The Real Reasons Why You Sneeze So Much!

The Real Reasons Why You Sneeze So Much!

Allergies at any time of the year can be frustrating. Having a stuffy or blocked nose gets in the way of enjoying the summer months and it makes people really miserable. Of course, we can take basic medication to solve the problem, like antihistamines, but is it really getting to the root of the problem? It seems that more and more of us are suffering from allergies now, so here are some common causes in the modern world:

A Gluten Allergy: There are so many more people diagnosed as celiac now than ever before. This could be because there are more issues in the processing of food but also the fact that our immune systems are sufficiently weaker now than they were 100 years ago. We are now used to having a whole manner of processed food, but it’s not necessarily something our bodies can process. There are an increasing number of people who are now being diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity. And if you feel a bit sluggish it could be a sign. But you also may even have a very runny nose.

Toxins In The Air: More people on the planet means more dirt, dust particles, and waste. There can be so many toxins in the air at any one time, from cigarette smoke to hazardous fumes to mold and mildew in your home. With that in mind, we are being exposed to a dangerous level of chemicals on a daily basis! To minimize the amount of bad air in our homes, we can use air purifiers and air cleaners. Companies like Farnen & Dermer specialize in whole-home air cleaners, which work more effectively than an air purifier, which is suitable for a smaller area. Even something like mold, which is predominately invisible to the naked eye, if left untreated, can really develop into a long-term health problem.

Medications: So many people are being prescribed antibiotics for an infection, and a common ingredient in many antibiotics is penicillin, which can cause serious reactions such as anaphylactic shock. If you ever experience a serious allergy due to a medication, you need to contact your doctor immediately or call the emergency services if it is a potentially life-threatening reaction. Some other common drugs that may cause an allergic reaction include aspirin, medication for autoimmune diseases, corticosteroid lotions or creams, and products containing bee pollen.

It’s important to remember that an allergic reaction can be a symptom of an issue with your immune system. For issues such as a gluten sensitivity, the problem can be solved by avoiding gluten and gluten-containing foods. If your immune system isn’t fighting at full strength, it may mean that you are constantly fighting allergies and getting more than your fair share of colds. To determine what you may have an allergy to in common, everyday circumstances, you should avoid the suspected substance for around 30 days to really be sure. And for many of us, a lack of vitamin D is the reason why we cannot fight infections as well. So make sure to take a good vitamin D supplement, too. Ahhchooo!

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