Dancing With The Stars – Week 4!

Dancing With The Stars – Week 4!

It was a solid Middle Aged Monday tonight as we entered week four in Dancing With The Stars. Tonight was the “most memorable year” theme, and there were quite a few dances that really moved me. One of them being Lea Thompson’s Contemporary dance to honor her father. The story of her dance was extremely touching. The year that was most memorable for Thompson was the year of her father’s passing. Herself and her family found out that he had a cancer that spread basically everywhere in his body, and he only had about a week to live. On each day of this week, the family celebrated his birthday, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. On the final night of the Christmas celebration, Lea’s father got himself up from his seat and began dancing with her. While Thompson told this story in her package, I cried like a baby. This was SO moving to me, and even more so, as I had my father by my side while watching this. (As you know in my previous posts I mention watching DWTS with my daddy.) I don’t particularly care for Lea Thompson, but this performance definitely was beautifully done, and I really appreciated it. With an almost perfect score of 39, it appears everyone else enjoyed it too! Another dance that I found very emotionally driven and lovely was Janel Parrish’s Rumba to honor her mentor and friend who passed from breast cancer. Usually I don’t care for any of the slower dances performed on DWTS, bring on the sassy sambas and cha chas, but tonight was filled with such beautiful stories that it was hard to ignore these tributes. Miss Parrish can MOVE! The lines in her dancing and the shapes she creates are really stunning – and she looked like an absolute angel tonight. So so gorgeous. One person who I’m particularly sick of this season is Sadie Robertson of the Duck Dynasty family. Lord have mercy on me. Her and her family kind of make me sick. She mentions her father having to approve all of her costumes and whatnot almost every episode – but I’m not really sure how her dad can approve of his daughter gyrating up a storm on national television. It’s actually quite hypocritical. But that’s all I’m going to say about it, because I could voice my opinions on the views of that family for hours. The lovely Miss Betsey Johnson was eliminated tonight, which was so sad! I absolutely love her. Miss girl can move for being 72 years old!!! She was such a bundle of life and joy, and she was so much fun to watch. I definitely applaud her dancing and her vivacious spirit! It was definitely a fun Middle Aged Monday, and I’m looking forward to the celebrity switch up next week!

Where are all of my DWTS fans at? How did you feel about tonights’ episode? Who are your favorites? Who do you hope gets eliminated next week? Leave me a comment and let’s chat! Goodnight. -Sarah

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