Dental Disasters And What Can Be Done About Them

Dental Disasters And What Can Be Done About Them

Our bodies are like machines and sometimes things go wrong with the parts. Our teeth are no exception and there is a whole host of dental issues that you might face at some point in your life. Good dental hygiene and generally taking care of your teeth of course goes a long way but even if you’re rigorous with your oral care routine you might experience issues for other reasons. Here are three dental disasters you might come up against and the best ways to go about getting them sorted out.

Abscess: A tooth abscess can either be caused by dental decay or by trauma to the tooth. When the tooth enamel opens, bacteria can enter and infect the ‘pulp’ in the center of the tooth and, in some cases, the infection can spread to the root of the tooth and even the bone. A collection of pus will then form as the body’s response to fight the infection. An abscess will be very painful and won’t go away on its own and so if you experience one it’s important to see a dentist right away. Don’t wait until Monday if it happens over the weekend, you could look for a local out of hours or Saturday dentist.

Chipped Tooth: This goes to show that even if have the best dental hygiene, things can still go wrong with your teeth. Whether you’re in a sporting or motor accident, you trip and fall, or are even involved in a fight you could suffer a chipped tooth. While a chipped tooth can cause you a lot of anxiety particularly if it’s one of the front ones, it’s not too much of a big problem to repair.

Providing no damage has been done to the nerve, and it’s not been loosened, it can be fixed in just one visit to the dentist using a procedure called ‘bonding.’ A composite resin matching the color of your natural tooth is applied, and an ultraviolet light is used to harden the material. Looked after well it should last ten years and is neither a painful or expensive treatment.

Missing Tooth: The way a missing tooth is treated depends on how it was lost. For example, gum disease can make the gums inflamed and can result in significant damage to both the bone and soft tissues of the mouth. When this happens, the teeth can become loose and will eventually be lost. In this instance, the first call of action would be to address the gum disease first.

In the later stages of gum disease, there may not be enough supporting bone left to be able to hold a dental implant. In this case, dentures or molar bridges are likely to be the best option. If a tooth has been knocked out due to an accident and the bone underneath is okay, a dental implant could be the best way to go. Here a titanium screw is inserted into the bone and the prosthetic tooth clips into it which is a permanent and long lasting solution.

What are some of your dental horror stories? Who suffers from the classic teeth falling out dreams? I want to hear from all of you, so leave me a comment and let’s chat! Much love. -Sarah

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