Comfy Cozy Thxgiving OOTD Bloopers

Comfy Cozy Thxgiving OOTD Bloopers

Hello everyone and welcome to the blooper reel from my Comfy Cozy Thxgiving OOTD! For three Thanksgivings, I served three separate looks and now it’s time to check out the pics that most definitely didn’t make the first cut. This post is part bloopers and part story time because somehow while Johnny was snapping pics, something reminded me of one of the lamest things my bestie and I did in high school and I had to tell him all about it. Naturally, I had no idea he was taking my pictures throughout this lengthy tale but now I get to share them with all of you! Check it out:



Just a lil pre-Thanksgiving nap standing up


Making haste to a less sunny location – good thing I wore my running shoes!


STORY TIME… And realizing it was all captured by my loving husband lol


I can not remember for the life of me what brought upon this manifesto of a high school aged bestie and I but apparently I really needed to tell Johnny about it for the fifth time. I’m sure all of you knew a girl in high school who stuffed her bra with tissue or toilet paper but have you ever heard of anyone who used the same method for their butt? We did! In high school, there was this girl who stuffed her butt and it was not just a rumor – there was evidence to back it up. From tissue sticking out of her pants to her butt deflating after each class period, she was not fooling anyone and literally the whole school knew about it.

For shits and gigs, my best friend and I would pay homage to this person by stuffing our butts Every. Single. Time. we hung out. Needless to say, we went through a ton of toilet paper at our parents’ houses during our high school years. Was this a necessary thing to do? Absolutely not. Was it hilarious to us? ABSOLUTELY. We were like women possessed and our hangouts just didn’t feel right without it. It was, honestly, the dumbest thing but it still cracks me up to this day. In fact, if you look at the fourth image down, I’m pretty sure I’m about to say “butt” lol. Hey, what’s being in high school without doing the stupidest stuff ever?! Good times.

Am I particularly proud of this story? I mean… kind of lol I guess we just had to match the utter ridiculousness of the situation with some ridiculousness of our own. And now we can all share a laugh on the blogosphere fourteen years later! 😀

What is one of the dumbest things you did in high school? How about one of the dumbest things you did as an adult? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah




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  2. See I was the one doing the bra stuffing in highsschool for sure lmao! I wore reeeally padded bras and was kind of known for having such big boobs for how thin I was, and I did a verrry good job of playing little miss 32DD and proud… that is until a guy I had over saw one of my super padded bras laying padding side up over the arm of the couch, that I had forgotten was there after doing laundry… and then PICKED IT UP BY THE CUP feeling the padding!!! Those bras were basically strap on DDs, with only room for like a B cup inside with all the foam lol… so obviously I was about to have an utter panic attack as he was holding it, thought my life was basically over… and my step mom looks at me and the bra and then back to me… then sacrifices her own pride for me and runs over, screaming “Nooo! Don’t touch my bra!!!” and went and snatched it away all embarrassed like it was hers and hid it behind her back, asking all nervously “Did you see the… or feel… ummmm..” and when he was like yeah she gasped and was like ahhhhh! and ran to her room lmaoooo. Then I get a text from her like IMMEDIATELY saying to tell him she wears them because she’s embarrassed I had so much bigger boobs than her when she’s 14 years older than me and and supposed to be my mom!!! I swear she saved my life that day. Some evil genius shit for real to think that up so fast and mad respect taking the hit for that to protect my pride and vanity lol. Her and my dad have split now but from that moment on she was a-okay in my book, we still talk weekly and get lunch sometimes hahaha.


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