Improve Your Chances Of Getting A Job

Improve Your Chances Of Getting A Job

So you are out of college and into the real world. Now the next step is to find a job. But in the current climate, it can be trickier than ever to secure one. There might be twenty of you all lined up for interviews, all with the same course behind you. In fact, many people are left down in the dumps when they haven’t received a job offer months after they finished college. When the competition is stiff, here is how you can improve your chances of getting a job:

Get Some Experience: One thing which can help you stand out from others is work experience. Of course, it can be hard to get experience when it means you have to work for free. Having bills to pay is no joke. But, if you can try to get a couple of weeks of work experience in a job, you will have some great new skills to talk about when you go for job interviews. And in some cases, work experience can actually lead to a full-time position if you impress your employer. Make sure you get some references from the employer and keep any work you do to put in your portfolio. It will help you infinitely when it comes to securing a new position.

Commit To A Follow Up Course: Despite the fact that you completed your course, it’s always good to consider doing a follow up course after you have finished. Doing a CE course can help you pick up extra skills that you need for the job. And, if a potential employer sees that you have had the training already, it could save them time and funds if they hire you. This might help put you a step ahead of others when going for an interview. Look into the additional courses that you could take (look online, too) to help you secure a job. Knowledge is power!

Mingle With People In The Industry: It’s also a good idea to get to know people in the industry if you are hoping to improve your chances of getting a job. Unfortunately, it’s often about who you know when landing a job. Impressing someone in the field could ensure that you are the first to know about upcoming positions. It’s time to get on platforms like LinkedIn and get to know people in the field. You can also join groups on the site and give your opinion on the latest goings in the industry. And as we said before, network in spaces where people in your industry are likely to schmooze. For example, you might want to attend trade shows and corporate events to meet people in your dream field. And name dropping people during your interview could give you a helping hand to a second interview or a full time position.

And remember to practice your interviewing skills so that you are well-rehearsed before attending the interview. Preparation is powerful in helping to shake away those pre-interview jitters!



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