Top Four Ways To Protect Yourself From The Wider Effects Of Coronavirus

Top Four Ways To Protect Yourself From The Wider Effects Of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is sweeping the globe, and it doesn’t matter who you are, it affects you. There is a lot of advice out there for the obvious ways to protect yourself and how to deal with symptoms, but what about all of the other things coronavirus is responsible for? Check out our list of the top four ways to protect yourself from the broader effects of coronavirus:

Claiming what you’re eligible for:

Whether this is through work or the government, make sure you know precisely what is out there and whether you can claim for it or not. If you are eligible, claim! Don’t hold yourself back because you think someone else might need it more, or because you don’t want to be a burden. If you’re entitled to it, ask for it.

Disability insurance:

Disability insurance can be a great way of covering yourself throughout a pandemic, like coronavirus. Coronavirus (or COVID-19) is included in some disability insurance policies. Go through your paperwork and ensure your provider will cover you. Some kinds of insurance policies will cover you through the death of a loved one. Out of all the deaths caused by coronavirus, 1% is of people under 50. If you have to take care of someone seriously ill or go into isolation or quarantine, this can create a need to claim on your insurance.

Mental health:

It’s not just your household’s physical health that you need to look after. Being in quarantine or on lock down has a massive impact on your mental health. It can cause depression, anxiety, and stress, as well as creating frustration and irritability. If you’re cooped up with family, roommates, or even just pets, you’re likely to get cross with someone eventually. Trying out calming techniques like meditation and mindfulness can really help. It’s also worth encouraging discussion of your emotions as a family. Frequently remind your household that everyone is tense because of lock down, and if someone does snap, everyone else should try not to take it too personally.

Balance your consumption of the news:

Following the news has never been more critical. You need to know what the government is currently advising and what the latest updates are, but you don’t need to know every last detail if this upsets you. Obsessing over the news won’t help you, but locking yourself in a bubble is not the way to cope, either. Limit yourself to checking a reputable news source once or twice a day — coronavirus news doesn’t move much faster than that anyway.

Avoid sources that are not major news providers or your government. It’s best to stay well away from the speculation on social media. If it keeps appearing on your dash, block the keywords or tags, or unfollow whoever is posting it. Use social media to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues, and to pass the time in a fun and pleasant way.

Stay safe and follow these four tips to get through the coronavirus pandemic.

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