What’s Giving You A Headache?


If you look down a list of the symptoms for pretty much any illness in the world, you’ll see “headache” listed as one of the symptoms. From the mundane through to the catastrophic, it seems that where there’s an illness there’s an associated headache with it. Then there’s the fact that headaches themselves can be idiopathic, occurring for no other reason than you’re a human being with a head – and sometimes, they just hurt because they feel like it. It’s actually considered fairly standard to suffer from a headache every day, especially the muscular, nagging tension headaches that we’re all so familiar with.

However, if you have a headache outside of the “norms”, how do you go about figuring out the cause? Or even if there is a cause? While no means exhaustive, below are some of the reasons why you might be experiencing a persistent and nagging headache. Some are for simple reasons, while others are more of a cause for concern. Have a glance over them and remember to always speak to your doctor if you have headaches that are concerning you. It’s almost certainly nothing to be worried about, so don’t panic, just be proactive about scheduling an appointment.

Dehydration: It seems that a glass of water is the cure for all illnesses these days, but that’s largely because… a glass of water can cure all illnesses. Water is fundamental for a human body that’s made up of 80% water, so if you’re not drinking enough, then it’s a cause for concern. Dehydration is speculated to be a primary cause of all headaches that don’t have an underlying condition. So your first step at the sign of throbbing temples should be to drink a few glasses of water and increase your intake of water-rich vegetables.



Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Carbon monoxide is a stealth killer. The symptoms begin slowly and with no detectable cause, as the gas is odorless and undetectable without special monitoring equipment. If your headache is always at its worst when you’re at home, then it’s worth considering this as a cause. Always make sure that your gas supply is properly maintained by a plumbing service that you trust and ensure that you have carbon monoxide detectors both fitted and working at all times. It’s one to take seriously because carbon monoxide kills around 500 people per year. (Yikes)

Medication/Supplement Side Effects: If you take any medication or supplements on a regular basis and are experiencing headaches, then you should suspect them as the cause. Even the most benign of over-the-counter supplements can cause head pain, while prescribed medications are even more likely to be the culprit. This is especially true if your headaches have only started after beginning a new medication. Talk to your doctor to rule medication in or out. If it’s found to be an issue, there are usually alternatives that you can try to keep your headaches at bay.


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  1. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and my wife told me today that after taking it for a month her migraine headaches have stopped. 🙂

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