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Oops! Say Goodbye To Embarrassing Situations

Oops! Say Goodbye To Embarrassing Situations

One of my top five most embarrassing moments is actually compliments of lifewithlilred. I was interviewing a musician for an article and oh. my. goodness. he was gorgeous. I was typing out his answers on a Word document as he was replying and everything was going great…Until I accidentally deleted the entire six page document without saving it.

Thankfully, he was super cool about it and the article was still a-okay thanks to my really good memory (I hate to brag!). But, still. It was literally the most horrible accident that could happen in the situation and I was so embarrassed that I could barely sputter out “I’m sorry”. Not only that, but my face turned fifty shades of red that didn’t seem to go away even after he left! I was a sweaty, spazzy, beet-faced mess. Jeez…I’m getting flustered just thinking about it!

So, I totally get it. Embarrassing situations happen, some that are worse than others. But, if you know how to play it off, you’ll be able to handle your next oopsie like a pro.

Oops! Say Goodbye To Embarrassing Situations:

Being a human being can be really hard work. There are so many rules that we all have to follow and sometimes thing happen that are so embarrassing, we wish the floor could just swallow us whole. If you suffer at all from social anxiety then these horrendous occurrences are what keeps you from sleeping at night. But what you have to remember is that everyone suffers embarrassment. It happens to the best of us! Here are four pro tips for winning in an awkward situation.

  1. Burping in Public: This is the worst. Imagine you’re on a date with a guy  who you’ve been waiting for forever to ask you out. You enjoy pasta together and a couple of glasses of white wine. Just as you’re starting to take your flirting up a notch, you burp. Urgh! Ok, if this happens to you it’s important to remember that everyone does it (those who claim they don’t are lying!). Just cover your tracks and be honest with him – excuse your actions and try to laugh it off. If he’s a good guy then he’ll completely understand. A sense of humor is truly endearing.

*This is an occasion to not be like me and literally scream “EXCUSE ME” afterwards. I think it’s funny…my family and boyfriend? Not so much.*

  1. Food Stuck in Your Teeth: What is it about eating that ups the potential embarrassment factor by 100! Unless you are constantly checking a mirror then you won’t know if you have something in your teeth until you see it for yourself. If the people you’re with are feeling kind, they should tell you but if they don’t, that’s what public bathrooms are for! Excuse yourself after the meal, and double check your pearly whites in the mirror. Carrying some floss picks with you isn’t a bad idea, either (that’s what I do!).

But remember, it’s totally okay to just ask someone! There is nothing wrong or taboo about asking whomever you’re with about whether you have something stuck in your teeth. Just try to do it politely and subtly. I promise, it will be okay. 🙂


Don’t look at me!

  1. Getting Caught Short: Yeah, yeah laugh away but it can happen! Sometimes, it really is just a one time thing but other times it can actually be a medical issue. An overactive bladder can affect the best of us and if you are caught short it can be a nightmare. Coping with bladder incontinence is much easier if you make sure you have the right tools for the job. Make sure you’re always armed with your favorite panty liners and if things get really tricky, there are always adult briefs (better safe than sorry!) that you can buy. If you find you’re leaking more than normal make sure you take a trip to your friendly doctor who will be able to help you further.
  1. Forgetting Someone’s Name: We all lead busy lives and with social networking being so prominent, it’s easy to find yourself bombarded with names of people you barely know! If you’re in a social situation and you forget someone’s name (or you get their name wrong) then the easiest thing to do is just confront the problem and confess your error. Honestly, it’s sometimes easier and less awkward to admit you’re in the wrong and then laugh about it. I guarantee the person that you’re talking to has forgotten someone’s name before – they’ll completely understand. Make a joke about it!

*I forget people’s names frequently and I apologize in advance for it!*

What was one of your most embarrassing moments? What do you do to ease the embarrassment after an oopsie? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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Best Boyfriend Ever? Best Boyfriend Ever.

Best Boyfriend Ever? Best Boyfriend Ever.

Hello everyone and happy weekend! I know I mention my darling boyfriend, Kyle, quite frequently but I just can’t help it – he’s seriously the best. We had a wonderful day on Thursday together. Kyle accompanied me to the skating rink because every Thursday night I coach figure skating for the Special Olympics. Kyle got to meet all of my students and watch our hour long session and it warmed my bitter, cold, black heart. After practice we went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants followed by a Netflix movie session at his place. It really was a perfect day!

So cute, right? Kyle is the best boyfriend ever for many reasons, one of them being how forgiving he is. On Thursday one of the literal most embarrassing moments of our relationship occurred. I’m shocked that he didn’t dump me right then and there! It was all thanks to some precious cuddling and the fact that I’m getting over a nasty cold…Shameful.

Kyle and I were all snuggled up on the futon watching Not Another Teen Movie. My beau turned to say something to me and ended up resting his head on my shoulder for a spell. All the while, I was sniffling up a storm and trying to get my snot to go back up my nose. I bent my head slightly to make a stupid comment to him and then…it happened. My snotty nose began to drip drip drip right onto his face. I. Was. MORTIFIED.

I almost didn’t believe it happened until Kyle reached up to touch his face and ended up getting a handful of my snot. At this point, my nose was dripping like a goddamned faucet and I put a finger in each nostril, walrus-style, to plug up the leak. I ambushed him with apologies and luckily after telling him how much I disgust myself, we were able to laugh it off. But ohmygod, I could have DIED!

One of the things that I love so much about Kyle is his silly sense of humor so I am so happy that we were able to find the joke in my snot falling on his face. Our relationship is going stronger than ever and if Kyle is mad at me about it, he’s doing a good job of covering it up! And he also didn’t kick me out of his house right after the “incident” happened. SCORE!! ❤


^^^ Success Baby says it best!

I’m so lucky that I have the Best Boyfriend Ever and I’m so excited to see him again so I can drip more snot on him, maybe! What is the most embarrassing moment that has ever happened with your significant other? What is everyone up to this weekend? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Monday Update: Look Out Edition

Monday Update: Look Out Edition

Howdy everyone and happy Monday! I hope all of you had a fantastic Halloween weekend, I sure did! You know why I had a great weekend? Because for the most part I did absolutely nothing for the first time in weeks and it was AWESOME! Now that I’m all relaxed and ready to go, I’m here to bring you the Monday Update for the week so you guys can be on the Look Out for some exciting posts coming up in the near future!

Trades Of Hope: I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of my dear friends, Sarah White, to chat about the company that she works for, Trades Of Hope. TOH employs female artisans in third world countries and pays them a fair living wage for the creation of their beautiful accessories, home decor, and beauty items. On Tuesday, you can tune into http://www.lifewithlilred.com for the full article and the link to Sarah’s site where she’ll be hosting a TOH party for the next few weeks. When you make purchases through the party you have the opportunity to win free or discounted items and I strongly urge you to take advantage of it because everything is gorgeous! I was gifted with the Kala Necklace from Sarah and I’m obsessed! Take a look:


My necklace was made by artisans in India and I love it so much! Once again, I’ll be posting the article this Tuesday and the links for the party will be provided in the post!

John Patrick Halling: This past Thursday I was so excited to sit down and chat with an extremely talented musician fresh out of Kent, Ohio, John Patrick Halling. John Patrick is a blues/folk/country hybrid artist and he is simply fantastic. During our meeting we chatted about everything from his most recent tour (the Boy in the Water US tour), his style on stage, and what influences him as an artist and musician. Everything during our get together was just swell, until…..

Until I made the biggest fool of myself of all time!! When I meet with new clients, our talks usually happen interview style and I record everything on a Word document on my laptop. Basically, they talk and I type. John Patrick and I chatted for a solid thirty-five to forty minutes and once I had everything I needed, I told him he was good to go. We packed up our belongings and I said something along the lines of “let me save and exit” the document. Unfortunately, a classic case of “I shouldn’t have clicked that” happened because instead of saving and exiting, I accidentally just clicked exit. It was one of those things where you do what you were saying because you were saying it and since I had “exit” on my mind and tongue, it just kind of happened…It. Was. AWFUL.

Thankfully, John Patrick was SO nice about it and I was able to recall almost everything we talked about from memory. I stayed at the Starbucks we met at after he left and retyped everything and ended up with more than I started with. As soon as I got home, I got a draft of the article ready to go and the only things that needed corrected were the brand name of a hat, the location of a venue that he played a show at, and the name of a city. Since those were the only things that didn’t ring true, I’d say I did pretty well!

I’m so happy that the article is looking good so far but you guys have no idea how embarrassing it was! My best friend, Lea, and I have discussed how difficult it is to think of a moment that was truly cringe worthy but I think I found it with that unfortunate incident. But fear not! The article is almost done and is set to publish mid-November when John Patrick releases his music video for “If I Would’ve Known”. Until then, you can check out his music at: http://johnpatrickhalling.com/#/ and make sure you give his Facebook page a like at: https://www.facebook.com/JPHallingMusic/?fref=ts ! Seriously guys, make sure you give his music a listen because it really is wonderful and stay tuned for the article on Mister Halling which will be coming out soon!


^^^ My life.

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: Look Out Edition! I’m so excited to share these upcoming posts with you and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did working on them! How was everyone’s Halloween weekend? What did you do to celebrate? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah