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Creating A Restful Bedroom

Creating A Restful Bedroom

Your bedroom should always be your sanctuary. It should be that one place where you can really let yourself go, relax, and rest after a stressful day. Of course, it is easier for all of that to happen if your bedroom is set up to be as restful and relaxing as possible! Here are a few ways that you can improve the peaceful mood of your bedroom and turn it into your favorite place to kick back and unwind:

Blow the Budget on a Good Mattress: If you do nothing else to transform your bedroom into a more restful space, you should splurge on a brand new mattress. If you’ve never had a really good mattress before, it’ll be impossible for you to truly understand how much difference a comfortable, supportive mattress can make.

When buying a new mattress, it is always a good idea to visit a bricks and mortar store to try out a few styles, because everyone’s comfort levels are different. Once you know which mattress suits you best, you can always check out http://www.us-mattress.com/ to save a few bucks off the in store price of your chosen bed.

Invest in Better Bedding: Of course, the comfort of your bed is about more than just the mattress, which is why you should also take a look at http://www.down-comforter-info.com/ where you will find the warmest, softest comforters you’ve ever had the joy to sleep with. You should also probably check out more supportive pillows and high thread count sheets made from natural fibers if you want to be able to rest and relax without any aches, pains, or irritations.

Can the Clutter: It’s impossible to rest and let yourself go when you’re surrounded by clutter. Not only are piles of clutter visually stimulating, whether you want them to be or not, they can also be a source of stress, which gives you the feeling that you should be cleaning instead of taking some me time. Luckily, getting rid of your bedroom clutter is as simple as visiting http://www.ikea.com/ and buying a few storage baskets and boxes where you can hide your most unsightly clutter.

Ditch the Desk: If you have a desk in the bedroom from which you sometimes work, it might be time for a rethink. By associating the bedroom with work, even just occasionally, you are ruining the area’s reputation as a restful location for relaxation and sleep. Ditch the desk and replace it with a pretty dressing table for a serener space and leave work for the home office!

Serene in Green: If your bedroom decor is currently bright, bold, and in your face, a visit to http://www.homedepot.com/ might be in order because those crazy colors are doing nothing to help you relax. In the bedroom, you want to keep things nice and chill. Toned down colors like mint green, pale blue, white, and cream are all good options that won’t stir up the senses too much.

Add Comfy Furniture: One mistake that many homeowners make is that they do not add enough comfy furniture to their bedrooms. Sure, they’ll have a nice bed and perhaps a chair at the dressing table, but what about the big comfy armchairs, couches, and chaise lounges? These are the things that will make spending time in your room easier, more comfortable, and infinitely more relaxing. So if you have space, add a couch or recliner and you’ll get much more use out of your bedroom.

Blackout Blinds: If you like to relax in a slightly darkened room with some classical music and a nice scented candle, blackout blinds are your best friend. They will filter out the harsh light of the sun, allowing you to create a comfy, cozy atmosphere at any time of the day or night. They’re great if you have trouble sleeping due to excess light, too.

Candles: Candles should be a staple in any bedroom. They provide a good source of soft, warm light, which is perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work. AND, they can make your room smell wonderful. Choose candles scented with lavender and chamomile if you want to de-stress and fall into a restful sleep.

Transforming your room from uninviting to restful and relaxing may take a little time and effort, but it is well worth it when you have a space where you can truly unwind and sleep like a baby! Zzzzzz….

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College Kid Essentials

College Kid Essentials

Whether you are packing up your cases for your first semester or your last one, there are some things that you just can’t do without when you head off to college. Some of these are practical, some are fun, and some are downright luxurious, but all are simply essential. Read on to find out what they are and then get back to studying:

A Decent Bag: One of the major rules of college is that you will spend half of your time lugging your laptop and a boat load of big thick textbooks around with you. That is why you need a bag like a sturdy backpack for heavy books and all of your lecture notes. If you think that you are going to be able to work it out Legally Blonde style with a trendy backpack, then you are just setting yourself up for a world of pain. I’m not saying don’t take a cute handbag or two (or ten), because you can always use them on your nights out. Just make sure that you have something a bit more sensible for the day time when you’re hauling all of your homework.

Shower Shoes: Okay, things are going to get a little gross here, but that’s what a dormitory bathroom is! Sharing bathrooms and showers is a hazard in college that most people cannot avoid. Yes, dodging dirty underwear left in there by mistake just might happen. But you just don’t know who has walked on the floor in their bare feet. That is why it is a genius idea to take some thongs with you to wear in the bathroom! Not today, athlete’s foot. Not today.

A Frying Pan: Did you know that you can pretty much cook all meals in a frying pan? Get one deep enough like a wok, and you can boil vegetables and make sauces in it, too. In fact, it’s the most useful piece of kitchen equipment that you should have apart from a tin opener and corkscrew! So make sure to pack yours when you head back for the first day of term.


Pexels Image

Your Laptop: Obviously, the only time that you hand write anything at college these days is in exams, the rest of the time you will want to be taking notes and writing up your essays on your computer. For security and portability reasons it’s best to invest in a laptop. Then, you can take it home during the holidays as well as along to lectures. It really is the college essential that you can’t do without.

Pictures From Home: Obviously, you’ll have pics of your family on your phone and computer. But, it is always nice to have paper copies, as well. Get some prints of your favorite images done, so when homesickness hits, you can glance over and remember that you’ll be back with them soon. You can display them in a frame or with mini pegs on a string for a cute boho look.


^^^ Kind of like this!

A Scented Candle: Lastly, just because you are a student does not mean that you can’t have a little luxury in your life. Why not treat yourself to a nice scented candle. Not only will this relax you when you have a test or a deadline to study for, but it will also stop you from having to smell the scents of everyone else’s cooking in your accommodation. Which can be a total godsend!


And don’t forget coffee or tea for binge studying sessions!

Steps To Take For a Toxin-Free Home


The environment that we live in can set the tone for us and how we deal with things. If we live in a cluttered and messy environment, then the chances are that we will lead cluttered lives. If you find that you are always frantically looking for things at home and are regularly late for appointments, it could be that you need to look at your home environment first. Making it more organized can lead to living a more organized life. The same goes for our health. Our home can set the tone for how healthy we will be. There are other factors, like food and exercise that will play a role. But there are many toxic things that we bring into our homes that can have a knock-on effect. It can be hard to be healthy when the place that you spend most of your time isn’t a healthy place to be.

So what can be done? It can be nearly impossible to be completely free of toxins but these tips will help make your home that much safer:

Rethink Your Flooring: You might be surprised to hear that some carpets are made from toxic chemicals. Some conventional carpets are made from synthetic fibers, that quite often can be petroleum based – think about what they might emit. The chemicals and fibers could be responsible for breathing problems like asthma, as well as be responsible for allergies. It is important to look into this if you have carpet, or are thinking about getting carpeted floors.

You can still get carpet, just make sure that you look for a certain type. The best are cotton or wool rugs as they are natural fibers and not synthetic. They should still be cleaned regularly, though, as they can house mites and dust that can aggravate allergies. Natural wood flooring could be a good idea, too, as it doesn’t need toxic glues to keep it all together.


Rethink your flooring!

Ditch Your Scented Candles: As much as we love them, scented candles can do us more harm than good. A lot of brands are made using paraffin wax, which is a byproduct of oil refinement. Which does really make you think; do you want that in your home? All is not lost, though. Just look for options that are non-toxic. Candles made from beeswax or soy are much better, toxin-free options. However, if you just like your home to smell good, then you could think about diffusing your favorite essential oils in the home. They are so good for the air quality in your home, which in turn, can be fantastic for your health. Candles add the element of coziness, though, so you might like to use a combination of both in the home.


Flickr Image

Replace Old Roofing: Back in the day, a lot of homes were built with things like asbestos tiles in the roof. But it was all done before it was shown that asbestos can be detrimental to your health. It is crazy to think now that they even considered it a viable material. A lot of homes have had the tiles removed, but not all. So if you think you may have some in the roofing of your home, then now is the time to get rid of it. You need to dispose of it safely, though. There are recommended guidelines as to how to get rid of it all. Then you know that the fibers won’t be inhaled or linger in your home. If so, it could lead to ill health, including a type of cancer like mesothelioma. If you have had asbestos in your home previously and think that you might have become sick as a result, then there are options for you. Speak to your doctor, of course, but it could also be worth speaking to a lawyer to see if you could get any compensation. If you are interested in this, then you could look at the following link to see how to go about it: www.RobinsCloud.com/mesothelioma-lawsuits/choosing-a-mesothelioma-lawyer/.

Throw Away Plastic Bottles: We get told so much that we need to drink more water but there are plastic water bottles that can be bad for you. They can contain toxins that can leak into the water that you then go on to drink. This can be especially true when bottles are left in hot environments. It makes the plastic become softer which in turn can mean more toxins escaping into the water. Even some BPA-free bottles still contain other chemicals, though that is a better option than any old water bottle. But, better still, is the option to use glass or metal bottles. They can be harder to find, but they are going to be much better for you in the long run.

Along the same lines as plastic bottles, it is time to stop eating out of plastic containers too. If you use leftovers, then consider swapping out your plastic containers to glass ones. How many of us heat up leftovers in the microwave, still in the plastic container? Like with the water bottles, heat, especially from a microwave, can make the plastic softer and weaker. I think we’ve all noticed how flimsy a microwave meal package becomes after it has been in the microwave. But those plastics and toxins can leak into our food. So if you truly want to improve your health and quality of life, then you should think about eliminating plastic containers from your home. If you get ready made meals, then take them out of the packet before heating up. Heat them in an oven rather than a microwave, too.


Trash these ASAP!

Check Your Paints: If your home is painted, rather than wallpapered, then make sure that you look into what kind of paint you are using. The strong smell of paint can often indicate to us that it could be harmful, but we still all use it, right? I’m not saying don’t decorate your home, just that you need to be more wary about what paints you use. A lot of paints are described as containing VOC (volatile organic compounds). Doesn’t sound too drastic, does it? Wrong! It can wreak havoc on your breathing and aggravate asthma or respiratory issues. Make sure that you are looking for paints that are labelled as non-VOC. These are often water based paints, so they tend to need to be repainted after a little while. But it is a small price to pay for better health, isn’t it?

Cleaning Products: Cleaning products are intended to be strong to kill bacteria – we hear all about it in their advertisements. But as a result, they can be harmful to us. If you wipe your table using a chemical filled cloth and then eat something from the table, you are going to be ingesting all of those chemicals and toxins, so they need to be avoided as much as possible. You can still clean and get rid of bacteria in your home by using some simple and natural ingredients. You’ll be surprised at how well something like lemon, white vinegar, and baking soda can clean! Essential oils are great for cleaning, too. They can be used in a spray bottle with water and have even been shown to eliminate MRSA in hospitals. So you know you’ll still be making your home clean and safe, as well as healthier for all of you. This post has some information on the best oils to use if you’re not sure: www.helloglow.co/10-best-essential-oils-for-green-cleaning/.

Check Your Bedding: Have you ever thought about how much your bedding can affect your health? I’m thinking that is not very likely. First of all, when something is dyed unnaturally, it can have detrimental effects. The reason it can affect us so much is because it is so close to our skin and for such a long while. Anything that we put on our skin, including things like shampoo and makeup, has an effect on our body. Whatever we put on our skin goes into our skin cells and quite possibly, into our bloodstream. So if you are lying on sheets that have been bleached, that is touching your skin and could have a negative effect.

There is a whole range of things that can affect our health, from large home renovations to small cleaning projects. Have a think about your health and if any of these options would be a viable choice for you. When you make the effort, your body and overall health will thank you for it.

7 Secrets To Create A Spa Experience In The Comfort Of Your Home


There is no denying it, at the end of the year, sometimes all you need to enjoy the holiday is to relax and feel good in your skin. Easier said than done, you may comment, and you would be completely right. As a modern society, it is becoming more and more difficult to be able to sit down, relax, and forget the everyday pressures of work, studies, and life in general.

While some rely on a night out with friends to get rid of the stress of the routine, others prefer to spend a day at the spa where they will be pampered and looked after. It’s not always easy to find the time to get to the spa, and it’s never 100% relaxing anyway: You are away from home and there’s the possible awkwardness of being surrounded by strangers wearing nothing but towels. So why not take the best of the spa experience and re-create it at home?

#1 Get The Best Hot Towels Experience:

The one thing that is common to every spa is the warm towels that the professionals use to wipe off excess product on your face. This immediately gives a delicious feeling of comfort and care, which helps you relax. If you think that this is impossible to achieve at home, think again. If you have a tumble dryer, you could wet your favorite towels and place them to dry for a few minutes before you start the spa treatment. Make sure that they are not fully dry when you stop the tumble dryer! They will be nice and warm on your face.

Alternatively, if this is not an option, you could soak your towels in hot water and wring them out until they are nearly dry. Let them stay slightly damp. To maximize the sensation, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the water to benefit from the aroma-therapeutic smells as you place the towel on your face.


Warm towels are a spa must have!

#2 Relaxing Candles:

You can’t have a proper spa treatment under the harsh light bulbs of your bathroom. You need a soft and calming source of light, such as candles – especially scented ones that help to relax the mind. The light of candles has an immediate relaxing effect, its soothing dimness will ease your thoughts and get you in the spa mood in less time than you need to say ‘spa treatment.’ Choose your candle scents carefully because you don’t want something that smells so overpowering to the point that it’s unpleasant. Wellness candles that contain essential oil will have a positive impact on your mood: Lavender is a common choice, for example.


Thomas Wanhoff Image

#3 Find The Right Music:

When you walk into a spa, you generally hear soft and quiet music such as bird songs, the sound of water, or a tranquil oriental piece. While you may not consciously register it, this music can slow down your mind and prepare you to enjoy your spa treatment. If you are one of those people who naturally find it difficult to relax at the end of a long day, you want all the help you can get to set the perfect mood for your spa experience. Finding a calming playlist, with slow tempo music, will help to reduce your blood pressure and let go of the stress that your day brought about.

#4 The Importance Of Massage:

A good massage is not only a relaxing experience, but it also contributes to your overall health. However, you will find it difficult to find a professional masseuse for your at home spa! You could find chairs on the market with heated roller heads that can prove incredibly relaxing, too. If you are not keen to invest in a new piece of furniture, you can still find a smart alternative that will be just as helpful, such as taking a warm bath to soothe your muscles.

#5 Use High-Quality Skincare:

Start your spa day with a facial mask to clear out your skin from all of the impurities that it could have gathered outside. You can decide to treat yourself to a high-quality skincare mask, with the advice of a skin expert. But, if you prefer the organic feel of a spa treatment, you can make your own facial mask by mixing one tablespoon each of turmeric, raw honey, and milk. Then, apply the thick mixture onto your face and leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes. The combined actions of the three ingredients – anti-inflammatory turmeric, anti-bacterial honey, and exfoliating milk – will leave your skin feeling clear and healthy.


Ahhhhh 🙂

#6 Make The Most Of Essential Oils:

Essential oils are common in most spa locations and are used in a variety of treatments for their relaxing, exfoliating, and moisturizing properties. If you, too, want to follow the essential oil route, do make sure to choose only organic oils that will offer the best of the plants. While there is plenty of choices, lavender and eucalyptus are two favorites that you will find in most spas. The key when using essential oils is to remember not to apply them directly onto your skin. Instead, you could mix them to your bath water, for example, or soak a washcloth in a mix of water and a few drops of oil. You don’t need much to get the best of them, so make sure to be cautious when using them, as too much could harm your skin.

#7 Make It A Healthy Rendez-Vous With Yourself:

Finish your spa day at home with a healthy treat, such as a cup of fresh green tea, a berry smoothie, or maybe a matcha cupcake if you are feeling a little naughty. Also, do make sure that you are drinking plenty of fresh water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. Remember that the spa day is about feeling good inside and out, and one of the best ways to do that is to stick to a healthy diet at the same time!


Fresh Green Tea Leaves

Everything You Need For The Ultimate Cozy Corner

Everything You Need For The Ultimate Cozy Corner

The winter season is definitely here now. While the cold weather feels awesome and exciting leading up to Christmas, as soon as the holiday season finishes things can be a little depressing. I think we all need a cozy little corner to hibernate in through the grim months of January and February – and I think I have found the right ingredients for the perfect set up. Read on to find out everything you need for the perfect cozy corner – and snuggle up until the spring!

The Right Location: Technically, you can have a cozy den in any corner of your home or room – but not everywhere is 100% suitable. If you are lucky, the bedroom is the perfect spot. It’s private, quiet, and away from the ruckus and noise of the main living spaces. However, maybe there is a quiet room you could use instead? Or somewhere with a beautiful wood burner or open fire to give you the perfect atmosphere? A cracking fire can give you amazing light, a relaxing, chilled environment and they smell – and sound – great.

A Giant Bean Bag: There are some awesome giant bean bags out there right now – see this from Comfy Sacks for the perfect example. These comfy cool chairs are so fun and are literally high school me’s dream come true. They are the ultimate in Sunday lounging and perfect for settling in with a good book, movie, or to curl up and listen to music.

Lots and Lots of Blankets: It’s impossible to be cozy without blankets, right? So grab as many as you can and top it all off with a soft cotton or wool throw. It will keep the chills out, the heat in, and make you feel like you never want to get up again. If it’s extra cold, throw in a heating pad for good measure!

Books and Magazines: When you are hunkering down for a cozy session, you will need plenty of material to keep you going. Grab a pile of books – when the weather is harsh and cold, there is nothing better than getting lost in a different (maybe even sunny) world. Magazines are great, too – you can browse through them at your leisure, and if you are feeling sleepy, you can doze off whenever you like.



A Tablet: While we’re on the subject of entertainment, we can discuss the tablet – which feels like it was totally invented for the cozy corner. You can snuggle in, throw on a pair of headphones, and be transported to any era, any place, and with any of your favorite actors whenever you like. I love to go for something a little spooky, thanks to the Kindle that my boyfriend got me for our anniversary!

Candles: Candles are essential for all things cozy, so don’t miss out on grabbing a bunch of your favorites. For extra comfort, find some scented candles and let the aroma take you away to somewhere from tropical to a cute little coffee shop depending on the scent!

Snacks and Drinks: OBVIOUSLY!! Once you are in the zone, you won’t want to leave. However, let’s be realistic – you don’t want to be hungry, either. So, before you start your cozy corner session, stock up on a few snacks – healthy or otherwise – and plenty of drinks to keep thirst at bay.

What are your cozy corner must haves? What is your favorite drink to sip on when the weather is cold? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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Stay Warm This Winter With These Toasty Decor Tips

Stay Warm This Winter With These Toasty Decor Tips

I am one of those people who are always always cold. So if you are anything like me, then I am sure that you will find this post useful to help keep you nice and warm this winter:

The cold weather will soon be upon us! How are you planning on staying warm at home this winter? Of course, you will always have your heating system available to heat your rooms. But did you know that there are also some other useful decor ideas that can help you stay toasty through the winter. And, no, I’m not just going to tell you to put on an extra jumper and woolly hat! Here are some of the best tips that you should take advantage of to make sure you don’t feel the chill this winter:

Thermal Drapes: Did you know that thermal drapes are a thing? They are a lot thicker and heavier than regular ones. But that doesn’t mean they have to be gray and unattractive. Quite the contrary! You will find that you can find them in a variety of colors and patterns. If you hang them on all of your windows, you will prevent any drafts from cooling down your home. They also help to insulate your rooms and prevent hot air from escaping through the windows. And that will save you a lot on energy bills!

Gas Fireplaces: There are some appliances that you can add to your home to help support the central heating system. For example, gas fireplaces. If you ever feel too cold, even with your heating on, just turn on the fireplace. And if it is ever a bit chilly, but not cold enough to turn on your entire home’s central heating, use the fireplace. What’s more, you can now get a double sided fireplace that can heat two rooms at once.

Get Some Throws: Throws are a great addition to any family living room. They are inexpensive and will add gorgeous bursts of color to your sofas and armchairs. Plus you don’t have to take them away once spring is here and the weather starts to warm up. Simply leave them on the backs of your chairs and sofa. But they are especially great in the winter. Once you start to feel a little chilly, grab a throw and snuggle up into it! It’ll be a great way to get cozy during a movie night!

Scented Candles: Now that autumn is here, the nights will start to get longer and darker. It can be very depressing when you come home to a dark house after a busy day in the office! Thankfully, there is an easy way to brighten things up. Just add some candles to your living room! This is a quick and cheap way to create an atmospheric room. For an extra cozy touch, use scented candles and fill your rooms with autumnal aromas.

Use Festive Decorations Wisely: There are a number of Christmas decorations that can help you seal up gaps and prevent drafts. Buy a Christmas doorjamb that can compliment all of your other decorations. Not only will your door be draft-free, but your home will look exceptionally Christmassy!

Winter is coming! But you don’t have to suffer; especially now you have these toasty decor tips.

Featured Image From: www.pexels.com

I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to their weekend! How do you keep nice and toasty during the cool weather? What is your favorite fall or winter candle scent? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Hi, Best Friend!

Hi, Best Friend!

Hi everyone and happy Hump Day! Yesterday I had the joy of hanging out with one of my dearest friends all day and I’m simply thrilled about it. One of my best friends, Tyler, is in the Army and is stationed far away from my neck of the woods. Tyler and I met during a play that we did, Suicide in B Flat, and have been inseparable ever since and I haven’t seen him for over a year. This past day we got to reenact our classic “Middle Aged Monday” hang outs, where we day drink, craft, and watch silly movies. We had an absolute ball candle making, drinking blueberry flavored beer, and watching Vacation! Take a look:

Tyler picked me up around noon yesterday and we had our usual MAM (Middle Aged Monday, falling on a Tuesday) lunch at Chipotle. After we dined, we hit up Hobby Lobby to find a craft for us to do while we drink. We decided on candle making, which we usually have frowned upon before because all of the products were so expensive. But lucky for us, all of the supplies we needed were half off!

Tyler and I perused Hobby Lobby and found the perfect jars, fragrances, and colored waxes for us to use during our craft. We settled on a peach mango fragrance and then headed to Giant Eagle to get our day drinking alcohol of choice. Usually we always drink wine during our MAM hang outs, but we went for beer this time around because wine always makes us sleepy during early afternoon get togethers. At first I didn’t care for the blueberry flavored beer but after one bottle it was surprisingly delicious!

Once we purchased all of our gear for a middle aged themed hang out, we made the trek back to my place to get our craft and drank on. The candles ended up being hella easy to make because literally all we had to do was pour the wax, wick, and a fragrance into the jar! Talk about easy peasy lemon squeezy! Tyler and I have played around with the idea of making candles before but we had never dreamed that it would be so simple!

After our craft, which ended up being a whopping five minutes to make, we delved into our six pack of Wild Blue beer and put on Vacation. We had a complete blast watching the movie and laughed until we cried. Once our movie was done, we spent time taking some cute picks while quoting basically the entire movie. It was perfect.

I had the most amazing time with one of my dearest friends and it felt so good to see him after such a long time of being apart. When Tyler is away, we keep in touch via Skype, FaceTime, and text – but nothing is better than being face to face with each other! Middle Aged Monday (falling on a Tuesday) was a great success and I can’t wait for my best friend to come home again soon!

Yesterday I got to say Hi to my Best Friend and I couldn’t be happier. We had the best time and I can’t wait to see him again soon! Who has a best friend that lives far away from you? What do you do to keep in touch? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah