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The Body Shop Bronze Bliss Eyeshadow Swatches

The Body Shop Bronze Bliss Eyeshadow Swatches

Hi everyone and happy weekend! Today we’re going to discuss my all time favorite eyeshadow shade compliments of The Body Shop, Bronze Bliss. More often than not, although I am trying to step up my makeup game, you will see me sporting this color. Seriously, scroll through my pictures on Facebook for like ten seconds and you’ll see what I mean!

Bronze is such a magical color because it looks good on everyone. From the palest porcelain to the deepest ebony, bronze is a shade that can be pulled off on makeup and clothing with ease. I guess that’s why I’m so drawn to it. I could be wearing any outfit of any color and I know that this eyeshadow will look fantastic with it. That’s kind of why I never bothered with anything else, even though I’m having fun trying out new makeup shades now! Take a looksee at some swatches and let’s discuss:


^^^ Pretty!

As per ushe, the first heart seen above is Bronze Bliss dry and the second heart is when it’s wet, which is how I prefer wearing it. Normally, I’ll wet my brush and just paint my entire lid with this shadow for a striking metallic hue against my hazel eyes. I love when I wear this eyeshadow because it turns my hazel peepers into an insanely reminiscent of Edward Cullen a la Twilight golden shade. This sounds like a cocky thing to say about oneself BUT I’ve been told this multiple times so I guess it must be true!

The best part about this particular color, though? Oh, that I got it for a whole five dollars when The Body Shop that I live by had their going out of business sale. You definitely can’t beat that! 😀

So there you have it, my Bronze Bliss Eyeshadow Swatches from The Body Shop! What other colors look universally good on the people of Earth? What is your go to color of eyeshadow to wear? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


Elf Palette Faves #3

Elf Palette Faves #3

Hellooo everyone and happy Sunday!! Welcome to my final post of my top three favorite colors from my Elf Nude Rose Gold Palette! I could have gone with the bronze color today, but everyone already knows that that’s one of my favorite eye makeup colors. Instead, I went with this lovely, chocolatey mauve shade, which can be seen below. We’ll call it…Chocolatey Mauve. Take a look:


Chocolatey Mauve is the third shade from the right and can be seen dry on the first heart and wet on the second. I like this shade because it’s such a fresh alternative to plain old brown eyeshadow. The combination of milk chocolate and a dusky purple makes for a color that is perfect for an alternative to the classic black and grey smokey eye. Pair a Chocolatey Mauve lid with a light pink or taupe-y brown in the corner and you’re in business!

So there you have it, the last of my Elf Palette Faves! What colors do you like to use to create a smokey eye? What is your favorite color of eye makeup to wear? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Elf Palette Faves #2

Elf Palette Faves #2

Hi everyone and happy weekend! The next color that we’re going to talk about in my top three faves from my Elf Nude Rose Gold Palette is a pretty shell pink that’s perfect for using on the corner of your lids for bright, sparkling eyes. Unfortunately, the names of these colors in my palette are not listed so we’ll just go with the generic Pretty In Pink for this color, lol, check it out:


Pretty In Pink is the shade in the middle of the palette and can be seen dry in the first heart and wet in the second. As you can see, there’s not that big of a difference, but I prefer to wear it dry. I’m all about wetting my brush when I’m using eyeshadow as a liner but for the colors on my lids, not so much. This color is great because it goes with virtually anything and is a flattering shade for all skin types. As I mentioned earlier, it looks great in the corners or slightly underneath the eyes. But, for a fresh princess glow, a generous sweep on the lids is all you need for a delicate and feminine look.

I like Pretty In Pink a lot for its versatility and, of course, the sparkles in it don’t hurt, either! I think all of the colors in my Elf palette are really nice, but be sure to tune in tomorrow to catch my third and final Palette Fave! What shade in the Nude Rose Gold Palette is your favorite? What kind of makeup look would you create with this product? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Elf Palette Faves #1

Elf Palette Faves #1

Hiiii everyone and TGIF! Okay, so this Wednesday I introduced you guys to my New(ish) Elf Nude Rose Gold Palette and I wanted to share a few of my fan favorites with all of you. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of any of these colors SO I’LL MAKE THEM UP MYSELF. Ayyy! Let me introduce you all to SPARKLING EGGPLANT lololol:


Sparkling Eggplant is the last color on the right in my palette. This is my favorite color out of the ten. I love the purple-y, mauve color and the fact that this shade has some glitter thrown in for good measure makes me like it even more. I prefer to wear Sparkling Eggplant (It never gets old!) as an eyeliner and I wet my brush to give it the appearance of the second heart seen above.

My eyes are hazel and frequently change colors from brown to green or gold depending on the lighting and what makeup I’m using. The purple hue of this eyeshadow brings about green eyes, which I love. To complete this look, I like to use one of the shell pink colors in the corner of my eyes with one of the browns or mauves in the palette across the lid. I then blend these together for a purple haze, smokey look – which sounds a lot better than my makeup skills allot for!

So there you have it, the first of my Elf Palette Faves! How do you use makeup to play up your eye color? How would you name this color from my palette? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

New(ish) Elf Nude Rose Gold Palette

New(ish) Elf Nude Rose Gold Palette

Hellooo everyone and happy Hump Day! As all of you know, I’m trying to get (slightly) more adventurous with my makeup choices. I don’t want anything crazy, and even if I did, I don’t have anywhere near the makeup talent required to do it. But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t branch out and try some new eye makeup colors!

As opposed to buying a bunch of different eyeshadow shades, I was hoping to use a more economic approach and find a palette that would work for me. I wanted to find a palette with colors that I was comfortable with using, as well as with a price tag that I was comfortable with, too. In June, I found that with this here Elf Nude Rose Gold Palette. I know, I know it’s taken me a minute (obviously) to write about it, but here it is:


With ten eyeshadow colors perfect for mixing and matching and a ten dollar cost, I think that this palette is perfect. It offers colors that I use already, like the bronzes and pinks. But it also gives me some darker shades that I’m excited to try for a more sultry, smokey look. Wa wa woo we wa!

I won’t bore you with swatches of all of the colors, but I thought that I would post some individual pictures of my favorite shades throughout this week. So, after a call to action announcement tomorrow, do make sure to check out some dry and wet swatches from my New(ish) Elf Nude Rose Gold Palette!

What is your favorite eyeshadow palette? What are your favorite drug store makeup brands? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

NYX Fireball Eyeshadow Swatches

NYX Fireball Eyeshadow Swatches

Hello everyone and happy first day of August! So as you guys know, I’m not the biggest makeup girl in the world. I am the most undaring, untalented makeup applier that there is – and the thing is, is that I don’t really care. Makeup is and always has been my older sister’s territory. She’s absolutely phenomenal at all manners of makeup application and has been since we were teenagers.

Kristen loves to shop at Sephora and lives for her monthly Ipsy subscription. Meanwhile, I live for her semi annual makeup clean throughs so I can get the odds and ends that she doesn’t want. Kristen’s makeup clear outs can rid products that she might have doubles of, doesn’t care for, or is simply bored with. This is how I acquired an NYX eyeshadow that she got from her Ipsy subscription that I’m looking forward to trying. Take a look at Fireball:

^^^ Lol AYYY. And as always I have no rights to this song or video!


^^^ The first heart is the eyeshadow dry and the second one is when it’s wet, which is how I prefer wearing my shadows.

I was a bit worried when this NYX eyeshadow came into my possession, because with a name like Fireball, you’d expect for the color to be fairly red. And the color does look it in its container. But, upon applying it to the back of my hand, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the color was a far cry from the Fireball red that I was expecting. Rather, it looked more like a rusty bronze – which I LOVE.

Fifty shades of bronze/gold is my preferred eye makeup color. I love how it looks with my skin, eyes, and hair and I feel like it’s a shade that looks good on everyone. When this NYX shade is dry, it has more of that orange-y bronze look to it. But while wet, it gives a gorgeous, metallic, rose gold aura and I live for it. It takes me a minute to warm up to trying a new shade of makeup – at twenty-three, I’m just now growing comfortable with experimenting more while painting my face. But, when the time is right, I’m totally hyped for this NYX eyeshadow to make its debut!

So there you have it, my NYX Fireball Eyeshadow Swatches! What is your preferred makeup brand? What is your favorite color of eyeshadow to wear? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Fall Beauty Essentials

Fall Beauty Essentials

Hi everyone and welcome to my friend Carlie’s article for my fall guest bloggers series! You can find Carlie at Bombshell 2016 so please be sure to check out her page. Carlie is a great friend and I am so happy to finally be able to feature her here on lifewithlilred! So without further ado, here is Carlie’s post about her fall beauty must haves:

Fall Beauty Essentials:

   I’m very excited to be a guest blogger on LifewithLilred, and wanted to share some new and fabulous products that I love using and that will get you ready for the Fall:

  1. Lancome Masque Pure Focus: I’m a huge fan of facial masks and love how they make your skin look and feel after using them. I use them about twice a week and was very excited to try this new one out. This one is a mineral mask with white clay and purifies the skin leaving a nice matte finish. The texture is rich and creamy and is gentle but very effective. It only needs to be worn for about five minutes before rinsing. After you use this mask, your face feels baby powder smooth.


  1. Benefit Moisture Prep Toning Lotion: I’m not usually a big fan of a lot of toners because they tend to dry out my skin and makes my face feel very tight but this toner is the complete opposite. It’s made with aloe to soothe the skin and is more water based than alcohol which is ideal for my skin type. I love using this toner in my daily beauty regimen. The best thing about moisture prep is that you see results and notice a difference in your skin immediately after you start using it.


  1. Nude’tude Nude Eyeshadow Palette by “The Balm”: I first heard about this product line from a fellow pinup model and friend. It’s a vintage inspired brand based in San Francisco and can be found online. This talc-free palette was the first thing I bought from them. The different eyeshadow shades are beautiful and are perfect colors for the upcoming fall season. The pigments are great and look fantastic with or without wetting your shadow brush. The packaging is also so cute! I have the woman version of this shadow palette but there is also a “ Nude Dude” version which is also awesome.carl6
  1. “Schwing” Liquid Eyeliner by “The Balm”: Another favorite of mine from this fabulous company. This eyeliner goes on nice and smooth and the brush always stays at a perfect point which is a “must-have” for me when it comes to liner. It also dries quickly, never flakes, and stays on all day without touch ups.


  1. “Styled in Sepia” by MAC: This lip color is perfect for the autumn season and looks great on anyone. The color can look a little dark in the tube but when applied the shade looks very soft and creamy. You can also easily layer it to make it darker if you want to add some drama. My favorite way to wear “Styled in Sepia” is to apply it and then dab a little bit of clear gloss just in the center of your bottom lip.


  1. Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Medium Coverage Foundation and Dermablend Professional Setting Powder: When people think of Dermablend, they usually think that it’s just for covering certain skin conditions and tattoos but this line is so more than that. This particular foundation is a little different from the original. When I first learned about Dermablend and the process of how to apply it, I was very excited to try it. I then got my sample, went home, tried it, and instantly was hooked. It is  dermatologist recommended, gives absolutely wonderful coverage, and stays in place all day in any weather condition, it also won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Plus it is very easy to use. Just apply it to your face, blend it, set it with their loose powder, and you’re good to go. Just remember that when you use Dermablend foundation, you HAVE to use their powder to set it. Other powders won’t set it so don’t bother wasting your other ones. Dermablend’s powder is very inexpensive and a jar will last you a long time. I think that it is well worth the investment.


  1. Origins Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser: I have already wrote about how much I love using Origins Ginzing Eye Cream on my blog so I was very excited to try their Ginzing Scrub. Scrubs are perfect to use during the changing seasons and colder weather because of how they exfoliate and get rid of any dead or dry skin. This scrub has ginseng and coffee beans in it and brightens, refreshes, and energizes your skin. It’s also a gentle scrub so it won’t cause irritation especially if you have sensitive skin.


These are my top picks for fall and I hope you enjoy using them as much as I do.

^^^ Thank you so much again to Carlie from Bombshell 2016 for creating a post that will help all of us get glamorous this fall! What are your fall beauty must haves? What is your favorite fall shade of lipstick to sport? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah