The Top Ways Your Smartphone Could Be Entertaining You

The Top Ways Your Smartphone Could Be Entertaining You

Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. And of the people who have them, a smartphone is the popular choice. While some people choose simpler phones or don’t have one at all, smartphones are taking over. Many people who own a smartphone don’t use it to make calls too often. They might text and message on it as their main methods of communication. They also use it as a media center, from internet use to listening to music. Even if you use your phone every day, you might not be making the most of it. There are some great ways that it can entertain you and you might not even be using them.

Play Games: Playing games on smartphones is something people have been doing for a while now. Some of the most popular ones include Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga. However, playing games on your smartphone doesn’t have to involve only small apps like these. With many smartphones, you can play games that are more sophisticated. If you want to play games on a smartphone, one with a larger screen will serve you well. You get a better picture, and it will be easier to control. You can also use your smartphone alongside your computer or console, such as with FIFA 17.


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Watch Movies: Many people are moving away from the traditional model of having a television with aerial, cable, or satellite reception. Fewer people own DVD players or similar machines, too. It has become more common to stream movies or to download them to either a storage device or the cloud. Smartphones are excellent for watching movies. You can use them to store them or find apps that allow you to stream them. There are some great apps that offer free movies for Android. With some of them, you can hook them up to Chromecast and similar devices to put them on a larger screen. You can also use your smartphone with a projector.

Learn New Skills: Smartphones don’t have to be all about passive entertainment. You can also engage in some apps that will improve your education. For example, you might want to learn a new language. There are lots of apps that you can choose from, several of which gamify the process of learning. Apps like Duolingo can help you to learn the fundamentals of a language, although you still have to use other materials.

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Be Your Music Library: Your phone can make a great music library, too. Many people don’t bother having a separate media player anymore. They can just put their music on their phone. And it’s easy to hook it up to speakers. You can put your phone in a speaker dock, use Bluetooth, or use Apple AirPlay to play music from your phone. The music doesn’t need to be on your phone, either. You can just use it to stream, assuming you have a decent internet connection.

Your phone could be much more useful than it currently is. Make sure you use it to its full potential to get your money’s worth.

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