Securing Your Home On A Tight Budget

Securing Your Home On A Tight Budget

Home safety is always going to be an issue among homeowners. Sadly, it’s even more pressing when you consider living conditions, local community and, of course, our budget. Securing your home is easy if you have money to pour into fancy surveillance systems and smart devices, but what can you do if you’re on a tight budget? It’s hard trying to balance the costs we need to spend on our home, but with a couple of these home safety tips, you’ll be able to secure your home for less and still have peace of mind when you’re out and about:

Know Your Community: One of the best ways to secure your home is to actually get to know your neighbors. Whether you live in an apartment complex or a small community of houses, neighbors will naturally look out for burglars and criminals. You might even be able to join a neighborhood watch if there’s one available. This is great if you plan to be away for an extended period of time. You could simply leave your keys with a trusted friend or family member that lives close by and they can watch over your house and notify you if there’s anything suspicious or troubling happening.

Getting to know your community also means getting to know your enemy. If your area is notorious for burglaries and vandalism, then it might be worth considering a move in the future so that you can live in a safer environment. However, if that’s not an option for you, then you need to learn what the most common method of crime is in your area. Perhaps it’s people that smash into your home and break the windows and doors just to steal your belongings. Or maybe it’s someone more devious that sneaks in and picks the locks of your door. Whoever you’re up against, ensure that you have proper countermeasures to combat against it.

Changing Your Locks: The only way burglars are going to get into your house is either by smashing their way in or picking your doors. The smarter and more sophisticated your locks are, the more likely you’ll deter them. If you’re up against burglars that destroy everything in their path and loot your home, then a new lock isn’t going to make a huge difference and you should probably invest in something like a heavy-duty door and window shutters.

However, if you’re more concerned about lock-pickers, then a sturdy modern lock will be your answer. If you look at, you’ll find plenty of information regarding expert locksmiths, the types of locks that will really protect you from burglars, and even some information on safes to protect your most prized possessions.


Sock it, lock it, put it in your pocket.

Remove Hiding Spots: Even if your locks are secure and your neighbors are looking out for you, you need to ensure that the burglars have nowhere to hide. Motion lights are one of the most common things to install to protect your home from burglars. If a motion light detects them, they will be illuminated for cameras, neighbors, and even you to see.

Try to park cars inside of your garage instead of outside of your home because it gives the thief less space to hide. Trim hedges and cut down trees or plants so that they have fewer places to hide and maneuver in the dark. If you do have cameras, make sure that there are no walls or fences near them because thieves will sometimes block off cameras so that you can’t record any evidence. Also, make sure that those cameras have a clear view and that their vision isn’t obstructed.

Deterring Them Is The Best Defense: If burglars really want to steal your belongings, then they will do so without hesitation. For instance, they’ll smash your doors, break your windows, and grab as much as they can before making a run for it. They’ll create so much noise that it’s hardly subtle and they will just run off, leaving very little time for the authorities to react. This is why deterrence is the best form of defense. Most burglars are going to be sneaky and pick your locks, disable your alarms, and steal your belongings without you even knowing. The less that they have to worry about, the more likely it is that they will steal from your home.

Let’s say you install a fake alarm. The burglars might see it and instantly be turned off from the idea of stealing from you because they don’t want to risk being caught. However, if an experienced burglar sees it, then they have two options. Either they try to steal from you anyways, knowing that the alarm is fake. Or they avoid you in case the alarm isn’t actually fake. This plays with the thieves psychologically. They see that your house isn’t very well defended, but at the same time, they don’t want to risk being caught.

Another good way to deter thieves is to simply leave your lights on. If you’re worried about savings, then you can install smart lights that automatically turn on at set intervals, and they can even be controlled with smartphone apps across the internet if you get high-end models. They’re quite expensive, but turning on the lights normally can also work. This alerts the thieves because they might assume that someone is at home, meaning there’s a higher chance that they will be caught.

To summarize, visual deterrents are a fantastic way to keep burglars away from your premises. It could be something as simple as stickers to let thieves know that you have an alarm or just making your alarm visible by keeping it at an easy to see location. This article at will give you even more ideas to help you deter burglars if you’re still looking for inspiration.

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  2. Such an excellent post! I didn’t even think about trimming hedges and other vegetation but that’s a great idea. The thieves will always be more drawn to a house where they can possibly get up close and hide in certain spaces. When a house is well-lit and clean with nowhere to hide, they’ll probably move on. Such a great blog! Thank you for sharing!


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