid reflux. If this is you, consider changing your diet to something less acidic and also head to your pharmacy for some OTC medication to relieve your symptoms.


Your bones are literally what holds you together. However, many of us forget to look after them and end up with conditions like osteoporosis, which is weakened bones that are more likely to fracture and crumble. There are supplements available like AlgaeCal which relieves the symptoms of osteoporosis because of the AlgaeCal plant calcium, which is what our bones need to stay strong and healthy.

If you are worried about the wellness of your bones, be sure to visit your doctor who can arrange necessary tests and scans to check if you have any underlying conditions and to discuss the treatment of your discomfort.


Our lungs are how we breathe (Obvs!) and they send oxygen to the heart so that it can pump blood around our bodies and keep us alive. Make sure that you’re not exposed to things that could be damaging to your lungs like asbestos or anything where you’re frequently exposed to small particles in the air. If you’re worried about asbestos or mold in your home, you should call in a professional to get their opinion. Of course, avoiding smoking will also help you to protect your lungs, as well.

Give your inner self a fighting chance to get stronger quickly and try these bits of advice today. Remember to speak to your GP before self medicating, even if it’s a supplement. Stay healthy and happy!

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  1. For healthy gut flora check out – drinking it often it will strengthen your immune system (no need for flu shot), helps with digestion & IBS issues. I’ve been hooked since I found out about it..such a great product. You can find it at Giant & Whole Foods.

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  2. Just for those wondering I’m not trying to spam the page or take away from what she suggests with my comment – that is certainly not my thing. I wholeheartedly believe it is a great product that more need to know about. I’m all about helping others, just want to put this out there.

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  3. Yes, perfect post! Some many people don’t realize the long term effects they are causing their bodies. As if what we do when we’re young just disappears. Good post!


  4. Awesome post thanks
    I have had a Bone scan as my daughter has said to ,do you think at your age if you fell raceing around the rollerskating rink with those young poeple ! could you recover .
    My scan shows no sign of Osteo .however its never to late to get a tuneup .


  5. Love this! Focusing on how what I eat affects my body has been a goal of mine. It started with me picking up Cameron Diaz’s ‘Body Book a few months ago and I’ve been on this train since! …BTW, what red lip are you wearing in your gravatar photo? It’s beautiful!


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  8. Hi, thank you for this post. I have been trying in the past two months to change my lifestyle in a healthier one. I have been working out and eating healthy, but I still feel that I’m not my best self yet. I did smoke since I was 15 and I quitted three months ago, so It makes perfect sense that my lungs are not the best yet. I have fought about maybe starting again, but while I was reading your post, you gave me even more encouragement to take care of myself from the inside! It’s very true what you said, and sometimes we forgot about how important is to protect our body from bad stuff!

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