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Monday Update: Winter Fest Fun Edition

Monday Update: Winter Fest Fun Edition

Hellooo everyone and happy Monday! I had a sub par weekend due to some unfortunate family falling outs BUT I did have an awesome Saturday morning! I coach figure skating for the Special Olympics and at the Lock 3 skating rink in downtown Akron a winter fest was held through the Summit Developmental Disabilities Board. I had such a blast with my skaters and their families and my mom joined us as well which made the outing even better! Let’s discuss:

Lock 3, as pictured in my featured image photo, is a fantastic landmark in Akron. There are concerts there during the summer and a lot of great winter activities as the weather gets colder. It was a frigid morning on Saturday but when my mom and I arrived at the rink, I was happy to see a lot of my skaters already there chatting, skating, and tying up their skates.

I was excited for my mom to meet everyone and I was also pretty pumped to have some Sarah skating time, too. When I’m coaching, I rarely have time on the ice to do any of my old jumps or spins so it felt SO good to be able to break out some of the tricks up my sleeve, even though my skates are dull as dish water…They need sharpened so bad! After some time to myself on the rink, more of my skaters showed up, so I got off to assist in tying up skates, helping with stretches, and introducing my mom!

After everyone was geared up and ready to go, we all got on the ice together along with the members of the community who were there. I was under the impression that my skaters were going to be able to perform their routines that they’ve been working on as their showcase for the morning, but I was in for a pleasant surprise once the ice was cleared and my skaters began to line up.

I got off the ice and put my blade guards on then took my spot by the side of the rink to watch the show. But because the event was thrown together pretty last minute, it turns out that my skaters were just going to have the ice to themselves for five or so minutes to show off a little. I then got called over from my spot by my students and the organizers of the event because they wanted me to join the skaters on the ice!

I haven’t been on the ice to “perform” in years and it felt great to share the rink with such wonderful skaters. All of my students got to share some of their moves with the crowd as I skated back and forth between them to check up on them, offer words of encouragement, or give suggestions. The exhibition was a hit, and the Akron Beacon Journal was even there taking pictures! All of my skaters did so well with their laps, spins, and gliding and I was so proud.

After our five minutes of fame, the doors to the rink opened and the community members were able to join us. I got off of the rink and was greeted by the crowd who was so kind and a big hug from my mom. She told me that “every second spent on skating was worth it to watch you just now” and it warmed my bitter and cold heart.

I spent a little more time on the ice with my students and then my mom and I hit the road. I didn’t exactly want to go but it was SO cold and my mom didn’t dress accordingly! The winter fest was a huge success and it was one of the best times I’ve had in ages. I was so happy that my mom, my skaters and their families, and the community was able to share in such a special event!

So there you have it, this week’s Monday Update: Winter Fest Fun Edition! I hope all of you had a great weekend! Do you have something similar to Lock 3 in your neck of the woods? Who has gone ice skating this winter? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

Guess What?!

Guess What?!

Heyyyy everyone and happy Saturday! So guess what I did a few days ago? Take a second and think about it………Do you give up yet? Okay! I tried my hand at getting some spotlight on lifewithlilred by contacting some local newspapers and two very popular teen magazines. I emailed my hometowns’ local newspaper the Cuyahoga Falls News Press and our close by neighbors the Akron Beacon Journal. Both of these newspapers feature budding local businesses and interesting things that the locals are up to, so I figured both of these papers would be a perfect platform to showcase my blog on. After the emails with a brief biography, information on my blog, my amount of viewers, and yada yada yada was sent I was happy – but not quite satisfied. That’s when I had a brain blast and decided to reach out to both Seventeen and Teen Vogue magazine. Both of these magazines feature pages with the opinions of different bloggers, and I thought I would fit in perfectly on the pages of one of the fun, trendy teen rags. I sent emails similar to the ones I sent to the newspapers on over to both Seventeen and Teen Vogue, and honestly I’m not expecting much – but hey you never know! I mean what if they did contact me?? How cool would that be?! It’s one of those things that would be such a pure and genuine surprise if it were to happen because of how confident I am that I won’t be hearing anything. If nothing at all, I’m really pulling for being contacted by one of the local newspapers because I think that would be totally amazing! Either way, please keep your fingers crossed for a gal so I can receive some good news! If you’re a fan of lifewithlilred and think that I could bring something to Teen Vogue or Seventeen, pretty please send them a recommendation via the “Contact” section on their websites which are listed right here:

http://www.teenvogue.com & http://www.seventeen.com ❤ ❤ ❤

I admit that I took a total shot in the dark by contacting these newspapers and magazines, but if you never try you never know! So make sure you spread the joyous news of lifewithlilred and I’ll love you forever! 😉 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I hope all of you are having a fabulous weekend so far! What is everyone up to? Any fun plans? I wanna hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah