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April Showers Brought May Flowers

April Showers Brought May Flowers

Helloooo! May is probably one of my favorite months of the year, because I love spring weather and seeing all of the flowers in bloom. The crummy cold of April with the occasional snowfall and a lot of rain definitely brought us a glorious May in Ohio. The weather has been warm, the sun has been out, and the flowers peppering the neighborhood yards are beautiful and vibrant. Like the following floral delights at chez moi:


Both the front and back yard of my home are always overflowing with small wonders once the weather gets warm. Lovely tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils seem to be everywhere you look on ground. Meanwhile, if you tilt your head to the sky, you can see the tenants in one of our many birdhouses flying to and fro.

My favorite part of the yard, though, is our weeping cherry tree that seems to get more magnificent every year. I love being able to see the paper thin, pale pink blooms every day when I make my way to work as they sway in a gentle breeze. It is definitely the crown jewel of our front yard and it makes me happy every time I see the tree standing tall in its glory or even just a tiny petal floating in the air as the flowers begin to shed.

Which kinds of flowers are growing in your yard? What is spring weather like where you are located? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


Travel Sizes: Little But Fierce

Travel Sizes: Little But Fierce

Hi everyone and welcome to the weekend! Because of my Manhattan travels last month for AnkhorRed’s Bloggers Conference, I was finally able to break out one of my many travel sized shower gels from Bath & Body Works, compliments of my freebie coupons. I have to say, I’m nothing short of impressed. Take a look and let’s discuss:

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” – William Shakespeare


Do you want to know how long it took to finish this three fluid ounce sized B&BW shower gel? ALMOST THREE WEEKS!!!! Three entire weeks of using a mini shower gel, says the girl who can finish a full sized body wash in a month flat? Yeah, you heard right.


I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure out how this could be and I only have two solutions that makes sense. With a normal sized shower gel, I was so convinced that it would never run out that I would use way more than what was necessary. And, also, I really really like taking bubble baths. And when you combine these two factors, it just leads to using the body wash in excess, which causes me to use it up way faster than the average Joe.


I’ve been racking my brains trying to figure out how this could be and I only have one solution that makes sense. I honestly just think that I wanted to see how long I could make this itty bitty travel sized gel last. I was able to see clearly how much body wash that I had left, thanks to the clear packaging, and every day that I went without finishing it, I tried to see if I could tack on another. And, the Bath & Body Works gel lathers really nicely, so I still felt squeaky clean without having to use an excess amount.

Using this travel sized product was an extremely eye opening experiment about just how much shower gel I was actually using and how much is truly necessary to use every day. With all of this newfound knowledge in mind, I can’t wait to see how long I can make a full sized SoftSoap or Suave shower gel bottle last!

Travel Sizes have definitely proven to be Little But Fierce in the most amazing way possible, because it’s going to mean saving money on bath and body products in the years to come. Who else has had a similar experience with an abnormally long lasting travel size product? What are your must have products in travel sizes while you’re on vacation? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Bath & Body Works November Freebie

Bath & Body Works November Freebie

Hellooo everyone and happy Tuesday! As you guys know, I love receiving my monthly Bath & Body Works freebie coupons in the mail. This month I got a coupon for a free full sized signature item (lotion, cream, or shower gel) so I stopped in this morning to pick up my pay free product. Today I went with a body cream of my favorite fragrance B&BW has to offer: Beautiful Day. My cream was a thirteen dollar value and it was definitely an awesome treat to ring in the holiday shopping season with!


Unfortunately, this month’s freebie excursion wasn’t as pleasant as it usually is thanks to the rudest employee ever but it was still nice to be able to go in and pick out a full rather than travel sized item. If you have a Bath & Body Works around you, I can’t recommend Beautiful Day enough! I’m a fan of anything apple scented and Beautiful Day is perfectly apple-y with the slightest hints of pear and poppies. It’s a flawless combination of tart green apples and sweet flowers and I just love it.

My hoard of free B&BW products continues to grow, which is great because as I mentioned before, they’re going to make terrific little additions for Christmas gifts. Even though I didn’t have the best experience with one of the employees, I still walked away with a thirteen dollar lotion that I didn’t pay one penny for and that’s good enough for me!

I know I mentioned in my Monday Update yesterday that my Trades Of Hope article would be publishing today but my client pushed it back until tomorrow so make sure you tune in on Hump Day for that! Until then, what is your favorite fragrance from Bath & Body Works? What was the worst customer service experience you’ve ever had? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

PS: Click the following link to shop the scents at B&BW: http://www.bathandbodyworks.com/home/index.jsp

Pampering Party!

Pampering Party!

Helloooo my loves and happy Tuesday! I had a lovely weekend of head to toe pampering starting with dying my hair with my beloved Vidal Sassoon Runway Red dye from their London Luxe collection. My brother is getting married this weekend so best believe that my hair has to be nice and fresh. I’ve been coloring my hair with Runway Red for close to a year now and it has saved me a buttload of money because the color perfectly mimics what I was paying a lot of cash to get done at the salon. While I was waiting for the dye to set I had a half hour of TV time so I figured a selfie was definitely in order! Take a look:


^^^ Lol, I always joke that I feel like Heatmiser from the Christmas cartoons when I dye my hair so it was absolutely necessary to do a side by side PicStitch! My color turned out beautiful as usual and on Sunday I got my angular haircut shaped up for the wedding so it looks sharp and sleek. I plan on curling my hair and pinning it for the big day so if any of you have some hair styling tips, please let me know!

To keep my red at its brightest at all times, I only wash my hair about two times a month. I’ve been blessed with locks that don’t get greasy or oily so all I need is a dash of dry shampoo to keep it feeling clean. I usually use Batiste or Dove dry shampoo but my mom brought home a can of Herbal Essence’s “Color Me Happy” dry shampoo and I just had to try it. Let me tell you, I’m so glad I did because I absolutely LOVE it! For one, it smells awesome. For two, it makes my hair feel infinitely cleaner than Batiste or Dove. With just a quick spritz of this new product my hair goes from a weeks worth of not washing it to freshly scrubbed in a matter of seconds. If you’re a dry shampoo girl like myself then I can’t recommend this product enough! So fabulous.


If you recall from an earlier post “Lil Red Shopping Tips: Freebie Edition” then you’ll remember my recent steals from Bath & Body Works. At least once a month I get a free lotion coupon from them in the mail and every time I redeem it I go with my favorite scent called “Beautiful Day”. My go to fragrance is anything apple-y and “Beautiful Day” is the perfect combination of both floral and fruity. Not only does it don my must have scent of apples but the name of the lotion is also the name of my all time favorite song “Be,autiful Day” by U2. You can’t beat that! Every night before bed I lather myself up with my freebie lotion and it’s such a fun treat. The sweet smelling moisturizer goes in so smoothly – you can’t even feel that you have lotion on. That’s a big plus for me because I hate when I wear lotion and it feels greasy. If you’re looking for a new perfume spray or lotion to try, definitely consider “Beautiful Day” from Bath & Body Works!!


If there’s one thing that Lil Red can never recommend enough, it’s TREATING YOSELF! Nothing makes me feel better than taking some extra time to pamper and love myself. Whether that be a deep conditioning hair treatment or a spritz of a new perfume, I think it’s so important to take the time to make yourself feel good. With small pick me ups throughout the week like a rub down with a new lotion or a stylish new hair cut you’re in for a better mood and an even more fabulous appearance. So to all of my lovely readers: Take ten minutes out of your day and TREAT YOSELF!!!


So there you have it, my Pampering Party post! I hope all of you are having a great day so far! Does anyone have any tips for curling hair? What’s your favorite Bath & Body Works scent? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah