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New Emerald Green & Silver Glitter Nails

New Emerald Green & Silver Glitter Nails

Hello! This past Wednesday was a really busy work day for me and I was so happy that I got to squeeze in an appointment for a fill at Elysian Nails in between shifts. The expert pampering by my favorite nail tech rejuvenated me for the rest of the evening and I still can’t stop looking at my nails to save my own life! I decided to go glitter this time around and these blingy talons are nothing short of spectacular. Check it out:


Christmas is fast approaching and, as you all know, I am really not one for holiday themed nails. I go about three and a half weeks between fills so I would rather have something that works for that entire length of time rather than just one day. While I was mentally choosing my colors before my appointment, I thought that an emerald green would be pretty and I could pair it with a champagne pink or navy blue to avoid a combination that was too Christmasy. However, that just didn’t end up happening lol.

As I scoured the polish wall at Elysian, I instantly fell in love with the glitter green and began to search for another color to compliment it. While there were some shades that I originally had in mind that looked good together, they just weren’t hitting the way I wanted it to. Sometimes, the best thing to pair with glitter is more glitter and I decided to go all out with the sparkly silver. I figured that this combo wouldn’t look that festive but I was dead wrong once my acrylics were painted!

Once my nail polish was on, I looked down and all I could see was a Christmas tree! In fact, my brother told me that they looked exactly like a Christmas tree with tinsel and that only further confirmed my fears lol. Then, I kept looking at them again and again and found myself slowly growing obsessed because these nails are gorgeous! They are definitely not what I would normally go for but that makes it fun. The dazzling glitter makes it look like my nails are drenched in diamonds and how can I complain about that? They are a girl’s best friend, after all. 😀

A fairly recent trip to the hair salon and a fresh fill have me perfectly OOTD ready for holiday celebrations and I can’t wait. Thanks to my beloved Elysian Nails for another year of fabulous pampering! ❤

What color of nail polish do you have on? How do you feel about holiday themed nails? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Swatch In Emerald Glitter

Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Swatch In Emerald Glitter

Hello! As per request of some of my darling fellow bloggers, today we are going to swatch the gorgeous emerald glitter eyeshadow from my Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions palette. As a little reminder, the palette looks like this:


And the glitter shade smack dab in the middle of the palette looks like this. Voila!


^^^ The first heart is the eyeshadow wet and the second one is when it’s dry.

The gold glitter color that we reviewed a few days ago was definitely a miss for me, so I’m glad that this emerald shade knocked it out of the park! Emerald is my favorite hue in the green family and, although the eyeshadow is still pretty dusty when it’s dry, that is no matter, because I normally always wear my shadow wet, anyways. This color when it’s wet is so rich and saturated and I love that it has that little touch of glitter to it but it doesn’t overpower the entire eyeshadow.

I was fairly worried about not liking this palette after such a disastrous first swatch, but this emerald glitter shade set it back on the right track, for sure. I can see myself using this color often and am looking forward to trying it out once it’s not a total pain in the buttinski to do my makeup routine every morning. Friggen surgery, man. -___-

What is your favorite shade in the green family? What is your favorite jewel tone color? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Mini Makeup Haul

Mini Makeup Haul

Hello everyone and happy Hump Day! To conclude my Target Haul appreciation posts, I am here to talk to you about two gorgeous new makeups that I purchased this past weekend. I’ll be honest with you guys, I am not a big makeup girl. I stick with what I know and I legit paint my face the same way every day – which my sister LOVES to dog on me about. So I thought that I would take a step out of my comfort zone with a beautiful emerald green eyeliner by Maybelline. But I am a creature of habit, so back into my comfort zone I went with a lovely new red lipstick by L’oreal, which I am so obsessed with! Take a look and let’s discuss:


My Purchases:

  • Maybelline Glossy Emerald eyeliner #608
  • L’oreal Ruby Flame lipstick #317

As I’ve mentioned about a million times on lifewithlilred, fifty shades of green is my color. With pasty pale skin, bright red hair, and hazel eyes that frequently change color to green or golden yellow, green is one of the colors that always looks good on me. When I worked at The Body Shop, I was definitely more adventurous with my makeup and I can remember using deep green eyeshadows as eyeliner and loving the way that it looked. So I thought that I would revisit that and attempt something different than my normal gold eyeshadow with a bright emerald liner…

The only problem is, is that I freaking suck at applying eyeliner to my top lids so this is definitely going to be a trial and error type of thing! But hey, we’ll see what happens and maybe then my sister will get off of my back for wearing the exact same makeup every day of my life, lol smh.

Now, as for my new L’oreal lipstick – I LOVE it. I have been on the hunt for a red lipstick with glitter in it for the past month and am so happy with this shade in Ruby Flame. When I took my sister shopping at Sephora for her birthday at the beginning of April, I tried my luck there for a lipstick shade that I liked but nothing spoke to me on a spiritual level. Not only did I hate everything that I tried there, but I wasn’t too keen on spending over twenty dollars for a lipstick, anyways.

I wasn’t expecting to find a glitter red that I loved for a whole seven bucks at Target! I had originally seen this L’oreal shade at the drugstore when I was killing time in between meetings for work and I really liked it but didn’t buy it. But, I made note of it for future purchasing purposes and I am really glad that I did! Ruby Flame is exactly what I’ve been searching for. A gorgeous shade of red, a light overlay of fairy dust, and a reputable brand that wasn’t going to break my bank. I am SO pleased with this find and cannot wait to use it on my next night out!

My Mini Makeup Haul at Target left me with a revamped version of a tried and true favorite in L’oreal’s Ruby Flame lipstick and a *gasp* not gold eyeshadow with Maybelline’s Glossy Emerald eyeliner. I’m looking forward to giving both of these new makeups a try and we’ll see what happens! How do you step outside of your makeup comfort zone? What is your go to shade for eyeshadows and liners? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah