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Dancing With The Stars Finale

Dancing With The Stars Finale

Hellooo everyone! I got roped back into Dancing With The Stars this season because one of my favorite figure skaters and personalities, Johnny Weir, was competing. I was looking forward to him taking the Mirror Ball trophy the entire season to redeem himself from his not so hot competitive skating circuit – especially his lackluster Olympic efforts.

Unfortunately, Johnny and my other favorite – the adorable Disney channel star, Skai Jackson, both got eliminated in the semi-finals which left Nelly, Nev Schulman, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Justina Machado competing to take the cake. To be honest, I would have been fine with anyone BUT Kaitlyn Bristowe winning so, naturally, she won. -_-

Due to a lack of cable TV in my apartment, I have been watching DWTS once it airs on Hulu, usually on Tuesday or Wednesday night. However, when I showed up to work at my family home Tuesday morning, I couldn’t stand the anticipation and had my parents tell me the winner. Y’all know I hate surprises!

After finding out that Kaitlyn had won, I didn’t have much of a desire to even watch the finale but I knew that Derek Hough was dancing and I really wanted to see that. I also watched the freestyle dances of Nev, Nelly, and Justina. In my opinion, Nev’s Broadway-esque dance to “Singing In The Rain” stole the show and it was exciting to behold because I have never seen anything like it on DWTS before.

Of course, no one beats Derek Hough and his performance was the major highlight of my finale viewing. That and the fact that my Johnny watched all of the dances with me and that was really nice because I had a rough week and it was fun to see him have his mind blown by Derek’s moves!

The entirety of the season, I didn’t care for the champion, Kaitlyn Bristowe, at all. I thought that she lacked the personality of a lot of the other competitors and it showed in her performances. There is no denying that she’s a great dancer but she just didn’t move me (ba dum chh) in any way shape or form.

I don’t plan on watching DWTS again unless there’s someone I really like competing. I did have a lot of fun watching this season, though, and it was nice to have something both creative and lighthearted to tune in to. Also, call me when Tyra Banks is no longer the hostess THANKS!

How did you feel about the DWTS finale? Who was your favorite couple this season? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah


What Have I Been Watching? Pt. 4

What Have I Been Watching? Pt. 4

Hello!! With COVID cases spiking dangerously in Ohio, Johnny and I are more hunkered down than ever. So, obviously, we have been getting a lot of use out of our streaming services of Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, and Shudder. Here is the best of what we have been watching recently:

Ils (Them):

First things first, sorry to my mom if she’s reading this because this French horror movie scared her so bad but it is one of my favorites. If you have Shudder, then you can watch Ils too. This crazy twist of a home invasion movie is what began my fondness for foreign films. I can remember when I first started learning French and I would watch this movie to practice, as the dialogue is quite limited. It felt so good to watch this several years later, completely understand it, and enjoy it just as much as the first time I saw it. Highly recommend for horror fans!


Johnny and I recently finished up the Canadian horror anthology Slasher and it was very good! So far, there are three seasons all with a different plot but some of the same cast members (like American Horror Story) and a fourth season is currently in the works. Slasher is equally entertaining as it is bloody and disgusting, drawing inspiration from lots of different… Well, slasher movies! I will say that season one was my favorite followed by season two, then three. However, each season was unique in its own way and it is a must for horror fans.


Another Canadian show that Johnny and I absolutely love is Letterkenny. Named after the small, fictional town in Canada the show is based in, Letterkenny follows a group of pals and all of their nonsense. From getting hammered, getting in fights, and participating in talent shows and adult spelling bees, there is literally never a not hilarious moment in this show. Each and every character is so funny and likeable in their own way but I am particularly fond of Stewart, Jonesy, and Riley! #ferda

Dancing With The Stars:

Finally, I am still going strong on watching Dancing With The Stars. Back in the day, I was an avid fan of the show but lost interest and haven’t seen it in several years. But, when I heard that Johnny Weir (one of my favorite figure skaters) was going to be competing, I was happy to step back into the ballroom.

Although I am enjoying DWTS, I am ready for it to be over lol. Don’t get me wrong, I love the performing, music, and costumes. However, I just can’t stand Tyra Banks as a hostess – she is so awful! I don’t plan on watching the next season unless there is someone who I really like on – but I am looking forward to seeing who comes out on top this season!

Which shows have you been binge watching? Do you have any movie or TV recommendations for me? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Guilty Pleasure: Dancing With The Stars Edition

Guilty Pleasure: Dancing With The Stars Edition

Hi! I have plenty of guilty pleasure TV shows that I am always eager to put on when I have the apartment to myself on Wednesday evenings. Johnny has band practice so when I get home from work I plop myself in front of the TV and binge to my heart’s content. We’re talking America’s Next Top Model, My 600 Lb. Life, Dr. Pimple Popper, and most recently: Dancing With The Stars.

I used to be a HUGE DWTS fan back in the day and would tune in season after season with my parents. This bonding time was officially dubbed “Middle Aged Monday” and I lived for it. Despite such fond memories of watching the show, I became uninterested after a while. I was so sick of all of the crappy reality stars and D list celebrities that the show just fell by the wayside.

However, when I learned that one of my favorite figure skaters, Johnny Weir, is competing this season, I snapped back like a rubber band and turned my free Wednesday evening into DWTS time. Because I haven’t been watching in forever and also COVID, I didn’t realize how much the show has changed.

Not only is Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews not hosting but Len Goodman is also not a judge, replaced by Derek Hough. Len will be popping in from time to time this season via video chat as it is not safe for him to travel from England at the moment. This switch is fine because I adore the Hough siblings. But if Tom and Erin aren’t hosting, then who is? Tyra Banks, of course.

Now, normally, when I hear “Tyra Banks”, I am stoked. I love her often times more than I love myself and I was ready to see her in action. Unfortunately, she was so GOTDAMN annoying I was almost ready to fast forward her talking. All she did was speak about herself, try to relate dancing to modeling, and give meaningless commentary. By the end of the episode, I had a Tom and Erin sized hole in my heart and felt completely unimpressed by this swap.

Despite not being a huge fan of the new hostess, I forgot how much fun DWTS is. The costumes, the fantastic music, excellent judges, uber talented pros, and (occasionally) enticing celebrities makes for TV heaven for me. I so enjoyed seeing stars like Johnny Weir, Nelly, AJ McLean, Skai Jackson, and Nev Schulman take the floor and all it made me want to do was take up ballroom dancing myself.

Dancing With The Stars is a perfect show for me to put on after work because I can still get chores done and make my dinner during celebrities I don’t care about. I’m already ready for them to “trim the fat” by eliminating the people who don’t have a change in hell of winning. But, for now, I am okay with sitting back and watching the spectacle. 🙂

Do you watch Dancing With The Stars? Who do you think is going to win this season? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

An Open Letter To DWTS

An Open Letter To DWTS

I admit it. I freaking LOVE Dancing With The Stars. As often as I can, I’ll tune in for my “Middle Aged Monday” routine of watching the program. So far, I’ve loved season 22 and have been enamored by the hunky Nyle DiMarco who showcases an amazing talent for ballroom dancing and just so happens to be hearing impaired. His challenge leaves the judges and sometimes myself included wondering just how in the hell he can express such gorgeous musicality without being able to hear one note of the songs being played. Despite this incredible talent that Nyle possesses, I’ve been utterly disappointed by the interactions seen throughout the show between Nyle and cast mates. There is an apparent lack of person first speaking and complete disrespect…Most surprisingly from his partner, Peta Murgatroyd. Allow me to explain:

Throughout the season, I’ve noticed Peta’s continuous instinct to talk over Nyle as if he can’t answer for himself when being spoken to by the judges or hostess, Erin Andrews. This instinct to jump the gun and open her mouth before Nyle can even begin to start answering in ASL comes across as pushy and disrespectful. I was also completely disturbed by the ease of which she referred to her partner as “the deaf guy” on this Monday’s show. As soon as those words escaped from her mouth, my jaw dropped to the ground.

Excuse me? The deaf guy? You mean your partner? I couldn’t believe that she had the audacity to refer to her partner and supposed friend in such a degrading way simply based on if he can hear or not. I was also kind of disgusted by the fact that she said this while speaking alone to the cameras because that just leaves you to wonder if Nyle even knows that he’s being referred to in such a demeaning matter.

One of the first rules that you learn when you’re working with people with a challenge of any kind is to utilize “person first speaking”. IE: Not “the blind person” but “the person who has a visual impairment”. By referring to Nyle as “the deaf guy” was essentially letting the world know that she only sees her partner as being defined by his disability. Not by his personality, his staggering good looks (wink!), or his ability as a dancer.

I commend Peta for her hard work on teaching Nyle how to ballroom dance and her excellent choreography. However, all of her accomplishments as his partner is being dragged through the mud by her blatant insensitivity which is showcased in her constant need to speak over him and by degrading her so called friend. Before Dancing With The Stars chooses to bring on another celebrity with any kind of disability I suggest some major sensitivity training for all parties involved on the show. I’m honestly baffled that nothing has been done yet with such obvious cases this season and DWTS is definitely losing the respect of an avid fan.

Bindi Irwin – DWTS Season 21 Champion

Bindi Irwin – DWTS Season 21 Champion

Hellooo everyone and happy Hump Day! Last night the darling seventeen year old, Bindi Irwin, was crowned the champion of Dancing With The Stars season 21. Bindi and her partner and now six time champion Derek Hough hoisted the source of envy throughout the season, the Mirror Ball Trophy, and celebrated with the entire season 21 cast after their win. Bindi beat out former Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, and American hero, Alek Skarlatos, who finished second and third, respectively.

Bindi danced her way into the hearts of millions including myself and my parents who enjoyed watching her so much this season. The charming young Aussie animal lover with the infectious laugh and personality graced the dance floor every week with innovative routines that were visually appealing and technically beautiful. And with a partner like Derek Hough – what could go wrong?! Hubba hubba.

I simply adore Bindi Irwin and think that she is such a fantastic role model for people everywhere. Her outstanding work ethic and sunny outlook on life is something that everyone can take note of. I tip my cap to Miss Irwin and like everyone has parroted throughout this season, her father really would be so proud of her. Here’s to you Bindi: Season 21 DWTS champion!

^^^ SO sweet!

I hope all of you are having a fantastic day so far! Who watched this season of Dancing With The Stars? Are you glad that Bindi was crowned champion? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Woman Crush Wednesday: Julianne Hough Edition

Woman Crush Wednesday: Julianne Hough Edition

Heyyy everyone and welcome to the newest edition of Woman Crush Wednesday – Julianne Hough style! The darling and newly engaged Miss Hough has been the apple of my eye ever since her Dancing With The Stars debut so it only seems right to feature her as Lil Red’s #WCW. Take a look at my all time favorite dance that she ever performed on DWTS and then let’s discuss:

Dear Julianne Hough,

Oh Julianne, you precious tiny dancer, you. I admire your immense talent on the dance floor so very much. You make the most difficult dances look effortless and I had a blast watching you win the Dancing With The Stars mirror ball trophy with Apolo Anton Ohno and Helio Castroneves. It’s a family tradition over at casa da la Lil Red to watch DWTS together and we always rooted for you! I am so happy that you’re back on the show to share your expertise on the judges panel and to occasionally grace the dance floor with your presence. It has been such a joy to watch your transformation from a sweet young woman to a sassy and fabulous goddess! I love your elegant yet fierce style and your ever changing hair! You are just SO beautiful – hubba hubba, lady! Thank you for allowing your bubbly personality into our homes every Monday night during Dancing With The Stars. And most importantly, thank you for being such an amazing role model and inspiration to performers (and people in general) everywhere. I LOVE YOU!!!!


^^^ OMG, could that pic of Julianne cuddling a puppy be any more adorable?! I think not!

So there you have it, this week’s Woman Crush Wednesday: Julianne Hough Edition! Who is everyone’s #WCW this week? What is your all time favorite Julianne Hough moment on DWTS? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

I Love Mondays – Seriously!

I Love Mondays – Seriously!

I never EVER thought I’d say this….but I love Mondays. I do, I do. Monday is the day I get all of my assignments in for my online classes at Tri-C and it just so happens that my schedule at Next usually allows for me to be off on Mondays, since I work all weekend. So for me, Monday turns into a day of sleeping in until whenever I want, lounging in sweats, wearing no makeup, and working on college assignments in bed. It’s the BEST. All of the assignments I get on Monday morning usually aren’t due until Sunday night, but because I’m off all day I try to get as much done as possible. I did a buttload of reading today, I’m talking over 100 pages in a textbook buttload. It sucked. But my diligence in completing the chapters and taking notes then going back through and highlighting them paid off. I got a 100 on my quiz for the week! My first perfect score of my college career! I was so freaking proud. I may be attending school in an unconventional way but I’m still just as much of a student as the kids attending school on campus. Getting that score proved this to me, and for the first time I really do feel like a college student. After about six hours of nonstop reading and note taking, I called it quits. Now I only have an essay to complete which isn’t due until the 16th – which is awesome considering I have NO clue what to write about. We have to write an essay explaining a concept to the reader. I’ve been racking my brains all day for a good concept to write about and I’m drawing a blank. Everything that there is to write about is just so broad and I’m having a really hard time narrowing stuff down to just one general idea. If any of you guys have any topics that you think might work for a college composition class, please let me know!

Today was full of educating and beautifying myself. After I wrapped up all of my school work, it was time for some pampering. My eyebrows were in desperate need of a good pluckin’ and thankfully my sister is the queen of the tweezers. That girl can shape up eyebrows like nobody’s business. After my brows were shaped to perfection, it was time to dye my hair. I like to dye my hair every month to keep my red nice and vibrant. As I’ve mentioned before, I use the Runway Red coloring in Vidal Sassoon’s London Luxe collection.


This stuff is seriously MAGIC. It’s a must for any redhead that’s looking for bright, bold, “look at me” hair. I’m not lying or exaggerating when I say that my hair turns out identical to the color example on the box. This is also the color that I paid a lot of money to get month after month in a salon. You can’t beat five dollars a month for a box of color and salon quality results! Today I also began using Biore’s Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser.


I must say that this stuff is FABULOUS. A sample of this cleanser was available in a magazine I was reading, so I ripped it out and gave it a try. I kid you not, that after one use almost all of my blackheads were eliminated. I knew that I had to have this cleanser in my arsenal of skin care products, so the next day I went to Target and purchased it. I have four piercings on my nose, two on each nostril and that’s where I tend to get a lot of blackheads. After I used the cleanser tonight, I took a look in the mirror and all of the blemishes around my piercings were gone. The charcoal in this product attracts all the dirt and grime like a magnet and leaves your skin invigorated with a rush of an icy chill. I can’t recommend this cleanser enough.

I forgot to mention the comfy cozy feeling I’ve had all day in my new sweats from Aerie.


I’ve been snuggled up in these bad boys all day while working and pampering. I’ve been in desperate need of new sweat pants, as I haven’t bought a new pair in over two years since I don’t really feel the need. Especially when my sister’s vast collection of Victoria’s Secret yoga pants is right down the hall! But finally I purchased these sweats in the heather grey and in tan when I made my way to the mall a few nights ago. Both colors of the sweats were marked down 60% off, so I got both of them for about twenty-four dollars! You can’t beat that! If you go on http://www.aerie.com you can find these sweats and a bunch of other cute fall sale items for a crazy good deal! You may have noticed that I have a new book I’ve started reading in my sweat pant picture. I started Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson last night which was a big mistake because I couldn’t put it down! I’m about forty pages in, so I’m not far enough to give you guys a good synopsis of what’s going on, but expect an article by the time I’m half way through it!

So there you have it, my Monday Funday! Make sure you guys check in for my review of Dancing With The Stars tonight since it’s Middle Aged Monday. And if you have a good topic to write about for a concept essay, leave me a comment and let’s chat! Have a good night! -Sarah

Dancing With The Stars – Week 7 (Halloween Episode!)

Dancing With The Stars – Week 7 (Halloween Episode!)

It was Halloween night in the ballroom of ABC Family’s Dancing With The Stars tonight, and it was full of frightening fun! Ghouls, goblins, and zombies took the stage for some scary good…and not so good performances! Here’s a few of the dances that took the cake for me tonight:

Bethany and Derek’s Paso Doble: I’ve never commended Bethany before in my dances of the night, because I’ve never really cared to. But OMG. This little lady was FANTASTIC tonight. I loved this Paso! It was dark, mature, edgy, and so freaking cool. I felt like I was watching a diva queen Little Red Riding Hood with Maleficent hair perform. This routine was the perfect mix of Halloween fun and Paso technique. Not once did I feel like Bethany was being over shadowed or couldn’t handle the theatrics or additional performers in the routine. Derek Hough is too good for words. His choreography and concept ideas are one in a million. I was in love with the red hooded drummers and the creepy soundtrack to this dance. Drop dead gorgeous.

Alfonso and Witney’s Rumba: I feel like I give a shout out to this team every week, but I can’t help myself. They’re my absolute favorite and this Rumba was gorgeous. This routine was a much quicker pace than the Rumba’s we’re used to on DWTS and I loved it. The quick tempo gave this dance an entirely fresh feel but it still held true to traditional Rumba lines, moves, and content. Miss Witney looked absolutely beautiful tonight – like a ghostly little angel! And Alfonso can swerve his hips for days! Lord have mercy!!!! Also, congratulations are in order to him and his expecting wife!

Unfortunately, these were the only two dances that really stuck out for me tonight. If you’ve read my previous reviews of DWTS, you’ll know that I don’t particularly care for Lea and Artem. Their Argentine Tango wasn’t bad tonight, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. Artem’s choreography was unique and different and I can appreciate that, however I didn’t care for the routine. And just because I didn’t give a special shout out to Tommy and Peta tonight, doesn’t mean I didn’t like his performance! His Quickstep was filled with cheeky fun and his kicks and flicks were on point! Bruno was right, “the seasoned magician still has a few tricks up his sleeve!” The Old Black Magic was definitely working in Tommy and Peta’s favor tonight. Mr. Tommy is the oldest celebrity at seventy-six to make it this far in the competition, so major props to him!

Now, onto my critiques and personal opinions of the dances I was not so thrilled with:

Sadie and Mark’s Paso Doble: In the words of my father, who I watch DWTS faithfully with every Monday night: “What was that?” Miss girl was absolutely over powered by this routine. Quite frankly, I can’t take a serious dance like the Paso seriously from a girl holding a teddy bear and a zombie. There was SO much happening in this routine, from the additional dancers and set changes that you could barely even tell what this dance was. It’s really too bad, because when given the opportunity to dance the Paso, the stars are given a chance to show their ability. Unfortunately, this routine showed no ability at all because of the business of the production. Whomp whomp.

Janel and Val’s Viennese Waltz: I actually quite liked the idea of this dance, but there wasn’t a lot of content in the routine. When the dancing was happening, I thought it looked terrific and Janel looked fabulous. That was actually my main and only thought on that performance. Aside from the fact that whomever was performing the song Secret by The Pierces sounded AWFUL. Squeaky squeaky squeakyyyyy. -_______- Having said that, Val looked fine as usual! I wouldn’t mind having a Val doll of my own! ;))

Michael and Emma’s Jive: Oh sweet lord. First off, let me say: I LOVE Michael. I think he’s hilarious, and he tries his best, and I’m a fan. But let’s face it. It’s week eight now, and like Len, I’m absolutely shocked that Michael is still truckin on through the competition. I respect the fact that he gives his all into every routine, but there’s a lot of people who got eliminated who could dance a whole lot better than him. It’s almost unfair that Jonathan and Antonio got the boot before him. Not saying that they were going to win, but they had a lot more to offer to the show. But clearly the fans love this team, so who am I to judge?! The only things I could think of while watching this Jive was “oh my god” (and not in the good way!) and of this classic SNL skit starring Will Ferrell where he happens to sing “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”.

So there you have it, my humble opinions on this Halloween themed episode of Dancing With The Stars. What was your favorite performance tonight? Do you think it was fair that Antonio got eliminated? Who do you think is going to win this season? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! Goodnight. -Sarah

Dancing With The Stars – Week 6

Dancing With The Stars – Week 6

Twas a fantastic Latin filled night on Dancing With The Stars tonight, AKA Middle Aged Monday, AKA MAM. There were a lot of hits and a lot of misses with our stars tonight, so let’s talk about some of the routines that I loved:

Jonathan & Allison (Jazz): This Men in Black themed routines was so much FUN! What a major improvement from the teams herky jerky Jive last week. Jonathan was sharp and each move was on point. Allison’s choreography was really fantastic as well, so shout out to her. There was some really cool fight scene inspired moves that I really appreciated. And can we talk about the lifts?! So clean! Jonathan had Allison in hold and he was NOT letting go. Not once did I worry that she was going to get dropped in the middle of a lift like I did last week. Unfortunately, sweet Jonathan’s improvement was too little too late, as he got eliminated tonight – but I commend him for this performance just the same. It was very, very grool. 🙂

Alfonso & Witney (Salsa): First of all, DYING over Alfonso stating that “I hurt my groin doing the Carlton”. Not laughing at his injury of course, that’s a shame, and I hope he recovers soon BUT I just think it’s so goofy that Alfonso got hurt from Calton-ing just a little too hard! I really just love Witney and Alfonso as a team in general. I think Witney is the most precious little thing in the world and her choreography is so fun and fresh. This Salsa was a booty-licious routine, but I do agree with Judge Julianne Hough on the fact that it was a little too much hip hop and not enough Salsa. In further performances I would love to see Witney delve deeper into more traditional routines, because Alfonso is so capable of doing them – as we could see last week during the switch up with Cheryl. You can see their Flamenco routine below:

Sadie & Mark (Rumba): Alright. Everyone who follows my blog knows that I don’t care for Sadie OR her family. However, this Rumba was FANTASTIC. I thought it was so sweet and I applaud Mark for choreographing the dance to make it so. Sadie’s lines in this routine was just gorgeous. Her limbs are so long that it looked like they reached for miles. Carrie Anne said that the teams Rumba was age appropriate, and I completely agree. Sadie is seventeen, if I’m not mistaken, and I thought that this dance was just lovely for a young woman.

Now, onto the dances that I didn’t care for, starting with:

Antonio & Cheryl (Salsa): Through out this entire season, I’ve never really been “blown away” by Antonio. This Salsa was kind of slow for me, and I feel like this season’s heart throb is just so stiff and uncomfortable in his dancing. He had the opportunity tonight to let loose and dance a sexy routine with the gorgeous Cheryl, and it just fell short. In other news, well wishes to Cheryl’s dad who suffered a seizure this past week. Good thoughts are being sent the Burke family’s way!

Lea & Artem (Salsa): There were some parts of this routine that were really fabulous. Specifically the lifts! Lea looked like an acrobat in Artem’s arms and she made it look so easy. So for that, you go girl! Having said that, and in agreement with the judges, Lea looked SO uncomfortable during this Salsa. Her face looked like a deer in headlights and there were some really awkward parts during this performance. When Lea separated into her solo with a bevy of female dancers, she did this really weird squatting move where she basically lifted her skirt up. Not cute. Not classy.

Tommy & Peta (Foxtrot): Don’t get me wrong, I love Tommy – I really do. But these past few weeks he’s been slipping. The judges unanimously agreed that Tommy improved from his disastrous switch up routine last week – and he did…but not by much. This performance was filled with missteps and mistakes that made their Foxtrot look quite choppy, rather than a continuous flow of movement. This opinion doesn’t take away from how much respect I have for Tommy though, he’s seventy-six years old and still doing the damn thing! I also have to add, that Miss Peta looked drop dead GORGEOUS tonight in her fuchsia dress! What a stunner. AND Cloris Leachman’s cameo in Tommy’s rehearsal package was hysterical! Too funny.

What did everyone think of tonight’s routines? What was your favorite performance? What was your least favorite? Did Jonathan deserve to go home in tonight’s elimination? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! Goodnight:) -Sarah

Dancing With The Stars – Week 4!

Dancing With The Stars – Week 4!

It was a solid Middle Aged Monday tonight as we entered week four in Dancing With The Stars. Tonight was the “most memorable year” theme, and there were quite a few dances that really moved me. One of them being Lea Thompson’s Contemporary dance to honor her father. The story of her dance was extremely touching. The year that was most memorable for Thompson was the year of her father’s passing. Herself and her family found out that he had a cancer that spread basically everywhere in his body, and he only had about a week to live. On each day of this week, the family celebrated his birthday, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. On the final night of the Christmas celebration, Lea’s father got himself up from his seat and began dancing with her. While Thompson told this story in her package, I cried like a baby. This was SO moving to me, and even more so, as I had my father by my side while watching this. (As you know in my previous posts I mention watching DWTS with my daddy.) I don’t particularly care for Lea Thompson, but this performance definitely was beautifully done, and I really appreciated it. With an almost perfect score of 39, it appears everyone else enjoyed it too! Another dance that I found very emotionally driven and lovely was Janel Parrish’s Rumba to honor her mentor and friend who passed from breast cancer. Usually I don’t care for any of the slower dances performed on DWTS, bring on the sassy sambas and cha chas, but tonight was filled with such beautiful stories that it was hard to ignore these tributes. Miss Parrish can MOVE! The lines in her dancing and the shapes she creates are really stunning – and she looked like an absolute angel tonight. So so gorgeous. One person who I’m particularly sick of this season is Sadie Robertson of the Duck Dynasty family. Lord have mercy on me. Her and her family kind of make me sick. She mentions her father having to approve all of her costumes and whatnot almost every episode – but I’m not really sure how her dad can approve of his daughter gyrating up a storm on national television. It’s actually quite hypocritical. But that’s all I’m going to say about it, because I could voice my opinions on the views of that family for hours. The lovely Miss Betsey Johnson was eliminated tonight, which was so sad! I absolutely love her. Miss girl can move for being 72 years old!!! She was such a bundle of life and joy, and she was so much fun to watch. I definitely applaud her dancing and her vivacious spirit! It was definitely a fun Middle Aged Monday, and I’m looking forward to the celebrity switch up next week!

Where are all of my DWTS fans at? How did you feel about tonights’ episode? Who are your favorites? Who do you hope gets eliminated next week? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! Goodnight. -Sarah