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5 Ways To Treat Your Dad This Father’s Day

5 Ways To Treat Your Dad This Father’s Day

Switch up Father’s Day this year by creating an unforgettable day geared specifically toward your dad’s preferences, likes, and wants. From exclusive experiences and thoughtful gifts to delicious meals and heartwarming moments – here are five ideas to ensure it stands the test of time:

Take Him On An Adventure:

How about organizing a day trip to one of your nearest national parks for a leisurely hike and picnic lunch? Alternatively, you could book him an adrenaline-inducing activity such as skydiving or bungee jumping for him to experience! Indulging in activities that excite him, and treating him to a day all about his favorite hobbies, will help create a memorable experience he’ll never forget.

Get Him Something Unique:

Father’s Day is an opportunity to show your father just how much you value him, and one way is by getting him something unique. From jewelry and watches to tech gadgets and lifestyle accessories like a drone, there’s sure to be an item or two out there that would bring a smile and add excitement to his everyday life! Giving something you think your dad wouldn’t buy for himself will always be an awesome Father’s Day surprise. You could even try to find a Rolex for sale that he has been ogling since forever!

Plan A Special Meal:

Enjoying a wonderful meal together is one of the easiest yet most meaningful ways you can show your dad just how much he means to you. Try planning breakfast-in-bed, dinner at his favorite spot, or even something truly original, like making him something yourself that honors his heritage or favorite cuisine. Spending time enjoying meals together will bring great pleasure on all sides!

Spend Quality Time Together:

Sometimes the greatest gifts don’t come wrapped up neatly – show your father just how much he means to you by setting aside quality time just between the two of you. Plan an afternoon of golf together or invite him over for homemade treats and old classic family movies at your place; whatever it may be, both of you can relax while reconnecting.

Write Him A Letter:

Father’s Day provides the ideal opportunity to show your dad how much he means to you by writing him an emotional, heartfelt letter. Express how proud of him you are; recall fond memories together and express how important he is to you; even include photos as an extra special gesture! Your letter can become something lasting which will always remind him how special the love you share is! A thoughtful letter makes an everlasting keepsake that can be looked back upon with fondness for years afterward.

No matter how you spend Father’s Day, enjoy yourselves! Whether you’re out for an adventure or a low key day, the time spent together is the most important thing!

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Pansy Party

Pansy Party

Hi! My dad is an avid and exceptional gardener but, unfortunately, broke his arm and dislocated his shoulder about a month ago. Needless to say, his injury put a huge damper on his plans for his flower and vegetable garden this spring and summer so everyone in my family has stepped in to help make it happen anyways. This past week, I spent some time outside with my dad planting pansies while he oversaw the process and we are both very pleased with the outcome of our first project! Check it out:

I used to love helping my dad in the garden when I was younger and our afternoon planting flowers brought me back to those happy times in the sunshine with him. He was so sweet to provide gardening gloves for me to protect my talons with and it felt really good to metaphorically get my hands dirty and make something beautiful grow. Our pansy patch was a team effort and my dad and I planned the layout together and I dug the holes while he removed the flowers from their containers.

I absolutely love pansies because I remember helping my dad plant them back in the day and my grandma used to have them growing outside of her funeral home. I feel so proud every time I see our completed project in my parent’s yard and it immediately brings me back to the time I spent with my dad making it happen.

We gardened on the most glorious spring day and it was a blast to enjoy the weather and talk and laugh about anything and everything. In fact, it was so warm out that day that I was wearing shorts and my legs got pretty filthy. Just like in my youth, my dad helped me hose off all of the dirt once the flowers were planted and it was the perfect way to end our Pansy Party. I can’t wait to start our spring veggie garden next!

What is your favorite outdoor activity? What do you plan on growing in your garden this year? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Dear Old Dad

Dear Old Dad

So I know I talk about my mom frequently on here, but I feel like I rarely mention my dad. I figured now would be a great time to introduce him to all of my fabulous readers considering an incident occurred with him today that paints a perfect picture of who he is as a person. Before you read this little story, there’s a few things that you should know about my dad…He’s a quiet man who rarely shows any type of emotion. Despite his stoic facade, his love for his family is so evident. This afternoon I was outside reading on the deck, which is so gorgeous because my pops has planted countless flowers, vegetables, and other plants in pots on the deck or in the soil surrounding it. While I was reading, my dad came out to water all of his plant children because it’s been super dry in my neck of the woods this past week. After he was done watering his plants, he sat down on the stairs of our deck that overlook our spacious backyard. Something told me that I really needed to sit down beside him and talk – or if anything just enjoy the beauty of all of the plants that he brought life to. I’m not gonna lie – I’m in a mood today. I had a not so ideal time on a date yesterday, and I’m SO hungry (which you guys know all about if you read my last post “Monday Update: Mehhh Edition”). Because of my lack of eating, I’ve been having dizzy spells and a pounding headache all day, so it felt so good to just sit down and rest my head on my dad’s shoulder. Usually with my dad I have to initiate the conversation to get him talking, but he said the first word which was kind of shocking. After my dad nonchalantly brought up his pure hatred for our neighbors, who we’ve had an ongoing feud with since we moved into my neighborhood, we discussed this further for a solid fifteen minutes. (Our neighbors despise us enough that they planted a line of evergreen trees on our property line to block their view of our home.) My dad then proceeded to tell me this story about how him and the patriarch of the household were talking shit to each other and my dad straight up told the guy “you’ll be dead before the trees are big enough to block your view”. Hahahaha! I’ve never heard this story before and it was SO funny to me. After we had our ice breaker conversation of thoroughly putting down our neighbors, I told him that my hang out with this one guy didn’t go so hot yesterday. I felt like it would be better to discuss this with my dad, who doesn’t have an emotional bone in his body as opposed to my mom who would drown me with a million questions about the day. I’m glad I followed my instinct to tell my dad, because he literally said one thing about my confession and it was “You should really join farmersonly.com”. He then told me to get up so I could test out the hammock that he put out over the weekend. Baffled by his last ridiculous comment about me finding a nice “country boy” on a dating site for “good ol’ country folk” (as their commercial boasts), what else could I do? I got up and followed him to the hammock which he helped me on so my clumsy self wouldn’t fall off. Once I was on, I laid down and my dad pushed the hammock back and forth and let me be a whiny twenty year old girl until I felt like going inside. I’m so glad that I had my sunglasses on so he wouldn’t see me crying, but I just couldn’t help it – that’s how much that moment with my dad meant to me.

There was something so incredible to me about this exchange that I had with my dad. I really can’t recall the last time that I had a real “father/daughter” moment with him and I was so surprised that I didn’t have to prompt him to show me affection. Seriously as soon as I mentioned my not so good day yesterday it was like something clicked inside of him. I could feel him wanting to give me a special experience after a not so good one – and thanks to my dad, I immediately felt better. I know my dad doesn’t read my blog, but if he just happens to stumble upon this post – then this is me telling him that I love him so much and that I’ll never ever forget our afternoon together on the deck…And yes, I’m absolutely crying as I type this. ❀

^^^ I feel like I post this video a lot, but it’s my favorite song in the world so I don’t care. My dad was the one who introduced me to U2 when I was a little girl and they remain my favorite band to this day. “Beautiful Day” truly emanates pure joy and with a few simple but powerful gestures my dad got me feeling happy again – so this ones for you dad. Thank you.

I hope all of you are having a terrific Memorial Day! Fair warning, my summer classes start tomorrow so you probably won’t be hearing from me. But as always, you know how to get a hold of me through my comment section or via email! Questions? Concerns? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah