Dancing With The Stars – Week 6

Dancing With The Stars – Week 6

Twas a fantastic Latin filled night on Dancing With The Stars tonight, AKA Middle Aged Monday, AKA MAM. There were a lot of hits and a lot of misses with our stars tonight, so let’s talk about some of the routines that I loved:

Jonathan & Allison (Jazz): This Men in Black themed routines was so much FUN! What a major improvement from the teams herky jerky Jive last week. Jonathan was sharp and each move was on point. Allison’s choreography was really fantastic as well, so shout out to her. There was some really cool fight scene inspired moves that I really appreciated. And can we talk about the lifts?! So clean! Jonathan had Allison in hold and he was NOT letting go. Not once did I worry that she was going to get dropped in the middle of a lift like I did last week. Unfortunately, sweet Jonathan’s improvement was too little too late, as he got eliminated tonight – but I commend him for this performance just the same. It was very, very grool. 🙂

Alfonso & Witney (Salsa): First of all, DYING over Alfonso stating that “I hurt my groin doing the Carlton”. Not laughing at his injury of course, that’s a shame, and I hope he recovers soon BUT I just think it’s so goofy that Alfonso got hurt from Calton-ing just a little too hard! I really just love Witney and Alfonso as a team in general. I think Witney is the most precious little thing in the world and her choreography is so fun and fresh. This Salsa was a booty-licious routine, but I do agree with Judge Julianne Hough on the fact that it was a little too much hip hop and not enough Salsa. In further performances I would love to see Witney delve deeper into more traditional routines, because Alfonso is so capable of doing them – as we could see last week during the switch up with Cheryl. You can see their Flamenco routine below:

Sadie & Mark (Rumba): Alright. Everyone who follows my blog knows that I don’t care for Sadie OR her family. However, this Rumba was FANTASTIC. I thought it was so sweet and I applaud Mark for choreographing the dance to make it so. Sadie’s lines in this routine was just gorgeous. Her limbs are so long that it looked like they reached for miles. Carrie Anne said that the teams Rumba was age appropriate, and I completely agree. Sadie is seventeen, if I’m not mistaken, and I thought that this dance was just lovely for a young woman.

Now, onto the dances that I didn’t care for, starting with:

Antonio & Cheryl (Salsa): Through out this entire season, I’ve never really been “blown away” by Antonio. This Salsa was kind of slow for me, and I feel like this season’s heart throb is just so stiff and uncomfortable in his dancing. He had the opportunity tonight to let loose and dance a sexy routine with the gorgeous Cheryl, and it just fell short. In other news, well wishes to Cheryl’s dad who suffered a seizure this past week. Good thoughts are being sent the Burke family’s way!

Lea & Artem (Salsa): There were some parts of this routine that were really fabulous. Specifically the lifts! Lea looked like an acrobat in Artem’s arms and she made it look so easy. So for that, you go girl! Having said that, and in agreement with the judges, Lea looked SO uncomfortable during this Salsa. Her face looked like a deer in headlights and there were some really awkward parts during this performance. When Lea separated into her solo with a bevy of female dancers, she did this really weird squatting move where she basically lifted her skirt up. Not cute. Not classy.

Tommy & Peta (Foxtrot): Don’t get me wrong, I love Tommy – I really do. But these past few weeks he’s been slipping. The judges unanimously agreed that Tommy improved from his disastrous switch up routine last week – and he did…but not by much. This performance was filled with missteps and mistakes that made their Foxtrot look quite choppy, rather than a continuous flow of movement. This opinion doesn’t take away from how much respect I have for Tommy though, he’s seventy-six years old and still doing the damn thing! I also have to add, that Miss Peta looked drop dead GORGEOUS tonight in her fuchsia dress! What a stunner. AND Cloris Leachman’s cameo in Tommy’s rehearsal package was hysterical! Too funny.

What did everyone think of tonight’s routines? What was your favorite performance? What was your least favorite? Did Jonathan deserve to go home in tonight’s elimination? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! Goodnight:) -Sarah

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