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Survival Advice For Newbie Nurses

Survival Advice For Newbie Nurses

Is there an ideal career? Well, for the people who want to help others, nursing is an excellent place to start. The pay is solid, the people are amazing, and the work is fast-paced and varied. Okay, so that’s a positive take on the industry. But let’s face it – nursing comes with lots of negatives. But, they don’t have to get in the way of your ideal career if you know how to cope.

As it happens, there is a list of coping mechanism below which should come in handy. For all you newbies, here’s how to survive on a ward:

Get Plenty Of Sleep:

The shifts will come thick and fast, and they won’t stay the same. Sometimes you’ll have to work during the day and other times at night. There are even times when nurses work a variety of each per week. A lack of sleep, then, is a realistic possibility. But, not getting seven to nine hours a night is a sure-fire way to feel run down and depressed. Whether you are on the evening shift or not, make sure that you find ways to catch up on your 40 winks. The art of napping is something every nurse should learn.

Bond With Colleagues:

Apart from laughing and joking more, your colleagues can have a significant impact on your work life. Take being totally swamped at work and you haven’t ate or, god forbid, used the loo in nine hours. The people who don’t have friends at work have to struggle through until the very end. Colleagues who like and trust each other will have your back so that you can slip away to use the facilities or grab a quick power snack before hitting the pavement again. Bonding with colleagues helps with everything from checking patients to finishing early. Some will even cover a Saturday shift so that you can go out and let your hair down if they’re really nice!

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Why on earth would you study when you’re working 80 hour weeks? Okay, so the thought of enrolling in a university course isn’t appealing. However, an online RN to BSN degree program has lots to offer. First, it fleshes out your resume and adds another string to your bow. Even as a qualified professional, it never hurts to have an extra qualification in this day and age. Also, it gives you something to look forward to. Having a balance between life and work is essential, and an extracurricular course promotes a healthy mental attitude. There is no better way to keep going than the thought of a promotion (And straight A’s for days!).

Be Healthy:

It’s ironic, but medical professionals are the ones who are often the most in need of health advice. From eating junk food to drinking caffeine, doctors and nurses cover all of the bases. Poor physical health leads to poor mental health, and that can lead to a meltdown. Also, it’s hard to continue working when your body feels like it will break at any moment. Eating healthy foods, such as fruits and veggies, is an easy way to promote better health and well-being. Also, lay off of extreme amounts of coffee and energy drinks.

So, that’s a healthy diet, lots of sleep, and a balance between work and personal life? Just what the doctor ordered!

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If You Think Your Job Is Hard, Try Being A Manager

If You Think Your Job Is Hard, Try Being A Manager

Managers have got a difficult job. They don’t just have to master job roles themselves, understanding them inside out. They also have to be able to manage people. Being a first-time manager can be daunting. But being a great manager is a little bit like being a great marketer: you pick up so many people-managing skills throughout life that the work itself can feel surprisingly natural. Becoming a manager will endow you with all sorts of new skills, like being a better motivator, coach, and communicator. Here are some tips to help you thrive in your first management job:

Be The Example: Companies go through good times and bad times. And when times are bad, people need somebody that they can look up to: a role model. As a manager, being the role model is your job. You’re the person who has to be able to handle any adversity that gets thrown the company’s way and stand up for employees in the process. Perseverance is all part of the job and an essential ingredient for motivating your team to rectify the situation. The more you demonstrate proper behaviors, the more your team will respect you and follow your lead.

Understand The Basics: As a manager, you need to learn the basics, not only of your own business’s operation but also what constitutes a compliant working environment. Companies have a duty of care towards their staff, according to Ellis Whittam, and managers are the people who carry that duty out. It’s their responsibility to make sure that employees are safe while they’re at work and that they’re treated fairly according to the law. As a manager, you need to know the rights of the company as well as the rights of the individual members of your team. You’ll have to conduct yourself within those rights, especially when it comes to things like dismissals and complaints.

Understand The Magic Of Delegation: What is the purpose of managers? Some would say that it is purely to facilitate work: to provide workers with the directions and incentives that they need to carry out tasks. Managers need to understand that they can’t be everywhere at the same time. At some point, they need to delegate responsibility to other members of their team. Not only will this stop you from going mad but it will also help other people develop their skills and create a path to a better career.

When delegating to somebody, make sure that you stress how important it is for their personal development. Talk to them about how it’s an opportunity for them to progress in their role and make more money in the future. The more ownership that they have in their new position, the better job they’ll do.


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Accept That Relationships Must Change: The relationship between managers and workers is probably going to be a little different than what you’re used to. If you’ve been promoted, you may now be the boss of people who were once your peers. It’s important to understand that your relationships have changed and you need to be transparent about that. It might be awkward, but when handled properly, hard feelings are typically avoided.

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