Why Your Smartphone Could Be Damaging Your Health

Why Your Smartphone Could Be Damaging Your Health

It’s becoming hard to imagine a time when we didn’t have smartphones. Despite their small size, these devices have become something we cannot leave the house without. They provide us with entertainment, help us stay connected, and give us the ability to capture the world around us. But despite all of the benefits they can give to us, there is a downside to using a smartphone regularly. As our dependence on them has increased, so have the amount of smartphone-related health conditions. While they might not sound severe, they can be extremely damaging to your health. Read through these health issues which can be a result of using your phone too much.

Insufficient sleep: Sleep helps our bodies to repair and regenerate at the end of each day. This allows it to function correctly while also giving us the energy we need for the following day. However, smartphones can prevent many of us from getting the vital sleep our bodies need. The light on your phone screen can trick your body into thinking it is daytime. This can prevent you from feeling tired while also encouraging you to stay up later. It can also disrupt your body’s production of the hormone melatonin which tells your body when it’s time to sleep. To increase the amount of sleep you get each night, keep your smartphone away from your bedroom or shut it off at a certain time each evening to prevent those late night Facebook binges.

Repetitive Strain Injury: Repetitive strain injuries, otherwise known as RSI, is a health condition that has seen a significant increase in recent years. It causes pain and even numbing in the hands, wrists, and arms. It is caused by doing the same task continually over a prolonged period of time. Medical experts believe that texting on a smartphone is the reason why many people have developed this condition. If left to progress, this condition can intensify and could result in a disability. You might need to wear compression gloves, take medication, or need specialist massages to help you manage your symptoms. The best way to reduce your chance of developing an RSI is by reducing the amount of texting that you do on a daily basis.

Depression: Recent studies have found that spending too much time on your phone can increase your chances of developing depression and anxiety. Being constantly connected can make you overly reliant on the comments and status updates of your friends and family. When you don’t get a response straight away, this can cause you to feel anxious and question your relationships. Spending every spare moment on your phone can make it harder to care for your mental health. You don’t have time to cook healthy meals, exercise, or see friends in person because you’re permanently attached to your handset. To reduce the risk of your developing depression and anxiety, you need to decrease your usage immediately.

Each of these conditions can progress and become more severe. While you might not want to give up using your smartphone altogether, make an effort to reduce how often you use it so you can remain both healthy and connected.

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