Ask These Questions If Your Dog Is Ill

Ask These Questions If Your Dog Is Ill

If you are a real dog person, then you will know how upsetting it can be when they are not feeling on top of the world. Especially as with dogs we are so used to seeing them all bubbly and happy – when they are no longer that way it can be really quite distressing. If your dog has started to act strangely recently or if they look like they are getting ill, then you might be wondering what is going wrong. It goes without saying that if things get serious that you should take them to the vet – but what checks can you carry out at home to rule anything out? Let’s look at some of the questions you should be asking yourself if your beloved doggo is getting unwell:

Are You Feeding Them Properly? Just as with any other animal, your dog needs the right diet in order to function properly. Knowing what such a diet should be, however, is something else altogether. As it happens, most dogs need a combination of dried food like Royal Canin and meat, although what meat is not quite so important. If you are only feeding them one or the other, then this can cause some serious nutrient deficiency so make sure that you are giving them a more balanced diet. You should also check that you are feeding them the right quantity – this depends on the size and breed of your dog and it something that you should ask your vet about. Lastly, make sure that you are feeding them at regular intervals, in order to really ensure that their diet is as good as it can be.

Are They Getting Enough Exercise? Dogs of different breeds, sizes, and ages need differing amounts of exercise, so you should make sure that you know your dog’s type well enough to give them the right amount. Generally, however, walking them twice a day is optimal – and absolutely no less than once a day. If you have a large garden, then that can sometimes suffice instead of walking them, but you should still take them elsewhere occasionally to give them new experiences. You will know if they are not getting enough exercise, because they will start to look weak and might even begin whimpering. As a rule, you can’t over-exercise them – they will stop before they do any real damage to themselves. Make sure that you take them out for exercise as much as you can, which should help to keep illness away.

Are You Looking After Their Coat? As it turns out, their coat is not just an aesthetic concern – it is also a majorly important part of their health. There are a number of issues regarding their coat which you definitely want to avoid, such as fleas and nits, so make sure that you do everything you can to keep it clean. You might also need to brush it regularly or semi-regularly, so make sure that you do that too if necessary for your dog. If you look after their coat properly, you will actually help to keep them healthy and happy.

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