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What’s The Point Of Going Back To School?

What’s The Point Of Going Back To School?

Anyone who has a child can confirm that their education is a gigantic investment in terms of money, time and, more often than not, sanity too. But, ultimately, kids are the biggest part of your life, so this kind of result is to be expected. However, it doesn’t mean that they should take over your life aspirations. Some parents can hear their inner voice calling for more qualifications. The dilemma is real; is there a right time to go back to school as an adult? The desire to pursue your studies is a sure enough indication that the right time is now. Nevertheless, the voice of reason can be louder at times. What is the point of going back to school, anyway?

It’s about respecting your personal goals:

When you become a parent, your life takes a completely different turn. You have to learn to put your family needs first. When you’re a mom, you can find yourself trapped in your parental role, convinced you can’t do anything for yourself until the kids are much older. In reality, it’s important to understand that being a parent is not your sole purpose in life. Your dreams and hopes didn’t disappear when you had your first child. There are still plenty of things you might want to achieve and, if higher education is a personal goal, you should make sure you can find time in your busy schedule for it. Time management skills are vital for parents who are trying to juggle family and personal objectives. But, as you learn to free time for yourself, you can make sure you stay true to the person you are.

It’s about giving your career a new boost:

Going back to work after a baby is a wake-up call for many mothers, who suddenly realize that their current job isn’t sufficient to support the family. As a result, one of the most often quoted reasons for heading back to college is the prospect of a more profitable career. Targeting skills that are highly demanded such as public administration – Norwich University has a mind-blowing article about how influential administrators are in supporting economic growth – or programming language. A better job gives you the chance to secure your lifestyle.

It’s about making better adults:

Parents are a child’s first role model, and, as such, your every decision can help to shape the adults of tomorrow. A mother who works – whether she goes back to finish her studies or she enjoys a successful career is a positive role model for children. Your child can learn the importance of working hard, inside and outside the house. Additionally, you can also help to eliminate gender clichés by creating new gender rules; namely that working parents both share chores at home and pursue their careers in equal levels.

If you’re worried about finishing your studies after the birth of your baby, you need to think of the bigger picture. As an individual, you haven’t surrendered your personal goals when you became a mother. On the contrary, achieving these can not only help you to improve your household income but also to be a positive influence on your child. The question is not whether going back to school is a good idea, but what you could lose if you decided against it.

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A Perfect Match: How Education Can Fit Around Your Life

A Perfect Match: How Education Can Fit Around Your Life

When you think back on your life, achievements that can really change your circumstances are some of the most important changes you can make. If you feel that you have more to give and would like to go back to college or start studying again, you can make it happen. With work and family commitments, many people write it off as a pipe dream. But with today’s flexible educations styles and virtual platforms, it doesn’t have to be a choice – you can fit your continuing education goals into your life. Studying for a degree while also having a career, especially if you work irregular hours, can certainly be a challenge, but putting a little thought into your approach can make it work.

Many institutions recognize that people are wanting to study later in life and have designed programs specifically for working adults. These are structured flexibly from purely online modules taken in your own time for some courses that involve a mix of virtual learning and physical seminars. Many are designed to complement an existing career, such as a bachelor of policing program designed for actively serving officers. Here’s how to get started:

Research Your Options Carefully:

Choosing the right program for you is much more of a considered decision when it needs to fit around your life, so make sure that you do plenty of research to find the right provider for your individual needs. If you have existing college credits, some programs will take that into account, allowing you to graduate faster. If you don’t have the capacity to travel, a degree delivered via online learning is a good choice. Hundreds of universities now offer bachelor and graduate degrees in subjects like public administration, criminal justice, and management skills. Or if you feel you want some in-person contact, try a hybrid degree that combines online with sessions of traditional classroom learning across evenings and weekends.

Work Out A Sustainable Schedule:

Studying can be a big time commitment, so the key to making it work alongside a job and a busy life is being strict on scheduling. Plan all your classes and study hours alongside household commitments, working hours, and time to spend with family and friends – all of these areas are important. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family members to collect kids from school, prepare meals, or help around the house. You have to be organized to make all these elements work together so plan in advance and batch-make meals to fill up the freezer.

If work commitments get intense, don’t be afraid to speak to your degree supervisor about adjusting your study plan to avoid conflicts if necessary. Take full advantage of any study resources offered, as well. Most places have academic centers to help make your study skills better. Also be sure to use study groups to connect with fellow students and share tips and coping strategies. Make sure that you have a quiet space to study when it comes time, and don’t allow outside distractions to pull you off course. The trick is to give 100% to whatever you’re doing at that time, and try to shut the rest out.

It’s never too late to begin a new career, and with constant advances in classroom technology, there is no time like the present to start!

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Why You Should Encourage Your Kids To Study Abroad

Why You Should Encourage Your Kids To Study Abroad

There are lots of reasons parents should encourage their children to study abroad. This article will offer an insight into the situation and help to identify all of the benefits. Hopefully, this post will answer your questions and highlight all the reasons your loved ones should travel for their education:

Learning about a new culture:

One of the best things about studying abroad is that your kids will experience a new culture first hand. This should help to turn them into well-rounded individuals with empathy for alternative ways of life. It could even encourage your child to adopt parts of the culture themselves.

Meeting a varied group of friends:

It’s vital that everyone has a varied group of friends if they want to understand the world with a better perception. Studying abroad could help to knock down some of the barriers that might prevent your loved one from following things that happen around the world while ignoring propaganda.

Getting a better level of education:

There is no getting away from the fact that some universities and colleges in foreign countries perform better than those at home. So, by sending your kids abroad; you could ensure that they get the best education possible.

Now that you know about some of the main reasons why you should encourage your kids to study abroad; it’s time to research schools and universities in some of the most popular locations. Put a plan in place as early as possible because there are many things to consider when putting your child on a plane to a new country.

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Bath & Body Works January Freebie

Bath & Body Works January Freebie

Hi everyone and TGIF! First things first, before we start to discuss my Bath & Body Works January Freebie, I have to mention my all star student status. I’m writing this as I take a homework break and I had the most terrifying test taking scenario ever that I managed to overcome…

I was taking a timed test and less than half way through, I realized that I really had to go to the bathroom. I mean it was bad. I couldn’t just walk away from the test though, so I did what any normal person would do…squirm around in my seat, speed through the test as quickly as possible, and leave the grade up to fate. Despite this major bathroom set back, your girl still managed to get a 100!! HOLLER. #starstudent #selfcontrol #blessed

ANYWAYS, now that we got that important announcement out of the way, let’s talk freebies! Just about every month, I get a coupon from Bath & Body Works for a free travel sized product to add to my hoard. Thanks to a shopping trip this week with my sister, I scored my January freebie which was a travel sized lotion of their scent A Thousand Wishes.

I always really enjoy my monthly trip to B&BW to snag my freebie and I have to say, I love the scent that I picked out. A Thousand Wishes is a super sweet holiday scent with hints of cranberry and vanilla that I just can’t get enough of. I’ve always been fond of cranberry fragrances – I live for The Body Shop’s seasonal cranberry scent, so I was pleased to find this cranberry infused goodie from B&BW. I like that A Thousand Wishes has an aroma that’s very soft and subtle because if there’s one thing that Lil Red hates, it’s an overpowering fragrance. And can we talk about how cute the packaging is?! LOVE.

Thanks to my B&BW freebie coupons, I’ve been able to have monthly sweet treats for myself and who doesn’t love that? I’ve also been able to avoid the awkwardness of not giving a gift to someone who got me a present this holiday season. I was simply able to put together a little something from my collection and be on my merry way without being labeled as a non-gift giving asshat. Thank you, Bath & Body Works! 😉

To get monthly freebies of your own, simply put in your email address or phone number next time you make a purchase at Bath & Body Works to get some coupons sent your way. You can also do some shopping and enter in your email address on their website! To keep the B&BW coupons coming, make sure you enter your email address or phone number each time you make a purchase or cash in a freebie coupon to keep all of your information up to date. You’ll be glad you did once you have a nice little hoard of your own!


So there you have it, my Bath & Body Works January Freebie! What stores give away the best coupons or freebie items? What is your favorite B&BW scent? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

No Complaints! Shocker!

No Complaints! Shocker!

Howdy everyone and happy Tuesday! I’m currently shoveling pasta salad down my gullet at a rapid speed as I type this and with a belly full of carbs and lots of awesome things happening, I must say, I have No Complaints! Shocking, I know, but things in my so called life are finally starting to look up for Lil Red and it’s about damn time! Let’s discuss the three major events that are making me a very happy bitch (four, if you count the pasta salad that I’m eating.):

I love school!!! There are very few things that I can pin point and say “that was one of the best decisions of my life” and starting college at Tri-C is definitely one of them. My motivation to succeed in my classes is something that I’ve shocked myself with time and time again. I can’t remember one time in my educational career prior to starting at Tri-C where I was a “star student”. I never studied. Never did homework. Skipped school as often as I could. Blatantly didn’t give a fuck. But in college it’s so different. I study my ass off. I make homework my number one priority. I get genuinely pissed on the occasion where I have to miss school from being sick. I care more than I ever thought was possible. My fall semester has started out fantastically and I can’t wait to keep on plugging away at my Associate Of Arts degree!

lifewithlilred has been hoppin! I have been so blown away with how much love that my little blog baby has received these past few months! My reader map has expanded tenfold and my amount of followers and likes have increased exponentially. On top of all of the beautiful readers who I have that I don’t have the pleasure of knowing, people in my own social circle have taken interest as well. I have been so touched by the amount of friends who have reached out to me to let me know how much they like my blog. I am also so humbled to have artists that I personally look up to asking me to write for them on my page. There are SO many fun posts and ideas that will be happening on lifewithlilred, so as always, stay tuned for the latest and greatest!

I have an awesome boyfriend! I mean, that statement basically speaks for itself, but yeah – Kyle is great and I’m a very lucky girl! HOLLA! Now cue the ironic choice in music:

^^^ It seemed appropriate!

So yes, things are going just swell and I really have No Complaints! I’m happy and I don’t say that very often so my only hope now is that I don’t end up jinxing myself! How is everyone’s week going so far? Who has some complaints that they need to vent about? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Monday Update: Spring Break Edition!!!

Monday Update: Spring Break Edition!!!

Whatupppp. First and foremost, Happy Monday. Secondly, welcome to my week of spring break/killin the game! I have been getting SO much homework done, and it’s been so fulfilling! I never thought I would live to see the day that I would be saying that! In my College Composition II course we have a big final research paper that’s due at the end of the semester. I thought that my spring break would be the perfect time to get a leg up on all of the work so that I’m not scrambling around like a chicken without its head on during the final days before the paper is due. For the paper we had to pick a problem in the good ol’ USA and what we suggest should be done to solve it. I chose to write about why there should be stricter policies for bullying in schools. I’ll tell you what guys, I’ve read some very sick shit these past few days of finding resources. It’s definitely put a damper on my day already…for godsakes it’s only 1:30 in the afternoon and I feel like I need a drink! Despite how upsetting the topic is, it has proven to be very interesting. I’m just happy that I’m getting a lot done so I can relax a bit around the end of the semester, because I sold my soul to summer classes and god knows I’ll need a little R&R before those start. I registered last night to take Beginning Algebra II, Social Psychology, Intro to Sociology, and a history course. I’m not gonna lie, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed just thinking about it. The summer classes are going to move quickly, and I’m taking thirteen credit hours. I decided to take the next math course in my college journey since I’m already taking the first one now so everything will still be fresh in my noggin. I then opted for another psych class because I’m slaying my General Psychology course this semester. The Sociology course seems easy enough, so I feel like that one should be pretty stress free. And I enjoy history a lot so I shouldn’t have too much of a problem there. All of these courses other than math seem easy enough, so I figured I might as well get them out of the way now. The fact that the summer classes do move at a faster pace is intimidating, but because three out of the four classes I’m taking are things that I enjoy, I think that I should be fine. Fingers crossed anyways! And if I genuinely feel like I can’t handle it (which I doubt), I can always drop a class. It’s just kind of a bummer that the summer of my twenty-first birthday will be spent doing a butt load of school work. -__- But that’s okay, because my education is more important than getting white girl wasted will ever be…..I can’t believe I just said that. Hello, adulthood. Anyways, I’m not up to too much on my break, but that’s totally fine by me. It’s been so nice to stay up as late as I want, wake up whenever I want, not put on makeup, and spend all day watching Netflix. It’s honestly been a dream come true! I’ll definitely be up to some fun stuff this break though! The weather is warming up in good ol’ Akron, Ohio so leaving the house won’t be a complete pain in the ass. 😉 I have many coffee dates, hang outs, and a trip to the zoo planned so it should all be simply delightful. I also need to get some shopping done this break, because I have three birthdays coming up that I need to buy gifts for: both of my parents and my sister. I LOVE present shopping so it should be a good time! 😀

^^ I’ve been on a big Clay Your Hands Say Yeah kick as of late, so enjoy!

Well, this procrastination post has been fun, but I have a few more things to finish up before I can call it quits on school work for the day! Where are my fans of The Following at? How excited are you for the new episode tonight?! I for one can’t wait! What’s everyone up to today? Do you have a wild spring break story you can share with me? I’d love to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Have a great day! -Sarah