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Crocker Park Haul

Crocker Park Haul

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! Last week my mom, sister, and I went to my favorite place in the whole wide world…Crocker Park! For those of you who aren’t familiar with this amazing, luxurious, Ohio outdoor mall – just know that it is truly the happiest place on earth. It is a little heaven manifested in Westlake where blocks upon blocks of clothing, makeup, and home goods stores reside. Stores like Urban Outfitters, H&M, Francesca’s, American Eagle, Bath & Body Works, Anthropology, Express, MAC, and Sephora…just to name a few! I made two purchases during our shopping outing and I’m seriously obsessed so take a look and let’s discuss:

The Haul:

  • Urban Outfitters Ecote brand dress
  • Francesca’s Miami brand flannel

Urban Outfitters: If I’m lucky, I make it out to Crocker Park about two times a year. Whenever I’m there, there are two stores that I always try to at least purchase something at and those are Urban Outfitters and H&M. Crocker Park is the only location with both of those stores and since it is about an hour drive away, I obviously don’t get to shop there frequently. Unfortunately, H&M had nothing that caught my eye during this shopping trip but I was so happy to find this gorgeous print dress on sale at Urban Outfitters!

Before our outing, my mom and I were chatting about what color clothing that we like to wear the best while we were walking our dogs. During which, I told her that I would love to find something gold or mustard yellow when we go to Crocker Park because I don’t mean to brag but those colors look dashing on me. 😉 I had my eyes peeled in every store we went into for something that fitted the color palette I was looking for. I struck out in almost all of them until my sister found my pretty little new number in the sale section of Urban. I had saw the dress but I skipped past it because the fit of it usually isn’t the most flattering on me. However, Kristen urged me to try it on so I did.

As soon as the dress was on, I knew that it was perfect. The colors were phenomenal and the fit was just right. It was flowy and fun as opposed to baggy and lifeless. When I walked out of the fitting room, my mom said that it was exactly what she was hoping I would find after our dog walking chat and my heart just melted. I love my new dress so much and I’m actually wearing it right now as I type this! ❤

Francesca’s: Of all of the seasons that Ohio experiences, fall is my all time favorite. About seventy-five percent of my wardrobe consists of fall clothing because I live for fall fashion. Therefore, when I saw my new black and white flannel from Francesca’s, I knew that I had to have it. I’m a big fan of flannels but the trick is that they have to be really unique because I feel like most flannels look exactly the same. When I saw that my new flannel had embroidered patterns in the design as well as zippers going up both of the sides, I fell in love because I knew that it would stick out.

What made the flannel even more “must have” worthy was that it looked really good with the outfit that I was already wearing – a black crop top, black shorts, and forest green wedges. That made it even harder to say no to the top which completed my outfit so nicely. I liked that it was more form fitting, too. It wasn’t tight my any means but compared to all of my baggy Gypsy Warrior flannels at home, it definitely was more fitted which was a nice change. I am looking forward to wearing this flannel around campus this fall for a laid back, college cool look.

The Crocker Park outing that I had with my mom and sister was a total success but I would have been happy even if I ended up with nothing. Us girls had so much fun wandering around the outdoor mall, looking in different stores, and chattering away that it would have been worth it to go home empty handed. BUT – I’m so glad that I didn’t! 😉

So there you have it, my Crocker Park Haul! Does anyone have an outdoor mall similar to Crocker Park in their neck of the woods? How about a favorite store to shop at that you live far away from? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Beautiful, Fabulous, Perfect Day!

Beautiful, Fabulous, Perfect Day!

Helloooo everyone and happy Hump Day! So I was laying in bed reading Still Alice (so far so good, btw!), but I had such a terrific day yesterday that I decided to put down the book and tell you guys all about it. Not gonna lie, my day started out really rocky. I had a not so good appointment with my psychologist that ended with me walking out of the session halfway through. I was pretty much fuming as I left the building and got in the Little Red Love Machine, but my mood instantly did a 180 as soon as I reached my destination point post appointment. I was lucky enough to be able to squeeze in best friend time with my two favorite girls, Kate and Lea, so after my shit show of a session I headed straight to Lea’s for some coffee and girl talk. We hit up Dunkin and made a quick trip to the nearby mall so I could snag a free panty from Victoria’s Secret AND a free lotion from Bath & Body Works…who doesn’t love free?! After my little errand we went back to Lea’s for some much needed girl talk. We made plans for the next craft we make together and my birthday outing, vented about all of our recent turmoils, and had plenty of time to be our usual goofy girl selves. Literally within thirty seconds of first seeing Lea, my mood improved and I was so thankful for it. I needed our best friend time so bad, and I cherish it like no other. Before our time together came to a close, her twin brother BILL (!!!) took a million batrillion pictures of us – some cute, some candid, some completely awful BUT I loved them all! Here’s our favorite one together, and then a picture of me doing god knows what that Lea and I actually happen to adore, haha take a look: (All photo credit goes to…BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


^^^ Lol I LOVE US!!!!

My shitty day turned fabulous continued after I left Lea’s for some best friend time with my other darling, Kate. As soon as I arrived at her house, I learned that we were heading to Target (our favorite!) for some bar cart supplies. We left with a drink shaker kit and some porcupine shaped salt and pepper shakers…they were completely necessary. Once we arrived back at home base, Kate made us the most amazing vodka cranberries I’ve ever had and then we headed to the great outdoors to hijack Boggle from her parent’s house so we could get our drink AND education on in the sunshine. Kate and I both share a deep love for word games, so it was wonderful to have a worthy opponent! Halfway through our extravaganza we decided to finally take the fifty foot trip down the street to this really precious chocolate shop to get some snacks and a chocolate bribe for Kate’s mom so that we could borrow her fancy camera for some photo shoot fun. The chocolate was delicious, the bribe worked, another drink was made, more Boggle was played, and a photo shoot was had. Take a look at Kate’s amazing shots! (All photo credit goes to the incredibly talented Kate Powell!)


^^^^ SO gorgeous! Before I discuss these pictures further, here’s the usual break down of my OOTD:

  • Rust orange dress: Urban Outfitters, Kimchi Blue (This is the dress I got at the Urban in Wisconsin during my trip this weekend! So obsessed. Thanks mom! <3)
  • Bomber jacket: This actually belongs to Kate, but she got it at Target!
  • Black zip up wedges: Kohl’s, Apt. 9
  • Panama hat: PacSun, Gypsy Warrior

Honestly, there’s really not much to say about these pics other than the fact that I’m in love with them. And most importantly, this is literally Kate’s second time picking up her mother’s professional camera. What even? Kate has this super human ability to excel at everything that she tries and clearly photography is no exception! These photos are actually the first of many that she’s shown me, because we seriously took a ton – so make sure you keep it posted for more of our photo shoot!

As you can see from Kate’s pics, she managed to light a fire in the fire pit just hanging out in the back yard area of her apartment complex, so naturally we substituted our vodka cranberries for beer, took more pictures, and played more Boggle around the fire. (Due to Kate’s ability to light wood on fire with a candle lighter, I’m convinced that she’d be able to survive Naked And Afraid…she’s a woman of many talents!) Once it started getting chilly outside, we brought our sweet asses back into the apartment for some crafting, Papa John’s pizza, and a viewing of our Netflix favorite…The Ladies Man. A more perfect day could not be asked for. Both hang outs with my two girlies were so special to me in their own unique ways, and I’m so thankful to have two chickas that can shake my bad mood in an instant. Lil Red is one lucky bitch. ❤

I hope all of you guys have a fabulous Wednesday! Who watched the season finale of Dancing With The Stars last night? Are you happy that Rumor won? (I know I am!) I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Comfy Cozy OOTD

Comfy Cozy OOTD

Hello one and all and happy Saturday! It’s a frigid cold eight degrees in Akron, Ohio at the moment. That type of weather calls for bundling up in some cute lounge wear and staying inside!!! I drew inspiration for this look from my sweet best friend Lea, who is super fond of the leggings and long socks combination. After trying this out for myself for the first time, I was shocked that I hadn’t done it sooner, I adore it!!


As usual, here’s the breakdown of the brand of each item in this look and where it was purchased:

  • Flannel: PacSun, Gypsy Warrior
  • Leggings: PacSun, Nollie
  • Knee socks: Target
  • Shirt worn underneath flannel: PacSun, Volcom

(All together this look cost me roughly sixty dollars. Keep in mind that an employee discount was used on the PacSun items from when I used to work there. Ballin on a budget 😉 )

I’m gonna keep it real with you guys…I hate leggings. I avoid wearing them at ALL costs…but I can’t exactly wear knee high knit socks with my signature black skinny jeans, believe me, I tried! So I dug my “use if absolutely necessary” pair of leggings that may or may not have multiple holes in them out of the bottom of my pajama drawer and begrudgingly put them on. I don’t hate myself too much for wearing them though, because I feel like this outfit is cute as can be…cute enough that I would be okay with wearing this look in public with a nice tall pair of boots. I guess I hate leggings when they look sloppy, and I like to think I don’t look too sloppy in these bad boys! 😉 As you guys know, I’m SO obsessed with my Gypsy Warrior flannels it isn’t even funny, so of course my red and grey one was a must to tie this look together. To keep the look sweet and simple I have on a charcoal grey three quarter length sleeve shirt underneath the flannel. I absolutely love the knee socks that I have on, most importantly because they’re so warm and cozy but being adorable is definitely helpful as well! When I saw these at Target, I stocked up on a bunch of different colors like aqua, charcoal grey, heather grey, and navy blue argyle. These fun knee socks are a nice little pick me up treat when you find yourself in the accessory aisles while you’re running your errands at Target. (Does anyone else spend way more money than necessary whenever they hit up Target? I know I do -____-) This OOTD goes out to my lovely Lea who taught me the cute way to do comfy cozy!

So there you have it, my Comfy Cozy OOTD to keep me nice and toasty in this nasty Ohio weather! What’s your favorite cold weather accessory? Are you a leggings lover or hater? I’d love to hear from you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Have a fabulous day! -Sarah

PS: Please make sure you check out my gofundme account at: gofund.me/jy27gc

Thanks!!!!!!! ❤

Lil Red’s New Obsessions

Lil Red’s New Obsessions

Hello one and all and happy Saturday! These past few weeks I’ve gained a lot of great stuff from Christmas gifts and the extra moolah I acquired to hit the post holiday sales. I wanted to share all of this fun stuff with you guys, especially because all of the items I’ll be mentioning below should still be available to purchase in stores and online if you like them!

Gypsy Warrior Flannels: I absolutely adore these flannels! After I quit working at PacSun, Gypsy Warrior was the one brand that I particularly missed getting clothes from. I already had one of their flannels like these new ones except in a different color, so when I saw that the brand launched some new ones, I immediately added it to my Christmas wish list. I was so happy when I opened this gift from my mom! If you’re interested in buying these flannels, just know that the sizes run more like a mans shirt. I’m 5’1 and 1/4 (because the quarter counts, damnit!) and 113 pounds, and I wear a size small – if that helps you figure out what size you need at all! These should still be available on http://www.pacsun.com and in stores. If you sign up for their email program, you get a 15% off coupon emailed to you!


Betsey Johnson Snake Cuff: This little beauty was another stellar gift from my beloved mama. I was absolutely blown away when I opened this gift, because I had forgotten that I even wanted it! A few weeks prior to Christmas, my sister, mother, and myself took a trip to the mall. In Macy’s they had a Betsey Johnson display up, and I absolutely adore her clothing and jewelry so I had to stop and take a look. Naturally, I liked everything, but this snake cuff really caught my eye because I absolutely LOVE snake jewelry. I pointed this one out to my mom and told her how much I liked it, and then we walked away and it was never discussed again. I was so so happy to add this piece to my collection, I was even happier to hear that my mom got this bracelet at TJMaxx for a much better price than at Macy’s. This bracelet should still be available at TJ’s if you’re lucky, at Macy’s, or on Betsey Johnson’s website http://www.betseyjohnson.com!


Express Sweater & Shoes: Express has slowly but surely become one of my favorite stores to shop at. I never really cared to shop there until a few months ago, when I went in with my sister who needed new black clothing for her job at The Body Shop. I was blown away by how chic and sharp all of their clothing was. I saw my cowl neck sweater that night with my sister, and had my eye on it ever since. A few weeks ago when Kristen and I went shopping, Express was having a half off sale and I knew that the sweater had to be mine! It has become an instant favorite, and I wear it way more often than I care to admit. My snake skin patterned shoes were a Christmas gift from my sister. She originally got me the same shoes in a floral print pattern which I didn’t care for, so I exchanged it out for these bad boys. I absolutely love black snake skin print, and I was so happy when I saw these! They match perfectly with my black snake skin super skinny jeans that I got from Express a few months ago. Who could ask for anything more?! Love it. Both of these items should still be available on http://www.express.com or in stores!


Target Winter Coat: Yesterday when my mom and I were running errands at Target, I found this lovely jacket marked fifty percent off. I was so thrilled when I found it, because it was a great deal, and I don’t have a really warm winter coat to brave the Ohio cold. I love the black and dark blue color blocking going on and I find the shape of this coat so charming! Best of all, it keeps me warm and toasty when I’m out and about. This jacket came with a detachable black faux fur collar, which I clearly have taken off already! However, I put good use to the collar by attaching it to my flannel collars for a fun unexpected twist. This coat should still be available in stores and online for half off at http://www.target.com! This jacket also came in all black without the dark blue color blocking.


BustedTees Shirts: My beloved big bro Peter got me a thirty dollar Groupon to http://www.bustedtees.com and I couldn’t be more delighted by the shirts that I ordered from this hilarious website. All of the t-shirts on BustedTees are simply fantastic. A lot of them are inside jokes from movies, television, or video games. For example, my Speaker City shirt was the company that Beanie founded in the movie Old School, which is one of my favorites! “I built Speaker City from the ground up and I can’t even read. Truth.” The website is filled with shirts dripping with sarcasm and pure wit. Peter and I thought that the Daft Punk shirt pictured below was an absolute riot and I thought that the Reunite Pangaea shirt was great. There is sure to be something for everyone on http://www.bustedtees.com! The shirts fit fantastically and your purchases arrive promptly as well. One of the best things about this website was it’s ingenious size chart. It showed the shirts in a size small, medium, and large, on different girls with different body types. A size small looked like it fit well on a girl shaped similarly to me, so that’s what I got and it fits like a glove! So brilliant!


Peter Pan Book: My beloved best friend Kate got this for me for Christmas in honor of our beautiful evening of decorating ornaments, drinking wine, and watching Peter Pan Live. I was so touched by how thoughtful this gift was and simply stunned by its beauty. The illustrations in this book are just magical and the pages are lined with silver to match the shimmering cover. Kate informed me that she purchased this book at Barnes & Noble, and apparently a lot of beloved fairy tales have been made to look like this one. I definitely would like to add more of these books to my collection. They’re so fun to read and just as enjoyable to admire! When Kate got this book, it was buy one get one half off, I’m unsure of if that promotion is still running, but the book should be available in store and online at http://www.barnesandnoble.com!


So there you have it, Lil Red’s latest obsessions! Was there anything you got this holiday season that you absolutely loved? Did you score any great post holiday deals? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! Have a great day! -Sarah

OOTD – Trench Coat Time

OOTD – Trench Coat Time

Hello one and all and happy Sunday!!! Today I’m sporting one of my all time favorite “classy girl” outfits that I just had to share with you guys. So take a look at my appropriately titled “Trench Coat Time” OOTD!


As usual, here’s a break down of the brand of each item in this outfit and where it was purchased from:

  • Trench coat: Jack, PacSun
  • Floral dress: LA Hearts, PacSun
  • Heels: BCBGeneration, TJMaxx ❤
  • Forest green floppy hat: Gypsy Warrior, PacSun
  • Black floppy hat: Brandy Melville, PacSun

STORY TIME: Once upon a time when I was around the tender age of fifteen, I developed a deep love for reading fashion magazines. Vogue, Elle, In Style, W, I read it all and loved each of them equally. After I was through reading the pages upon pages of style tips and high lights of fashion shows, I would take it upon myself to tear out the pictures of the fashion spreads that I so loved to look at and tape them onto my bedroom walls. I’m sure if you’ve been following lifewithlilred you have noticed all of the pictures adorning my walls when I post pictures of my room. Anyways, one day I was thumbing through a spread in Elle, if I remember correctly and I came across the most miraculous fashion story I’ve ever seen. The spread was called “The Allure of The Trench.” I remember thinking to myself that I’ve never seen anything more beautiful in my life. The model being photographed looked so damn chic. She looked classic, sophisticated, and drop dead gorgeous. I wanted to look like that. So about a month later, I was shopping with my mom in PacSun, and I saw it. The most perfect trench coat that I’ve ever seen. I tried it on and instantly felt like a sharp and well dressed young woman. The coat was about eighty dollars and my mom wasn’t thrilled with the price. I begged her to buy it for me, and she finally caved. And the rest is history, as they say. Five years later and my trench coat is still one of my most beloved articles of clothing to this day. Here’s a picture that I have hanging in my room from the life changing “Allure of The Trench” spread:


Gorgeous. ^^^^ ANYWAYS, what I so love about the outfit that I pieced together is that I feel so insanely good in it. I feel the perfect combination of sophisticated, classy, sassy, sexy, and insanely confident. I love the come hither vibe of a bare leg strutting about beneath an almost knee length coat and dress. It’s the chicest kind of provocative I can think of, without being trashy in the least possible way. I adore my BCBGeneration heels so much as well. These little beauties were such a fantastic TJ’s find, and I really like the way that the chestnut coloring of them pop against the light tan trench…bringing even more attention to my leggies that look a mile long with them on!! 😉 Honestly the look could be over right there without one of my floppy hats, but Lil Red loves her floppy hats so they were a must. I usually alternate between wearing my black and forest green one but I’ve been growing very fond of the Gypsy Warrior green one as of late. I love the way that the color pops against my pasty pale skin, bright red hair, and hazel eyes. In fact, when I wear this hat, my eyes usually have the tendency to turn green to match it, which is fun! I always bring up in my OOTD blogs that the most important thing about a look is that it makes you feel confident – and this outfit does that for me. I feel like a super woman twenty something on the go and it doesn’t get much better than that!

Does anyone else have a deep love for trench coats as I do? What was the first fashion magazine that you read? Was there a spread that inspired you as “The Allure of the Trench” did for me? I’d love to hear all about it, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Have a fantastic super wonderful Sunday! -Sarah

OOTD! Sunday funday!



My outfit today is one of my all time favorites. I’m absolutely in love with the maxi skirt and a flannel combination. Feeling pretty without showing barely any skin is an amazing feeling. It’s getting chilly in Akron, Ohio so this is a perfect fall weather outfit. My flannel is actually quite heavy too so it feels like I’m wearing a light jacket. My family is going apple picking today so I thought that this would be a fun outfit to wear to the orchard. Maybe not the high heels haha but I am wearing those this morning when I go to get my hair done! Here’s the breakdown of where all my clothing in this outfit is from and what brand they are:
Black maxi skirt: Brandy Melville, PacSun
Navy crop top: Brandy Melville, PacSun
Flannel: Gypsy Warrior, PacSun
Forest green floppy hat: Gypsy Warrior, PacSun
Lace up heels: BCBGeneration, TJMaxx
Pentagon frame sunglasses: Target

If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment! What are you guys up to today on Sunday funday? Family plans? Work? Treating yourself? Let me know! Have a great day! -Sarah