Sleep Trouble: What’s Keeping You Awake At Night?

Sleep Trouble: What’s Keeping You Awake At Night?

There’s been a growing trend in the wellness, health, and fitness industries towards helping people get a better night’s sleep. Given that around 45 percent of all individuals in the country are struggling to catch enough sleep every night, that can only be a good thing. Regular readers of my blog might remember my struggles with getting good sleep, and there’s every chance that almost half of you reading this will be experiencing something similar. And it’s a huge issue. You end up being less productive in the day, it affects your general health, and it can even result in conditions such as obesity, depression, and diabetes.

Scary, right? And it’s no surprise that many of us want to fix out sleep problems! The key to that is, of course, working out why you can’t get to sleep properly, which will give you the chance to address the issue. So, in today’s guide, we’re going to go through some of the most common factors that are lying behind many people’s sleep problems. Let’s take a closer look:



Physical Pain: First of all, do you have pain problems? If you have a bad back or suffer from regular headaches, for example, it can be affecting your sleep. Try taking a warm shower or bath before going to bed – it will relax your muscles and give you the chance of getting a better quality of sleep than you are having right now. See your doctor, too, and talk to them about some basic pain management tips. Your doc might recommend heat pads or even painkillers on a temporary basis. Long-term care might involve physiotherapy or you could try an activity like yoga. Namaste.

Mental Anguish: Other common causes of poor sleep are stress and anxiety. In an increasingly busy and stressful world, many of us battle against active brains that prevent us from getting some shut-eye. Most people will experience this at some point. The mind goes into overdrive, going through all of your problems in fine detail, and the more you think, the more your anxiety levels increase – meaning you slip into a vicious feedback loop. Yoga can help with this issue, as can mindfulness – the key to getting over your problem is to try and turn off your brain and prevent those intrusive thoughts from occurring in the first place.


Admittedly not the best place to fall asleep!

Environmental Issues: There is a vast range of environmental issues that can prevent you from sleeping properly. Internal factors include bed bugs, which can keep you up at night and cause intense itching, according to the Pest Control of Alabama. There are also external factors such as noise pollution and noisy neighbors, too – could the outside world be keeping you up at night?

Think about installing double – or triple – glazed windows if you want to reduce the impact of the former. For the latter, you have to play it carefully,. Talk to your neighbors first and most will tone it down a little. However, you can also contact your local EHP practitioner to act on your behalf if they continue to cause you problems.

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