Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Swatch In Emerald Glitter

Huda Beauty Eyeshadow Swatch In Emerald Glitter

Hello! As per request of some of my darling fellow bloggers, today we are going to swatch the gorgeous emerald glitter eyeshadow from my Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions palette. As a little reminder, the palette looks like this:


And the glitter shade smack dab in the middle of the palette looks like this. Voila!


^^^ The first heart is the eyeshadow wet and the second one is when it’s dry.

The gold glitter color that we reviewed a few days ago was definitely a miss for me, so I’m glad that this emerald shade knocked it out of the park! Emerald is my favorite hue in the green family and, although the eyeshadow is still pretty dusty when it’s dry, that is no matter, because I normally always wear my shadow wet, anyways. This color when it’s wet is so rich and saturated and I love that it has that little touch of glitter to it but it doesn’t overpower the entire eyeshadow.

I was fairly worried about not liking this palette after such a disastrous first swatch, but this emerald glitter shade set it back on the right track, for sure. I can see myself using this color often and am looking forward to trying it out once it’s not a total pain in the buttinski to do my makeup routine every morning. Friggen surgery, man. -___-

What is your favorite shade in the green family? What is your favorite jewel tone color? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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