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A Great Day

A Great Day

Hello! Whenever Johnny and I ask each other how work went for the day, our usual response is “it was day”. Lol, not bad not good… Just day. With the monotony of pandemic life, it has been a while since either of us have had a day that really knocked it out of the park. However, this past week I had a Grand Slam of a day and I am still thinking back on it with a big smile.

To start with, as soon as I got to work in the morning, my client asked me “Can I call you a name?” I replied with, “Well, it depends. Is it a nice name or a mean one?” With a grin he told me, “I wanna call you Lucille Ball… or the Pink Panther” and my heart basically exploded. It was the first time he acknowledged my new hair since I got it done and I know for a fact based on his new nicknames for me that he loves it. 🙂

I was still in a great mood when I arrived home from work so I did not think it was possible to feel any better but I was wrong! Johnny and I never sit on the same couch because both of ours are way too small to comfortably seat both of us. However, that night, we snuggled up on one of the couches together and talked for hours. It reminded me of when we first started dating and it was such a lovely flashback to have.

For the grand finale, Johnny picked up his guitar and played old country songs while I picked up our Guitar Hero guitar and strummed along, lol. After a while, I even picked up his other guitar and tried to match what he was so expertly doing. We also did a charming duet of “Bye Bye, Love” and it was just so much fun that we hadn’t even realized that over three hours had passed!

With the struggles of pandemic life, my Great Day felt like a lighthouse in a never ending streak of the same old same old. It also makes me appreciate the tiny sunshine breaks even more and I will not be forgetting my day any time soon. ❤

What was your last great day like? Can you play any instruments? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Beautiful, Fabulous, Perfect Day!

Beautiful, Fabulous, Perfect Day!

Helloooo everyone and happy Hump Day! So I was laying in bed reading Still Alice (so far so good, btw!), but I had such a terrific day yesterday that I decided to put down the book and tell you guys all about it. Not gonna lie, my day started out really rocky. I had a not so good appointment with my psychologist that ended with me walking out of the session halfway through. I was pretty much fuming as I left the building and got in the Little Red Love Machine, but my mood instantly did a 180 as soon as I reached my destination point post appointment. I was lucky enough to be able to squeeze in best friend time with my two favorite girls, Kate and Lea, so after my shit show of a session I headed straight to Lea’s for some coffee and girl talk. We hit up Dunkin and made a quick trip to the nearby mall so I could snag a free panty from Victoria’s Secret AND a free lotion from Bath & Body Works…who doesn’t love free?! After my little errand we went back to Lea’s for some much needed girl talk. We made plans for the next craft we make together and my birthday outing, vented about all of our recent turmoils, and had plenty of time to be our usual goofy girl selves. Literally within thirty seconds of first seeing Lea, my mood improved and I was so thankful for it. I needed our best friend time so bad, and I cherish it like no other. Before our time together came to a close, her twin brother BILL (!!!) took a million batrillion pictures of us – some cute, some candid, some completely awful BUT I loved them all! Here’s our favorite one together, and then a picture of me doing god knows what that Lea and I actually happen to adore, haha take a look: (All photo credit goes to…BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


^^^ Lol I LOVE US!!!!

My shitty day turned fabulous continued after I left Lea’s for some best friend time with my other darling, Kate. As soon as I arrived at her house, I learned that we were heading to Target (our favorite!) for some bar cart supplies. We left with a drink shaker kit and some porcupine shaped salt and pepper shakers…they were completely necessary. Once we arrived back at home base, Kate made us the most amazing vodka cranberries I’ve ever had and then we headed to the great outdoors to hijack Boggle from her parent’s house so we could get our drink AND education on in the sunshine. Kate and I both share a deep love for word games, so it was wonderful to have a worthy opponent! Halfway through our extravaganza we decided to finally take the fifty foot trip down the street to this really precious chocolate shop to get some snacks and a chocolate bribe for Kate’s mom so that we could borrow her fancy camera for some photo shoot fun. The chocolate was delicious, the bribe worked, another drink was made, more Boggle was played, and a photo shoot was had. Take a look at Kate’s amazing shots! (All photo credit goes to the incredibly talented Kate Powell!)


^^^^ SO gorgeous! Before I discuss these pictures further, here’s the usual break down of my OOTD:

  • Rust orange dress: Urban Outfitters, Kimchi Blue (This is the dress I got at the Urban in Wisconsin during my trip this weekend! So obsessed. Thanks mom! <3)
  • Bomber jacket: This actually belongs to Kate, but she got it at Target!
  • Black zip up wedges: Kohl’s, Apt. 9
  • Panama hat: PacSun, Gypsy Warrior

Honestly, there’s really not much to say about these pics other than the fact that I’m in love with them. And most importantly, this is literally Kate’s second time picking up her mother’s professional camera. What even? Kate has this super human ability to excel at everything that she tries and clearly photography is no exception! These photos are actually the first of many that she’s shown me, because we seriously took a ton – so make sure you keep it posted for more of our photo shoot!

As you can see from Kate’s pics, she managed to light a fire in the fire pit just hanging out in the back yard area of her apartment complex, so naturally we substituted our vodka cranberries for beer, took more pictures, and played more Boggle around the fire. (Due to Kate’s ability to light wood on fire with a candle lighter, I’m convinced that she’d be able to survive Naked And Afraid…she’s a woman of many talents!) Once it started getting chilly outside, we brought our sweet asses back into the apartment for some crafting, Papa John’s pizza, and a viewing of our Netflix favorite…The Ladies Man. A more perfect day could not be asked for. Both hang outs with my two girlies were so special to me in their own unique ways, and I’m so thankful to have two chickas that can shake my bad mood in an instant. Lil Red is one lucky bitch. ❤

I hope all of you guys have a fabulous Wednesday! Who watched the season finale of Dancing With The Stars last night? Are you happy that Rumor won? (I know I am!) I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Fabulous Day!

Fabulous Day!

Helllllooo gang and TGIF! I don’t know about you guys, but I had a fabulous Thursday!! Seriously, I haven’t had such a lovely, average day in forever so I feel the need to share it! To get you in the great day spirit, enjoy this goofy Lonely Island video and proceed to read:

I had an early start today because I had to drive to Cleveland in the morning for stupid math class. My only complaint about my morning was the fact that we were out of coffee grounds at home, so I didn’t have enough to make my usual amount. I made the coffee anyway, keeping my fingers crossed that it would still taste good…but unfortunately that didn’t happen. -__- I was basically drinking slightly bitter bath water my entire way to school, lol it was so gross. Math class was boring as usual, and I totally left class early to go get my nails done…clearly I have my priorities straight. 😉 However, once I got on the highway there was a big fat traffic jam due to road construction so I ended up getting to the salon when I would get there on a normal day without leaving early. So moral of the story: I should have just stayed in class. Ha! BUT, my beloved nail tech, Vinny did a fabulous job as usual on touching up my fierce talon nails. I opted for my usual black with a beige accent nail for a cool twist, and I’m beyond obsessed with the fresh new color combo. Take a look:


^^^#pronails Ahhh, I love them so much it hurts! There’s three major things that are difficult with my talon nails:

  • Taking my contacts in and out.
  • Buttoning and unbuttoning my jeans.
  • Opening pop cans.

Despite these minor difficulties, they are so beyond worth it. So edgy, so fierce, so fun. After a trip to the salon, I had some much needed and long overdue BFF time with my sweet Lea. My darling girl and I really wanted to be crafty today, so we went to PatCatan’s for inspiration. While ambling down the aisles we came across the wooden craft supplies and thought that it would be fun to paint birdhouses. After picking out the houses we liked and some paint, we hit up Taco Bell for a quick snack and then headed back to Lea’s place to start the craftapalooza. We were so excited about this cute project that we forgot something very important at the craft store…small paint brushes. -__- All we had in our craft supply box were big brushes from our canvas art projects, and they made painting all of the sweet details on our birdhouses totally impossible. Both of our creations turned out smudgy, smeared, and nowhere near as adorable as we wanted them to be. I straight up left my house at Lea’s place and told her to just paint it black for me. Ha, I should have just done that all along! Despite our painting difficulties, we still managed to have a blast as usual! We always do, because making fun out of a miserable crafting experience is what best friends are for! #epiccraftingfail

After a sweet best friend afternoon, I had a quick get together with my neighbor and video gaming partner in crime, Vaughn. I then proceeded to finish up some math and psych homework until my brain couldn’t take it anymore. After I had had enough of homeworking (and believe me, it didn’t take long), I ended my night with watching Saw III on Netflix. I’m a scary movie junkie, and the Saw films are one of my major guilty pleasures. After I finish up this post, I’m going to start the fourth installment of the film series and hit the hay. Maybe not the best movies to watch before bed, but that’s okay!

I hope all of you had a fabulous Thursday and an even better Friday today! What are you guys up to this weekend? Any fun plans? It’s my mom’s birthday on Sunday so my family is going to go out to eat tomorrow to celebrate – it should be fun! Tell me all about your weekend plans and leave my mama some birthday love! I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Goodnight. -Sarah