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Comfy Cozy Thxgiving OOTD Bloopers

Comfy Cozy Thxgiving OOTD Bloopers

Hello everyone and welcome to the blooper reel from my Comfy Cozy Thxgiving OOTD! For three Thanksgivings, I served three separate looks and now it’s time to check out the pics that most definitely didn’t make the first cut. This post is part bloopers and part story time because somehow while Johnny was snapping pics, something reminded me of one of the lamest things my bestie and I did in high school and I had to tell him all about it. Naturally, I had no idea he was taking my pictures throughout this lengthy tale but now I get to share them with all of you! Check it out:



Just a lil pre-Thanksgiving nap standing up


Making haste to a less sunny location – good thing I wore my running shoes!


STORY TIME… And realizing it was all captured by my loving husband lol


I can not remember for the life of me what brought upon this manifesto of a high school aged bestie and I but apparently I really needed to tell Johnny about it for the fifth time. I’m sure all of you knew a girl in high school who stuffed her bra with tissue or toilet paper but have you ever heard of anyone who used the same method for their butt? We did! In high school, there was this girl who stuffed her butt and it was not just a rumor – there was evidence to back it up. From tissue sticking out of her pants to her butt deflating after each class period, she was not fooling anyone and literally the whole school knew about it.

For shits and gigs, my best friend and I would pay homage to this person by stuffing our butts Every. Single. Time. we hung out. Needless to say, we went through a ton of toilet paper at our parents’ houses during our high school years. Was this a necessary thing to do? Absolutely not. Was it hilarious to us? ABSOLUTELY. We were like women possessed and our hangouts just didn’t feel right without it. It was, honestly, the dumbest thing but it still cracks me up to this day. In fact, if you look at the fourth image down, I’m pretty sure I’m about to say “butt” lol. Hey, what’s being in high school without doing the stupidest stuff ever?! Good times.

Am I particularly proud of this story? I mean… kind of lol I guess we just had to match the utter ridiculousness of the situation with some ridiculousness of our own. And now we can all share a laugh on the blogosphere fourteen years later! 😀

What is one of the dumbest things you did in high school? How about one of the dumbest things you did as an adult? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah




I’ll Tell You What I Thought, What I Really Really Thought (AHS Episode 7)

I’ll Tell You What I Thought, What I Really Really Thought (AHS Episode 7)

Alright everyone, I need you to know that I’ve tried – but I can’t do it anymore. I’m going to go right out and say it: This season SUCKS. Believe me, I’ve tried SO hard to get into it. I’ve had faith week after week that the episodes are going to get better, but alas, they’re not and I’m thoroughly disappointed. The newest episode of American Horror Story: Hotel entitled “Flicker” will receive my lowest ratings of the season with: half a star. “Why?” You might ask. Well, let me tell ya:

Where is the horror?!: Yes, this season has boasted some terrible and shameful scenes, however, I wouldn’t classify Hotel as “scary” in the slightest. Yes, things get a little bit gory on the show – but is that truly frightening? No. There hasn’t been one moment during season five where I’ve truly been scared and therefore, I’m not a fan. “Flicker” offered quite a lengthy back story on the Countess as well as a possible lead on the Ten Commandments Killer and that’s about it. Did anything really “happen” in the episode? No, not really. I was bored to tears. #sorrynotsorry

Where is the plot going?!: What is this season even about? Lol, seriously someone please enlighten me because the multiple plots that have been introduced are going nowhere fast. There hasn’t been one solid and steady plot throughout the entire season and to me, that’s unacceptable. I have no idea where the episodes are going and what they have to do with the big picture. It’s so evident that Ryan Murphy bit off more than he can chew and I think it was a big mistake casting Lady Gaga. All the Countess seems to do on the show is offer a fashionable presence, which I feel is exactly what she wanted. As I’ve said multiple times, give me Jessica Lange or give me nothing because this show is a flop without her.


Where is the acting?!: As a person who loves the theater, I hate “hating” on actors – but the acting on Hotel is sub par at best. Sarah Paulson is dull. Wes Bentley is dull. Chloe Sevigny is dull. Lady Gaga is dull. It’s all very very boring. All of the characters seem to be talking but saying nothing and frankly, it looks like all of the actors were half asleep when they were shooting because their eyes are all glazed over and they look just as confused as the viewers. What drew me in to American Horror Story was that it was a television show that had really phenomenal  actors – and most of the actors on Hotel are phenomenal but they just aren’t bringing it. No one is doing it for me and I’m just completely over it.

*Breaths deeply*…Wow, I really needed to get that off of my chest because it’s been building up for a PHAT minute. As mentioned earlier, episode seven – “Flicker” received half a star for poor acting, a crummy story line, and an overall snooze fest of an episode. Better luck next week, AHS.

I Told You What I Thought, What I Really Really Thought of episode seven of American Horror Story: Hotel, “Flicker”, and now it’s your turn! What are your thoughts on the episode and season in general? Who do you think is the Ten Commandments Killer? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

PS: For the record, I don’t think that John Lowe is the Ten Commandments Killer. I know a lot of people think so but it just seems like too obvious of a choice for him to be the TCK. #quotemeonit

Clip In Septum Trend – LAME!

Clip In Septum Trend – LAME!

Hey everyone and happy Hump Day! So a few days ago when I was getting the oil changed in the Little Red Love Machine, I read an issue of Vogue in the waiting room to pass the time. As I flipped through the pages of gorgeous photo shoots and glamorous clothing, I came across an article about the growing trend of the “clip in” septum ring. When I saw this article I literally laughed out loud and my first thought was “how lame!” My second thought was “stop being a freaking pansy and just get the piercing done!” I mean seriously? Anything “clip in” is for fifth graders. The full page spread on having a fake septum ring mentioned different celebrities that boast the real thing – Scarlett Johansson and Fka Twigs to name a few. Despite how much I don’t care for the big names in Hollywood, I couldn’t help but feel happy that their fabulous selves weren’t above sitting in a chair at a tattoo shop and having their septum get poked through the old fashioned way. If you can’t handle the piercing process, then don’t bother walking around with fake jewelry up your nose to fool people into thinking you’re a badass! The article discussed how convenient it is to be able to switch out your septum rings with new jewelry whenever you please without having to deal with the healing process of a freshly pierced septum. The author then proceeded to show different clip in pieces that started in the two hundred dollar price range and went up from there. How fucking ridiculous. If you went to the shop I go to in Ohio to get my work done, you could get your septum pierced and repierced FOUR TIMES for the cost of one over priced clip in ring. Fucking shameful. As all of you know I have quite the decorated nose – two studs on each nostril and one septum ring for a grand total of five piercings. I’ve gotten pierced and repierced over thirty times in my lifetime, so when I saw the article in Vogue raving about clip in facial jewelry of course I couldn’t help but laugh. For real, grow some balls and just get the piercing done. Let the piercing heal, and change out your jewelry through the hole that’s been pierced – NOT with a clip on!


^^^ Power to the pierced! Another thing that’s really been bothering me in the fashion magazines that I thumb through on occasion has been the many articles and suggestions on how to rock the “punk” look. In almost every photo shoot, clothing ideas, and advice columns there always seems to be only two things: Black and piercings. PSA: There’s A MILLION different ways to sport a punk look without gothing out at Hot Topic or sticking a clip in ring on your nose or lip. Think 90’s grunge. Think a deep crimson lip, a dope pair of cross earrings, or an over sized shirt with the skinniest skinny jeans humanly possible. There’s no need to go overboard like these ridiculous articles are showing you. All of the clothing they feature look more like costumes, and in all reality NO ONE dresses like that. Not even the most hardcore self proclaimed “punks” in the world. You would think that fashion magazines would be more innovative in their ways of teaching their readers how to put together a punky cool outfit. Unfortunately, every article I’ve ever seen has lacked creativity and has stuck with everyone’s obviously false ideas of a “punk” look by drowning their models in a sea of black and an abundance of fake piercings. SHAMEFUL.

Alright, I had to get that off my chest and boy do I feel better! I hope all of you guys have a fabulous day! How do you feel about the clip in septum trend? What’s your favorite piercing or tattoo that you have? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah