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Crocker Park Haul

Crocker Park Haul

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! Last week my mom, sister, and I went to my favorite place in the whole wide world…Crocker Park! For those of you who aren’t familiar with this amazing, luxurious, Ohio outdoor mall – just know that it is truly the happiest place on earth. It is a little heaven manifested in Westlake where blocks upon blocks of clothing, makeup, and home goods stores reside. Stores like Urban Outfitters, H&M, Francesca’s, American Eagle, Bath & Body Works, Anthropology, Express, MAC, and Sephora…just to name a few! I made two purchases during our shopping outing and I’m seriously obsessed so take a look and let’s discuss:

The Haul:

  • Urban Outfitters Ecote brand dress
  • Francesca’s Miami brand flannel

Urban Outfitters: If I’m lucky, I make it out to Crocker Park about two times a year. Whenever I’m there, there are two stores that I always try to at least purchase something at and those are Urban Outfitters and H&M. Crocker Park is the only location with both of those stores and since it is about an hour drive away, I obviously don’t get to shop there frequently. Unfortunately, H&M had nothing that caught my eye during this shopping trip but I was so happy to find this gorgeous print dress on sale at Urban Outfitters!

Before our outing, my mom and I were chatting about what color clothing that we like to wear the best while we were walking our dogs. During which, I told her that I would love to find something gold or mustard yellow when we go to Crocker Park because I don’t mean to brag but those colors look dashing on me. 😉 I had my eyes peeled in every store we went into for something that fitted the color palette I was looking for. I struck out in almost all of them until my sister found my pretty little new number in the sale section of Urban. I had saw the dress but I skipped past it because the fit of it usually isn’t the most flattering on me. However, Kristen urged me to try it on so I did.

As soon as the dress was on, I knew that it was perfect. The colors were phenomenal and the fit was just right. It was flowy and fun as opposed to baggy and lifeless. When I walked out of the fitting room, my mom said that it was exactly what she was hoping I would find after our dog walking chat and my heart just melted. I love my new dress so much and I’m actually wearing it right now as I type this! ❤

Francesca’s: Of all of the seasons that Ohio experiences, fall is my all time favorite. About seventy-five percent of my wardrobe consists of fall clothing because I live for fall fashion. Therefore, when I saw my new black and white flannel from Francesca’s, I knew that I had to have it. I’m a big fan of flannels but the trick is that they have to be really unique because I feel like most flannels look exactly the same. When I saw that my new flannel had embroidered patterns in the design as well as zippers going up both of the sides, I fell in love because I knew that it would stick out.

What made the flannel even more “must have” worthy was that it looked really good with the outfit that I was already wearing – a black crop top, black shorts, and forest green wedges. That made it even harder to say no to the top which completed my outfit so nicely. I liked that it was more form fitting, too. It wasn’t tight my any means but compared to all of my baggy Gypsy Warrior flannels at home, it definitely was more fitted which was a nice change. I am looking forward to wearing this flannel around campus this fall for a laid back, college cool look.

The Crocker Park outing that I had with my mom and sister was a total success but I would have been happy even if I ended up with nothing. Us girls had so much fun wandering around the outdoor mall, looking in different stores, and chattering away that it would have been worth it to go home empty handed. BUT – I’m so glad that I didn’t! 😉

So there you have it, my Crocker Park Haul! Does anyone have an outdoor mall similar to Crocker Park in their neck of the woods? How about a favorite store to shop at that you live far away from? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

It’s In The Bag – British Invasion Edition

It’s In The Bag – British Invasion Edition

Hey everyone and happy Sunday! It’s time to debut a new segment on http://www.lifewithlilred.com, which is appropriately entitled “It’s In The Bag” for obvious reasons! If there’s one thing that I know every girl loves, it’s a great statement purse, and now I’m here to discuss some of my personal favorites from my wardrobe boutique with all of you! Take another look at my go to handbag and then let’s discuss:


I’m very particular about all of the pieces in my closet and purses are no exception. All of my purchases have to have just the right touches of edgy rocker chic and nothing does it better than this fab find from Charming Charlie! For those of you who are unfamiliar with CC, it’s a huge accessories store – we’re talking purses, jewelry, hats, scarves, clothing, the whole shebang. I don’t venture into Charming Charlie very often, but when I do, I always manage to find some fun new goodies!

I found my British Invasion purse during a shopping trip to Crocker Park, a gorgeous outdoor mall in Westlake, Ohio. Crocker Park offers a huge Charming Charlie that has so much cuteness it’s almost overwhelming. My (ex)friend and I entered the store and the first thing that caught my eye was my studded bag baby. Usually I’m not one to go completely gaga over a purse but I just couldn’t help myself – this one was special. I plucked the bag from the display and power walked my sweet tookus to the closest mirror possible and it truly was perfect. It felt so right flung over my shoulder or clutched in my protective hands. I remember that I was wearing all black that day (as usual) and the bag simply popped against my blank canvas of an outfit. It had to be mine.

Not only is this purse stylish but it’s also very functional, which is something that’s very important to me. When I’m in need of a new bag, the size has to be just right. I don’t want anything too big, like a hobo bag, and I can’t do anything too small either, like a clutch. My ideal purse has to have enough room to fit my wallet, car keys, cigarettes, lighter, lipstick, and any other odds and ends that I might need. My British Invasion purse fits everything comfortably and still offers additional room if I need to throw anything else in. Despite the Lil Red Approved size, I still manage to have difficulty finding my things in there…Go figure. -_-

In all honesty, I’m not a girl who’s one for designer anything, especially when it comes to purses. I’d prefer to find a unique piece that I know not everyone will have and most importantly, I prefer to find it with a reasonable price tag attached. I scored my Charming Charlie British Invasion purse for thirty dollars and to me, this is such a steal. I like to use the “cost per wear” method and the amount of times that I’ve used my bag baby has paid for itself a hundred times over. This purse is sharp, sleek, and so damn cool! I get compliments on it wherever I go and I feel awesome strutting about with its beautiful little self casually hanging over my shoulder. It’s in the bag. ❤

So there you have it, the first edition of It’s In The Bag – British Invasion Edition. Now I need your help! What purse should I write about next? Your choices are between my Betsey Johnson telephone purse or my Target animal skull satchel. I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Crocker Park Fun!!

Crocker Park Fun!!

Hello all and happy Saturday! I had an absolutely fabulous time shopping at Crocker Park yesterday with my lovely Kate! We braved the spring time snow in Ohio to get our shop on and it was so worth it. And great news: I found a mustard yellow shirt that I’m in love with!! H&M has the cutest new spring and summer clothes out right now, and taking advantage of my twenty percent off coupon resulted in three to die for new pieces for under sixty dollars! Take a look: #ballinonabudget


Embellished mid length blouse: Yeeeee! I absolutely ADORE this shirt. In fact, it’s my favorite thing that I got yesterday. I’m really excited about this piece because I don’t own anything pure white and I don’t own anything like this shirt in general. I usually shy away from button down tops and blouses because I find them unflattering on me. I’m also not a huge fan of “flowy” clothing because I prefer my clothes to be more form fitting. However, this sassy little blouse is too perfect for words. The embellished collar and mid length cut of the shirt gives it the rock n’ roll edge that I always search for in my clothing. The blouse hits right at the waist line of my black skinnies which I love because it shows some skin while you’re moving about. I love clothes that play peek a boo with my side tattoo. This semi sheer shirt is also the perfect one to show off the intentional exposed bra trend which I’m pretty hyped about too! I love this blouse so much that I plan on double checking online if H&M has it in black so I can order it as well. So clearly obsessed!


Faux suede skirt: Such a cute little number! I’m not the biggest skirt fan in the world, but I thought this would be a really sweet spring and summer piece that I could easily transition into my fall and winter wardrobe. I really like the cool seam details and the faux suede texture gives it a fun unexpected twist. I’m really excited to pair this with my new embellished blouse, flannels, or just a plain old graphic tee to help dress it up. The deep rusty color of this skirt screams fall to me, so it will be fun to pair this bad boy with knee high socks and a blazer and be on my merry way!


Mustard yellow top: Woohoo! I love this shirt!!!! I got this little linen beauty for seven bucks on the clearance rack, and it was the best money I’ve spent in a long time! I love the way that the mustard yellow color pops against my signature red hair, red lip, and pasty pale skin. Seriously, the color is everything I imagined it being AND MORE! I have so many outfit ideas for this simple top already, from pairing it with my tribal print body con skirt to my navy blue Audrey Hepburn-esque trouser pants this top is going to become one of my go to pieces…I can feel it! I have some really gorgeous Lucky Brand wooden jewelry and a stunning turquoise necklace that my brother got me from New Mexico that will go perfectly with this little baby. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to explore them all!

As you can see from my fab new purchases it was a very successful trip to Crocker Park! I can’t wait to incorporate all of these new pieces into my looks for many seasons to come! I couldn’t find a pair of shorts that I liked enough to buy yesterday so that’s the last thing I need to complete my spring and summer wardrobe!

I hope all of you are having a terrific weekend! If you know of any stores that sell knee high gladiator sandals OR some really good normal rise shorts please leave me a comment and let’s chat! I’ll be on the prowl for them on my next shopping trip so I’m up for any suggestions! Much love. -Sarah

PS: All of these items should be available for purchase in stores or online at http://www.hm.com! And if you sign up for their email newsletter you’ll receive a twenty percent off of one item coupon! 🙂

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday!!

Heyyyy everyone and TGIF! To celebrate one of the best days of the week enjoy one of the worst songs in the world and then we’ll chat!

FRIDAY FRIDAY GETTIN DOWN ON FRIDAYYYY……oh you’re done already? I…uhh…whoops. 😉

I’ll be out of office today because I’ll be spending a lovely afternoon and evening at Crocker Park with my best ladyfriend, Kate. I’ve wrote about Crocker Park before, but if you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a beautiful outdoor shopping mall in Cleveland. It has the absolute best stores, like H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Express. Going to Crocker Park is one of my favorite things to do in Ohio and I’m so excited because I really need to finish assembling my spring and summer wardrobe. All I really need now is some shorts but I also have my heart set on finding an awesome mustard yellow piece to add to my collection. Mustard yellow is probably one of the only colors I don’t have a piece of clothing or accessory in so I hope I find something! Preferably a blazer or light jacket – I feel like a mustard yellow outerwear item would be super cute for spring. I also wouldn’t say no to a new pair of gladiator sandals either! I would love to find a knee high pair, but I’ve been having no luck finding any in stores. I’ve seen them online before, but a shoe like that is something I would definitely need to try on before purchasing so I can make sure that it’s completely perfect. Last night I downloaded the Retailmenot app on my iPod so I could get a feel for all of the sales going on at the stores in Crocker Park. There seems to be a lot of good deals going on which is great, because you know I’m all about ballin on a budget. ALSO, if you’re an H&M fan, you can go on their website and sign up for their newsletter to receive a twenty percent off of one item coupon. I love H&M so much so if I find something there today, the twenty percent off will make it even sweeter! #ballinonabudget Today is sure to be a beautiful perfect day full of fun, fashion, and of course: treatin yoself!!


I hope all of you have a fantastic Friday and weekend! Do you have any fun plans coming up? I wanna hear all about them, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

PS: If you know of any stores that sell knee high gladiator sandals please holla atcha girl!!!


Crocker Park: The best shopping in Ohio!

Crocker Park: The best shopping in Ohio!

I had an absolute blast yesterday at Crocker Park with one of my best friends, Kaytee. Crocker Park is a shopping wonderland. It’s a beautiful outdoor plaza that spans for about three blocks worth of amazing clothing and accessory stores, restaurants, and movie theaters. There’s seriously a store for everyone at Crocker Park. Fabulous shops include: Urban Outfitters, Francesca’s, H&M, Sephora, Anthropologie, Express, White House Black Market, Victoria’s Secret, MAC, and American Eagle. That list doesn’t even begin to cover everything though! Kaytee and I spent a lot of time in H&M, and it was so terrific. Two floors worth of beautiful clothes for really reasonable prices. It’s also always an added bonus when the cashier is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and French! I left him my number, so keep your fingers crossed that he texts me! 😉 I was so happy because I FINALLY found a new pair of coated leather black skinny jeans at H&M to replace my falling apart pair from PacSun. They’re gorgeous. There’s zippers at the ankles for a cool rocker feel, and the knees are patched with quilted leather rather than the coated denim for an amazing touch. I also purchased a really awesome pair of army green challis pants with some very unique detailing. They feature four sets of pockets, two perfect squares on each side with a pocket flap, and then two rectangles on the hips with the fabric draping rather than looking like a traditional pocket. I always love browsing through Urban Outfitters whenever me and my girl make the trip up to Crocker Park, however I rarely buy anything from there. The store gives me great ideas of different looks and styles that I can usually find for much cheaper else where. Another store we spent a lot of time in was Francesca’s, which is a lovely little boutique filled with sweet clothing, shoes, and accessories. All of the clothes there are stunning. The colors used are all so rich and the detailing and patterns are to die for. It’s so fun going shopping with Kaytee because we actually shop when we’re together. Some people breeze through the store quickly and then leave. Not us. We take our time and go through each rack of clothes so we don’t miss anything. If we didn’t shop that way I wouldn’t have found my black jeans at H&M!! It’s a tradition of ours to get dinner at The Cheesecake Factory whenever we have a shopping day, so we held true to that tradition yesterday. Dinner was delicious, fettuccine alfredo for me and a burger for Kaytee. To finish the meal we got a piece of Dulce de Leche cheesecake to share. YUM. I’m gaining weight just thinking about it!! If you’re ever in Ohio and are looking for a shopping extravaganza, I can’t recommend Crocker Park enough. The shopping is fabulous and the outdoor plaza is so lovely that it’s fun to just grab a coffee and walk around. Here’s a picture of all of my purchases:


I also got a free panty from Victoria’s Secret and a free lotion from Bath and Body Works. I LOVE COUPONS!!! Here’s the official website for Crocker Park if you would like more information on it: http://www.crockerpark.com/

Have a happy Hump Day! -Sarah